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Researching Publishing houses. Media Katie Walshaw.

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Page 1: Researching publishing houses

ResearchingPublishing houses.

Media studies

Katie Walshaw.

Page 2: Researching publishing houses

Magazines they publish.

Up-market women’s lifestyle, fashion & celebrity magazines. Some titles are: woman’s weekly, hair, marie claire, instyle and woman’s home.

Men’s sport and hobby magazines. Some titles are: classic boat, country life, cycling active, decanter, horse & hound, IBI, motor boats monthly, MBR (mountain bike), stamp magazine, super yacht business, the field, the shooting gazette, Volksworld and webuser.

Mass-market women’s lifestyle and TV guides. Some titles are: chat, chat-it’s fate, prediction, pick me up, soap life and TV times.

Men’s lifestyle magazine’s. Some titles are: Nuts, loaded and NME.

Other titles are: 25 beautiful homes, amateur gardening, home’s & garden’s, caravan and wedding flower’s.

Page 3: Researching publishing houses

Market shares.

IPC media has over 85 media brand’s. With the printing brands (magazine’s) read by 66% of women and 44% of men in the UK alone. That’s almost 27 million UK adults.They also have websites of media brands, these can be viewed by up to 20 million viewers each month.

This company is split into 5 divisions, each dealing with their own category of media brands. Some examples of this are IPC’s Southbank division. They focus on the up-market women’s category which include fashion, life style and home interest magazines.

Another example is IPC’s inspire division. They focus on the men’s category that has over 55 brands covering a range of interests from sport, lifestyle and music to a more wider range of hobbies such as shooting, equestrian, marine and country magazines. Others include photography, cycling, and wine magazines.

Page 4: Researching publishing houses

Location & base.IPC medias office is located in London at the address:IPC Media LTD,Registered office: Blue Fin building,110 Southwark street,London,SE1 0SU.

Page 5: Researching publishing houses

History & development.

Important moments.

The International Publishing Corporation (IPC) was formed in 1963 after the UK’s three leading magazine publishers George Newnes, Odhams Press and Fleetway publications joined together with the mirror group.

Before this however each individual company had already been publishing magazines from the 1800’s through to the early 1900’s. Some titles published were The field, Country life, horse & hound, shooting times, yachting world, amateur gardening, cycling weekly, ideal home and others.

In the millennium of 2000 IPC magazines was renamed to IPC media. Following this was the biggest magazine deal every seen in the UK where time INC. Acquires IPC media for a staggering £1.15bn in 2001.

In 2007 IPC moves into brand new offices next to tate modern, after 30 years in King’s reach tower.

In January 2010 they restructure their brands around three key audience groups: Men, mass-market women and up-market women.

Page 6: Researching publishing houses

Web details.

IPC medias website is .

The website gives information on the IPC company, including history and market shares. It also has a list of all IPC magazine brands with descriptions and options to order on subscription. Other features are Contact details and job vacancies.

Page 7: Researching publishing houses

Magazines they publish.

Built environment magazines. Some titles are: Lighting, MEED and New civil engineer.

Fashion Magazine Drapers.

Other magazines are: Broadcast, screen international and shots.

Page 8: Researching publishing houses

Market shares.


In the six months upto June 2010 emap had a profit of

£52.1 million on a £135.5m revenue. These firgures were 4% lower year on year. They

put this down to uncertainty in the UK public sector.

Emap is split into five specialist divisions: Connect, insight, inform, networks and

Emap middle east.

Emap middle east reaches an excess of 2 million users per


Emap networks focus on the production of conferences,

festivals, summits, clubs and congresses. Their events

attract over 27,000 delegates a year.

Page 9: Researching publishing houses

Location & base.Emap’s main office is in London at

the address:Emap LTD,

Greater London house,Hampstead road,

London,NW1 7EJ.

Page 10: Researching publishing houses

History & development.

Important moments.Emap opened as a regional newspaper

company in 1947. They then went on to launch their first consumer title Angling times.

In 1990 Emap started to move their business opporunitys over the French market and got a joint venture deal with Bayard Presse.

Over the years they moved onto other media form including the radio station KISS FM and TV channels including The box, Q, Magic, Kerrang, Smash! Hits and KISS TV.

