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Indian retail will continue to offer exciting and lucrative job opportunities. View to know more about the bright career prospects and diverse opportunities.


  • 1.Indias First Retail B SchoolPartners & Associations: [email protected]: 0841-8325722Retail Career Guide

2. Indias First Retail B School0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%45%50%Before 1990 1990-2000 Post 2000Source: D&B - Established in 1841, D&B is a leading source of businessinformation. It has among the worlds largest and highest qualityglobal commercial business information databases.Indian Retail Sector Growth 3. Indias First Retail B SchoolIndias retail market isestimated to grow to$85 billion by 2020- DeloitteIndian retail sector islikely to create millionsof jobs in the near future- Manpower Employment OutlookSurveyIndian retail sector willgrow by 10-15% annually- Fitch RatingsIndian Retail Sector Predictions 4. Indias First Retail B SchoolPhase 1New marketentrants createawareness ofmodernformats likedepartmentstores, hypermarkets andsupermarketsPhase 2Marketsdevelop andthe demand formore modernformats rises.This leads tostrong growthPhase 3Robust growthleads to amature marketPhase 4The domesticmarket reaches asaturation point.Growth becomeslimited, &retailers exploreand evaluatenew marketsacross the globeOrganized Retail Sector Evolution 5. Indias First Retail B SchoolRetail Industry is being called the Sunrise sector of India$450 billion (2012 figures: Fitch Ratings)Growing at a higher rate than the overall economyIndia is among the five most attractive markets for global retailersMajor retail brands, including Wal-Mart, have aggressive expansion plans inIndiaRetail companies are increasingly focusing on technology, operations andprocessesWhere Does Indian Retail Stand? 6. Indias First Retail B School Rising disposable income of the Indian middle-class Changing consumer preferences and shopping habits Changing demographics Increase in working population Spurt in urbanization Increased awareness through the Internet and easy online purchases Easy credit availability Retail investment Availability of quality real estate Improvement in infrastructureReasons for Growth of Indian Retail 7. Indias First Retail B SchoolFormat Number of Stores Area (000 sq.ft.) Share in Total Space (%)Supermarkets/Convenience Stores4,751 4,751 15.3Hypermarkets 75 3000 9.8Discount Stores 1,472 1,472 4.8Speciality Stores 20,162 16,490 53.7Department Stores 166 4,980 16.2Total 27,062 30,693 100Source: ICRIER and Technopak Advisers Pvt. Ltd: Established in 1981, ICRIER is an autonomous, policy oriented,not-for-profit economic policy think tank. Technopak Advisors is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified managementconsulting firm.Share of Formats in Organized Retail 8. Indias First Retail B SchoolPantaloon Tata Group RPG GroupReliance Landmark Group Bharti Wal-MartIKEA AV Birla Group Apple StoreFuture Group Honda Motorcycle Metro Cash & CarryRetail Majors Operating in India 9. Indias First Retail B SchoolSourcing Merchandising Product developmentSales Store operations Supply chain managementMarketing Commercial Property Human resourceFinance Sales Processing Information technologyMajor Verticals in Big Retail Firms 10. Indias First Retail B SchoolThe retail sector accounted for 8% of the total employment inIndiaReforms announced by the Indian government (allowing 100%FDI in single brand retail and 51% FDI in multi-brand retail)Fresh investments into retail (following reforms announced in2012) could create as many as 10 million new jobsAbout 26 million new jobs were created in less than a decadeof the Asian Dragon announcing FDI retail reformsRetail Career Opportunities201120122014Looking at China 11. Indias First Retail B School Retail is a growth sector. In fact, it is projected to continue tobe Indias fastest growing sector.Retail is one of the most exciting, diverse and fast-pacedsectors. It is also one of the most glamorous sectors.Several foreign retail chains have set up their stores in India inthe recent past. These multinational firms, headquartered inthe US, the UK, Germany, France or other developednations, are targeting India due to its growing middle class andexpanding disposable incomes.Why Retail as a Career Choice?Growth SectorExcitingOpportunities 12. Indias First Retail B SchoolAfter a retail specialization, one can select an industry that ismost appealing. You can choose to work with fashion,sports, food, education, furniture or technology, depending onwhat excites you. Moreover, there are various roles that youcan decide among. You can opt to work in a store, facingcustomers every day or you can manage the