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  • Marine Salvage Emergency Response Wreck Removal Marine Services

    R E S O L V E I S A N O P A - 9 0 S M F F R E S O U R C E P R O V I D E R


    W O R L D W I D E



    RESOLVE Salvage & Fire and RESOLVE Marine Services

    RESOLVE Salvage & Fire is the Marine Salvage, Firefighting and Emergency Response subsidiary of RESOLVE Marine Group, Inc. RESOLVE provides comprehensive response services for vessel casualties worldwide. In the U.S., RESOLVE is a leading resource provider for OPA90 Salvage & Marine Firefighting (SMFF) coverage.

    Founded 34 years ago as a U.S.-based marine salvage company, RESOLVE has become a leader in the global marine emergency response industry. Our history includes many successful operations for the global maritime industry, international governments, the US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Maritime Administration, and others. We deliver our services through four international subsidiaries: RESOLVE Salvage & Fire (Americas) Inc., RESOLVE Salvage & Fire (Europe), RESOLVE Salvage &Fire (ASIA) and RESOLVE Salvage & Fire (INDIA).

    RESOLVE Marine Services delivers an array of services to the maritime and offshore industries -- from towing, diving and heavy lift, to artificial reefing, environmental remediation and coastal erosion management.

    w w w. r e s o l v e m a r i n e . c o m

    RESOLVE Salvage & Fire delivers prompt salvage, marine firefighting and emergency response services for maritime casualties in U.S. waters and worldwide. Our OPA90 division is recognized by the US Coast Guard as an approved Salvage & Marine Firefighting (SMFF) provider, and RESOLVE is cited in the OPA-90 Vessel Response Plans of thousands of tank and non-tank vessels that trade in U.S. waters.

    Fleet owners and operators worldwide have chosen RESOLVE as their primary OPA90 SMFF resource provider to ensure compliance with federal and state requirements for vessels trading in the U.S. waters. Our Tank Vessel Response Citation and Funding Agreement are pre-approved by the US Coast Guard and accepted by the International Group of P&I Clubs in order to avoid delays and ensure full and immediate response in the event of a casualty.

    RESOLVEs U.S.-based OPA90 SMFF response infrastructure is equipped with all the resources necessary for effective response to tanker or non-tank vessel casualties in U.S. waters. Our comprehensive services package is backed by extensive owned resources and a nationwide network of specialist response contractors, ensuring optimum coverage for our clients. RESOLVE can draw on personnel and regularly maintained equipment in 18 depots/operations bases throughout the United States and its territorial waters, including Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Response personnel include professional marine fire fighters, salvage masters, engineers, and technicians supported by oil spill and HazMat specialists through RESOLVEs 1Call response partner National Response Corporation (NRC). Together, RESOLVE and NRC provide coverage for vessels trading in the United States -- and worldwide.

    RESOLVE personnel and equipment are available for rapid response to maritime emergencies whenever and wherever they occur.

    Vessel and Pipeline Allision, Firefighting Response, Gulf of Mexico

    Pictured above: RESOLVEs Lana Rose tug provisions a cruise ship via air liftCover photo: LPG Carrier Stranding, Gas Transfer and Wreck Removal, Taiwan Strait

    To cite RESOLVE as a primary SMFF resource provider, contact the OPA-90 division at [email protected] or visit


    Marine salvage is RESOLVEs core business. For more than 34 years, RESOLVE has performed successful marine emergency response and salvage operations worldwide.

    Our global marine response network is prepared 24/7 to mobilize for maritime casualties -- to preserve life, protect the marine environment and preserve the clients assets and cargo when a casualty occurs. Expert salvage masters, emergency response professionals, naval architects and engineers, project managers and technicians are always available and equipped for full and rapid deployment.

    Every maritime casualty is unique. RESOLVEs highly experienced response teams apply an appropriate and often innovative methodology for every salvage response. We mobilize salvage experts promptly to manage the emergency and assess the situation. We prepare for complex and extended operations with the goal of providing a rapid, cost effective and environmentally sound solutions. We mobilize and maintain a qualified team and the resources required to complete the job to the clients satisfaction.