In 1988 they took more control over the magazine distribution by forming a partnership to create Frontline.

In 2008 Emap changed it’s name from Emap communications to Emap LTD.

Page 11: Researching publishing houses

Web details.

The Emap website gives information about the company and their publications. From the website we can access company history, financial reports, news and about the company information. Other features I accessed were magazine brands, different sectors of the media, company values, awards they have gained, the 5 divisions of emap, conferences and exhibitions.

Page 12: Researching publishing houses

Magazines they publish.

Women’s magazines. Some titles are: Closer, GRAZIA, heat, more!, pop and yours.

Men’s entertainment and lifestyle magazines. Some titles are: Empire, kerrang!, mojo, Q, Arena homme plus, FHM and Zoo.

Sport and hobby magazines. Some titles are: horse deals, garden news, model rail, rail, MATCH!, golf world, sea angler, trout fisherman, bike, max power, parker’s, fleet news, country walking, bird watching and digital photo.

Lifestyle magazines. Some titles are: Top sante, mother & baby and pregnancy & birth.

Page 13: Researching publishing houses

Market shares.Profits.

Bauer media collectively employs approx 6,400 people and has a turnover of 2.08 billion euro’s as of the 2008 prospectus.

Bauer media is a division of the Bauer media group. The Bauer media group is Europe’s largest privately owned publishing group, with over 230 magazines in 15 countries as well as online, TV and radio stations it is a worldwide media empire.

The multi-platform UK-based media group Bauer media consists of many companies collected around the two main divisions – magazines and radio.

Page 14: Researching publishing houses

Company size.Location & base.

Bauer medias main office is in London at the address:Bauer consumer media LTD,

Registered office company No. 0117608521 Holborn Viaduct,

London,EC1A 2DY

Bauer media has a total of 28 offices around the UK. Its main locations are London and Peterborough where they have 3 offices each. Other locations are: •Carlisle •Northern Ireland•Edinburgh•Sheffield•Birmingham•Manchester•Bristol•Newcastle•Inverness•Aberdeen•Leeds•Liverpool•Glasgow•Dundee•Preston•Hull and others.

Page 15: Researching publishing houses

History & development. Important


In 1953 Bauer media published their first magazine Angling times. Three years later their second was published, titled Motor cycle news. Both brands are still running today.

They opened their first radio station in 1990 titled KISS FM. In the more present day it has been renamed to Kiss 100.

In 1994 a small magazine called For Him magazine was bought by Bauer media. It is now the core of the best-selling international multi-platform brand FHM.

In 1996 a new TV music channel The box was acquired. It has now grown into Box television, a seven channel joint venture TV business with channel 4.

Closer was launched in 2002 to continue Bauer media’s history of magazine launches. It was britain’s first weekly glossy. GRAZIA was launched later on in 2005.

Today Bauer media has over 80 brand names. The range from different interests such as heat- the weekly celebrity title. Yours, CAR and MATCH.

Page 16: Researching publishing houses

Web details.

This is the company website that has all information on the company, including its history and important dates. You can also access all media brands here and look at recent news. Other features the website has are the contact information and job vacancies.

Page 17: Researching publishing houses

Magazines they publish.

Computer gaming magazines. Some titles are: Girl gamer, Nitro, Ngamer, Official Nintendo magazine, Playstation: the magazine, PC gamer, PSM3, Xbox

world 360, Xbox 360: The official magazine, Official Xbox magazine, Nintendo power, World of warcraft:

the magazine, Edge and gamesmaster.

Technology magazines. Some titles are: Computer arts, computer arts projects, digital camera, Hi-fi choice, home cinema choice, imagineFX, PC plus,

photo plus, Quick & easy windows guides and what laptop.

Music & film magazines. Some titles are: Classic rock, computer music, future music,

guitarist, rhythm, total film, Sky movies, Comic heroes and ODEON.

Sport & hobby magazines. Some titles are: Cycling plus, mountain biking UK,

procycling, cross stitcher, the knitter, crochet today, classic ford, fast car, fast

bikes, redline and trucking.

Page 18: Researching publishing houses

Market shares.

