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A little analogy for folks to understand that the research process used with research papers is not as foreign as it seems. Music:


1. Road Trip Mr. Sheehys analogy to the research paper 2. How can a road trip be like a research paper ? 3. Isnt that an insult to the coolest American experience, the road trip ? 4. Listen, it makes sense. 5. Both involve a process . Both involve sharing your discoveries. 6. Need more? 7. Okay, lets take a look. 8. Step One 9. Decision time. 10. Where are you going? 11. Its like choosing a topic , 12. Or creating a thesis . 13. Step Two 14. Prepare. 15. Plan. 16. Collect info on what you want to see. 17. Sound like research ? It should. 18. Step Three 19. Start packing. 20. Youre doing more than packing, though. 21. Youre organizing, 22. Making sure nothing ends up in the wrong place. 23. So when its time to go, youre ready. 24. For this, teachers use words like 25. categorize , 26. and organize , 27. and tools like 28. note cards 29. and outlines . 30. Step Four 31. Hit the road, 32. See everything, 33. send a postcard, 34. & take pictures. 35. Its like a report . 36. But if anyone is to follow you 37. It has to make sense. 38. Thats why there is 39. Step Five 40. Leave a trail 41. that can be followed. 42. So if your friends want, 43. They can eat where you ate, 44. or not, 45. and do what you did, 46. or not. 47. Teachers call this 48. Writing citations 49. And making a works cited . 50. So lets be honest , then. 51. Its hard work. 52. It would be easier to hand your friends a pile of brochures and a map, 53. Or to hand in to your teachers a list of urls. 54. But your friends want to hear what YOU thought about your trip, 55. And your readers want to hear what you think about your topic. 56. And in the end, 57. its worth it. 58. Just think of it 59. as a road trip. 60. Image Attribution Original image: ' Have a great day! ' by: Original image: ' NYC Flavors ' by: Knot Original image: ' inviting... ' by: Original image: ' suitcases.jpg ' by: Harry Original image: ' Packing for a trip ' by: Dwight Original image: ' DSC_2029 ' by: Eric Harvey Brown Original image: ' This is what it takes to leave for 1+ month ' by: olivier Peyre Original image: ' No practical jokes.jpg ' by: Charlie Solomon Original image: ' Cinquecento ' by: Pierangelo Rosati Original image: ' Brochure collection ' by: Erik Mallinson Original image: ' I am just ' by: Zara Original image: ' Afghanistan ' by: Steve Evans Original image: ' Tooled Flatty ' by: Original image: ' kim cathers ' by: kris krg Original image: ' postcard 1907 back ' by: Lainey Powell Original image: ' DuckFamily01 ' by: Adam Smith Original image: ' Bread Crumbs ' by: Chris Campbell Original image: ' the real wrigley field. ' by: matthew logelin Original image: ' oops ' by: Esther Simpson Original image: ' Teaching ' by: Steffen Sameiske Original image: ' tilling the earth ' by: Ard Hesselink Original image: ' The Open Road ' by: Trey Ratcliff Original image: ' Just hanging around ' by: Gianluca Ruggiero