reducted: surviving the pink slip apocalypse (sxsw 2015 panel picker submission)

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SXSW 2015 Panel Picker Presentation: The end is near. It may not be zombies, aliens, plague or epic natural disaster, but losing your job will just as surely put you in emergency mode. Like prepping for apocalypse, no matter what form the end takes – reductions in staff, a boss with a grudge or your company hitting rock bottom – the keys to survival are the same. "But things are going so well," you say. "I do good work, they'd never get rid of me!" You're delusional, my friend. Like it or not layoffs are par for the course in the tech world, and most employees aren't prepared for what comes next. Learn to read the signs and survive impending doom. Voting begins August 11 through September 5, 2014: -- About the Panelists: Beth Davidz started her career in the ever volatile atmosphere at AOL where every holiday season (and just about every holiday inbetween) meant a fresh round of layoffs. She made a preemptive jump to leave, only to land in the fire of journalism, an entire industry in the midst of cutbacks. She survived nearly a decade of seemingly endless layoffs at media companies only to finally fall victim to one. She moved on to a new job in newspapers only to inevitably see her entire national newsroom cut. Currently she is pursuing more stable employment, freelancing. -- Erin McHam, MA, PCC is a licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with 14 years of experience providing individual, couples, and family counseling. Erin has a passion for working with adults who are exploring ways to enhance their lives and enrich their relationships. Erin’s goal is to help clients increase mind/body awareness, identify tools, and experience meaningful change. Erin also provides Wellness Classes to the community. Her classes include Engaging Life Force Energy, Cultivating Present Moment Awareness, Enriching Our Relationships, and Empowered Parenting. -- Jayna Wallace began her career in the midst of the Dot-Com Bubble Burst of 2001, surviving more restructurings, right-sizings and resource rebalancings than any one person should have to endure in a lifetime. When every day is a day in limbo (and your co-workers mysteriously disappear without a trace), you begin to get used this "new normal" as par for the course. Jayna has worked as a distributed member on teams at AOL, Myspace, Abbott Labs, Blockbuster, EightShapes and Refinery29, and currently holds the position of Director of Product at Speek, a startup based in Washington, DC.


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