Future sells over 3 million magazines each month, they have

over 27 million visitors to their websites and host 27 live events that attract hundreds of thousands every


They currently hold 19.5% of the market shares .

Page 19: Researching publishing houses

Company size.Location & base.

Future PLC’s main office is in Bath at the address:

Future publishing LTD,Reg No. 2008885 England,

30 Monmouth Street,Bath,

BA1 2BW.

Future PLC has operations in the UK, United states and Australia.

They also license there publications to 90 countries internationally.

Page 20: Researching publishing houses

History & development.

Important moments.

Future started up in the UK in 1985. It focused on special-interest

publishing with values on creative, innovative and competitive culture.

Over the 1980’s Future published its first magazine ‘Amstrad action’. It has 100 pages and 40,000 copies were sold. By 1989 they become

Britain's leading publisher of newsstand computer magazines.

Over the 1990’s Future expands its business, bringing out new computer and science fiction magazines. Some titles are: Total film, PC gamer, SFX, PC answers, Total!, Amiga power and

the playstation magazines.

In 2000 ‘Business 2.0’, a new economy magazine become Future’s

most successful ever launch after outstanding success in the US.

In 1994 Future UK was bought by Pearson plc, who later sold the

business in 1998 to a management buy-out backed by Apax.

In 1990 Future expanded its Bath office space by three times.

In May 1995 Future opens a small advertising sales office in London,

the PC plus sales team acquired this office.

In 2007 Future sold or closed 51 weaker titles and disposed of Future

Italy and Future France to concentrate on there new strategy of providing English language content.

Page 21: Researching publishing houses

Web details.

The web address for Future PLC is: Future web address lets me

access information on future PLC, such as company history, values, company strategy and

where they operate. Other information I can access are the

company shares, news, investors and The Future PLC

portfolio. Which includes information on all media forms


Page 22: Researching publishing houses

Magazines they publish.

Conde nast aim their magazines at the up-market audince. They mainly focus on lifestyle and fashion but also have magazines on celebritys, bridal, golf, food and travel.

Some titles are: Vogue, glamour, allure, self, house & garden, brides, golf digest, bon appetit, conde nast traveler, wired, reddit, the web money, vanity fair and the new yorker.

Page 23: Researching publishing houses

Company size.

Location & base.

Conde nast has websites originating from 17 countries, every month almost 24 million users generate more than 430 million page impressions.

The Conde Nast Traveller Office is located in London at Hanover Square, it has multiple offices across the globe.

Conde nast publications headquarters are in New York City.

Page 24: Researching publishing houses

History & development.

Important moments.

Awards Gained:•In 2003 & 2004, Abigail Chisman was awarded Best magazine website editor for, she also recieved nominations for and•In 2004 was awarded interactive consumer magazine of the year. was awarded UK’s best magazine. And Abigail Chisman was named Best magazine website editor for•In 2005 was awarded world’s best fashion site, plus Carla Bevan at was awarded the online beauty journalist of the year. As well as other awards achieved over 2005/6.•In 2007 the style channel was norminated for best wireless site and AOP was awarded the online advertising sales team of the year.•In 2008 and were nominated for best website and Charlotte Duck was nominated for best mobile website.

Conde nast Interactive was started in 1995, opening websites for the up-market magazines GQ and Vogue. They were one of the first publishers on the internet and aim a reputation at being the very best. It is a Division of Advance publications, which have owned the company since 1959. attracted over 1 million users. They strived at being the world’s first site to deliver daily fashion news and coverage of the international collections.

In 1997 was launched following the recent succes of the Conde Nast traveller magazine.

In 2001 was launched ahead of the glamour magazine. It built up an audience before the title even hit the shelves.

In 2008 was re-launched. With latest feature advances including a magnifier tool, show calendar, clebrity blogs, more video and editorial updates.

Page 25: Researching publishing houses

Web details.

Profits.Conde nast has an estimated revenue of 5 Billion United states dollars every year according to the 2007 estimates.

The conde nast website is a directory to all other magazine title websites. From the home page we can acess each indivudual brand of magazine and each website. Also on the website is a link to a information page about the company, listing the company history and awards. Something it does not share however is the companys revenue and market shares. It has a stylish theme aimed at an up-market audience.