resources update bexley academies 18 th october 2011

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  • Resources Update Bexley Academies 18 th October 2011
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  • Areas to be covered FMS Summer 2011 FMS Autumn 2011 Personnel Autumn 2011 FMS Spring 2012 ICAEW Accreditation
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  • Summer 2011
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  • New FMS User Interface New User Interface A new user interface was introduced initially to FMS but excluding Account Receivable and Equipment Register. In summary the changes are:- Icons have been redesigned New User Interface The Module icons remain displayed across the screen whilst Processing icons are displayed down the left hand side of the screen Modern behavior for selected icons Use of standard Windows 7 font Modified colour scheme Improved legibility within grids Ability to resize screens Appendix B Selective field labels have been modified:- LEA has been updated to be LA Facsimile has been updated to be Fax
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  • New FMS User Interface New User Interface Similar font and size to SIMS Industry standard icons Print and Save Re-used SIMS icons Personnel
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  • New FMS User Interface Change of order of icons
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  • New FMS UI - Summer 2011
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  • UAT Workshop Customer Comments Very user friendly and I think will be very acceptable to school users. Only issue is that accounts receivable not updated so looks a bit strange when you go between the areas. Looks a lot more modern which will please new users. There will always be users who are unhappy with the changes. I forgot to bring my glasses to the workshop but I was still able to read from the new FMS screens I have always needed my glasses to read the screens in the old version.
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  • Ability to Hide Not in Use Suppliers Hide Not In Use Suppliers from:- Accounts Payable Purchase Ordering Accounts Payable Invoice / Credit Note
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  • Synchronisation of Rooms between FMS and SIMS Deleted Rooms will be removed from FMS Messages displayed when rooms are removed from FMS Modifications recorded in Audit Trail - Audit Type ER
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  • Autumn 2011
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  • Supporting Documents Supporting Documents - Accounts Payable Types of transactions:- Invoices Non-Order Invoices Credit Notes Sundry Invoices Source:- Local scanner Network scanner Formats:- Bitmaps JPEGs PDFs
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  • Restricted Users Restricted Users Budget holders raise requisitions - NOT authorise or print Associated with their cost centres (Cost Centre Collection - CCC) Threshold set for each budget holder Do NOT have the ability to add an Invoice or Credit Note Bursar role Ability to authorise Invoices, Credit Notes if all lines in their CCC Review Chart of Accounts Generate selective reports Ability to limit Restricted Users raising Purchase Orders After half term towards the end of the financial year Ordering Ability to place Purchase Order On Hold i.e. not complete Need to be taken off On Hold to be authorised
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  • Autumn 2011 FMS Enhancements Chart of Accounts Enhancements Display linked ledger codes for cost centres Display linked cost centres for ledger codes Hide Balance Sheet ledger codes from ledger code report Two new columns Previous Years Actuals Variation Previous Years Actual For ALL periods Elapsed period in the previous financial year but in the current year
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  • Purchase Order Deliveries Order InvoicesNon-Order Invoices Sundry Invoices Credit Notes CoAR Reports Restricted User Cost Centres YYYYYYYY View YYYYYYYY Add YYNNNNN/A Edit YYNNNNN/A Save YYNNNNN/A Delete YY N/A Authorise NN/A YYYY Print YN/AYYYYYY Re-print Y N/AYYYY Cancel NN/ANNNN Import NN/A Move NN/A Add Del Note YN/A Manual Cheque N/A NNNN Threshold applicable to Purchase Order (exc VAT) SaveN/A Restricted Users Functionality
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  • Deliveries Enhancements Deliveries Enhancements Ensure that Delivery Note Numbers are recorded. Allow for over deliveries to be not recorded. Display un-delivered Purchase Order lines when adding Deliveries
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  • Autumn 2011 FMS Enhancements Modifications to Cumulative Expense Reports Modifications option to split report into sections I&E and B/S Ability to exclude Balance Sheet ledger codes Ability to exclude Balance Sheet ledger codes & zero balance ledger codes NEW Historical Analysis report Current Budget (Allocated) Current Actual (Actual) Variance Previous Year Actual Variance (Actual) (Current Actual less Previous Year Actual) Ability to exclude Balance Sheet ledger codes & zero balance ledger codes
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  • Autumn 2011 FMS Enhancements BACS Run Report Display when supplier bank details were last updated and by whom Automatic Reconciliation The nearest match transaction will appear at the top of the suspense screen when matching Accounts Payable transactions Opening Balance Journals in last accounting period The ability to create Opening Balance Journals during the last accounting period of the first accounting year (Preliminary Closure). FMS 6.141 released 15/09/2011 to Academies only. Interface with Third Party Budgeting software Provide the ability to transfer data to and from Third Party Budgeting software used by Academies.
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  • VAT 126 Report VAT 126 Report Academies who are NOT registered for VAT The VAT 126 has specific requirements whereby the Academy can only claim for VAT paid for educational activities and where the transaction has been paid or posted transactions. Academies will need to printed all VAT 126 report from the start of the financial year Based upon:- VAT Periods VAT Input (VI) ledger codes Transactions:- Paid Invoices and Credit Notes Posted Journals linked to a supplier Posted Petty Cash Transactions Export to Excel formula can be applied
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  • VAT 126 HMRC
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  • VAT 126 Report
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  • Petty Cash Expenditure Folios Pretty Cash all establishments Expenditure Folios VAT Registration Number required where VAT is being reclaimed
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  • Autumn 2011 FMS Enhancements Audit Trail modifications Restricted Users Restricted Cost Centre Collection Restricted Users Threshold Purchase Orders Additional information for Unauthorised Purchase Orders. Ability to trace a Unauthorised Order to an Authorised Order Increased information for Printed Purchase Order Supporting Documents Updated to reflect when scanned documents functionality has been defined Updated to reflect when scanned documents are added, edited and deleted BACS Details of Sort and Account Numbers and Value of BACS payments Central Authorisation File Location of where the central authorisation file has been created Details of transactions included in the Central Authorisation file.
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  • Autumn 2011 Personnel Enhancements Personnel Reports Ability to save reports to EXCEL
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  • Spring 2012
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  • Spring 2012 FMS Asset Management Extension to Equipment Register Define Threshold Define Asset Types Add a new asset into Asset Management Add an existing asset into Asset Management Depreciation types Straight Line Calculation and posting of Depreciation journals Asset List Report
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  • ICAEW Accreditation
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  • Capita Priory Business Park Cardington Bedford MK44 3JZ Thank you for your time