    Salvage services include:

    Vessel collision/allision emergency response Damage control Marine firefighting and hazard response Refloating stranded/grounded vessels Emergency towing and lightering Subsurface oil and cargo removal

    Whether a wreck is the result of a grounding, poses a hazard to navigation or threatens life or the marine environment, RESOLVEs expert team offers a complete range of services and innovative approaches to manage wreck removal operations safely and efficiently.

    Our teams are accustomed to working in challenging and sometimes hazardous conditions. Protection of the environment is always a key concern, and we frequently work with governing authorities, environmental interests and others to satisfy compliance requirements.

    RESOLVE has undertaken a variety of successful wreck removal challenges, including: sunken ships, barges, dry docks and aircraft; laden tank and cargo vessels; buried hulls; collapsed port cranes and damaged oil rigs; vessels in surf zones, on reefs and in navigational channels; and removal of fuel, asbestos and other hazardous materials. We manage all aspects of wreck disposition, whether a vessel is sold, scrapped or destined for remediation and artificial reefing.

    Wreck removal services include:

    Lightering Decontamination Refloating or raising stranded or sunken vessels and structures Towing and lightering Subsurface oil and cargo removal Deepwater search and recovery Wreck disposition Artificial reefing Debris field cleanup Environmental remediation

    Bulk Carrier Collision, Salvage Operation, HaitiContainer Vessel Reef Stranding,

    Wreck Removal, New Zealand

    Cable-laying Vessel Grounding, Wreck Removal, Namibia

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    OPA90 Emergency Response





    Wreck Removal

    Heavy Lift

    Offshore Services

    Maritime Safety Training

    Naval Architecture & Engineering

    Coastal Recovery

    Heavy Lift, Offshore and Harbor Clearance RESOLVEs floating assets and sheer legs support heavy lift operations such as raising sunken vessels, infrastructure and submerged objects obstructing ports and shipping channels. Offshore capabilities include platform transport, maintenance and removal; oil rig decommissioning support; pipeline or marine terminal infrastructure installation, maintenance, repair or removal; and rigs to reef operations.

    Towing Utilizing RESOLVEs own tugs or a global network of towing assets, RESOLVE can rapidly engage tugs of all sizes and configurations for any towage scenario. RESOLVEs expert Salvage Masters apply skill and experience to avoid or mitigate risk to the casualty, the environment and cargo. Diving and Underwater Surveys In support of salvage, wreck removal and other operations, RESOLVE dive teams perform underwater surveys, search & recovery, voyage repairs, and other response specific services.

    Vessel Stability Modeling, Analysis and Emergency Consultation RESOLVE provides rapid damage analysis and response services in the event of a casualty. On a contractual basis, RESOLVE maintains detailed electronic models of client vessels and a staff of skilled engineers ready to respond around the clock. Upon notification, RESOLVE engineers quickly analyze casualty damage and recommend appropriate action to protect both vessel and environment. Vessel Remediation, Wreck Disposition and Artificial Reefing Every salvage and wreck removal job presents potential threats to marine ecosystems. RESOLVEs abiding concern for protection of the environment informs all areas of the company; salvage masters and emergency response professionals are thoroughly trained in hazmat containment and removal. For each wreck removal and disposition job, whether scrapping, recycling or reefing remediation is a key priority. Coastal Recovery RESOLVEs patented solution for coastal erosion offers a unique, adaptable and science-based approach to beach and coastal erosion management.


    Cruise Ship Casualty, Tow, Gulf of Mexico

    RESOLVE Marine Group, Inc. is a leading, multi-

    faceted marine services organization comprising RESOLVE

    Salvage & Fire, RESOLVE Engineering Group, Resolve

    Maritime Academy and RESOLVE Marine Services. We

    offer the international fleet a full range of services --from

    safety and navigation training for casualty prevention, to

    marine salvage, emergency response and wreck removal, to

    naval architecture and

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