recycle 2 lesson 1. koalas are sleeping. kangaroos are leaping. two bears are fighting. the small...

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Recycle 2 Lesson 1

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  • Recycle 2Lesson 1

  • Koalas are sleeping.Kangaroos are leaping.Two bears are fighting.The small bear is biting.A monkey is climbing.A bird is flying. A lion is snoring.The zoo is never boring.

    Lets chant

  • What is the bear doing?It is __________.sleeping

  • What is the elephant doing?It is __________with its trunk.drinking

  • What is the kangaroo doing?It is __________.jumping

  • What is the rabbit doing?It is __________.walking

  • What are the pandas doing?They are _________. climbing

  • What are the tigers doing?They are __________. swimming

  • What are the bears doing?They are __________. fighting

  • What are the monkeys doing?They are __________. swinging

  • What is it doing?Its drinking.What are they doing?They are swimming.

  • climbing the mountainclimbing the tree

  • Read and match.