supply chain oreven be part of the general management of the chain, lookinginto the financial, human resource and space managementaspects.A career in the retail sector can help you learn to identify whatcustomers want and how to ensure that they have a pleasantexperience. In an era when the customer is king, retailexposure can create a strong footing for success in otherindustries as well.Why Retail as a Career Choice?DiversityStrongFundamentals 13. Indias First Retail B SchoolThis is the basic, entry level profile in a professionals retail career.While many do not consider this to be an attractive beginning, thisexperience is crucial for a deep understanding of how customersbehave and react to different things. Sales executives report to thefloor manager.The floor manager manages the activities of all the sales executivesand the day-to-day operations on a particular floor of the retailstore. They report to the store manager.They are responsible for managing the stores complete day-to-dayoperations. They are in charge of all the employees and are alsoresponsible for the revenues and profits generated by the store andneed to report these figures to the zonal or regional head of thecompany. They may report directly to the store owner or an areamanager or regional manager.Popular Retail Career OptionsSales / CustomerSupport ExecutivesFloor ManagerStore Manager 14. Indias First Retail B SchoolThey plan and coordinate the operations of the outlet under storemanagement. Their work may include monitoring retail orders,layout of merchandise, checking the inventory, analyzing the supply,etc. Often people with a post graduate diploma in retailmanagement from a good institute start their retail career with thisposition.These people are involved in sourcing or buying of various items forthe retail store. They are responsible for making strategic purchasingdecisions. These people are very important, as they give the brand a face. Theymake designs and develop concept for all the merchandise. Theymay be technical designers, product developers, store planners, etc.Some institutes offering a post graduate diploma in retailmanagement also offer courses in visual merchandising, helpingthose who are creative and wish to have a retail career.Popular Retail Career OptionsRetail Buyers andMerchandisers:VisualMerchandisersRetail Manager 15. Indias First Retail B SchoolThis fast growing and continuously evolving sector is estimated to cross $1trillion by 2020. The penetration of modern retail, which stood at $27billion in 2012, is expected to expand six-fold to $220 billion in 2020.Only a specialized course can offer enough insight to gain a strong foothold inany industry. For tapping into the potential of the Indian retailindustry, only a niche institute of retail management can offer an edge.Retailing encompasses much more than interfacing with customers. There arenumerous business activities involved. Right from conceptualizing aproduct to designing its display at the retail store and from planning thedelivery of the product to ensuring post-delivery service, there are variousactivities and skills involved.Prospects After a Retail Specialization 16. Indias First Retail B SchoolRetail businesses can be categorized depending on their size, product linesand services they offer. Retail business may be specialtystores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, factory outlets, malls, chainstores, franchises, groceries stores, sports stores, fashion stores, stores forlifestyle & personal products, etc. One can hope to seek a career withadvertising agencies, banks, airlines, insurance companies, etc as well. Ofcourse, one can also go the entrepreneur route and set up a retailbusiness.While on an average careers begin with theposition of customer service executive oroperations executive, courses from anestablished institute of retail managementcan help you secure the role of afloor manager or even a store manager.Prospects After a Retail Specialization 17. Indias First Retail B SchoolAbout GREAT India B SchoolGREAT India is the first retail focused business school in IndiaThe courses offered at GREAT India B School are: PG Diploma inRetail Management, PG Diploma in Retail Entrepreneurship, PGDiploma in Visual Merchandising and Store Design, MBA (withspecialization in retail), BBA (with specialization inretail), BCom(Hons) and BA(Hons).RAI - Retailers Association of India, SCAI Shopping CentersAssociation of India. Close ties with companies in India.UEL - University of East London, ARC - Australian Retail College.Close ties with companies in Singapore and Dubai.1st Retail B SchoolCourses OfferedIndustry AffiliationsForeign Affiliations 18. Indias First Retail B SchoolAbout GREAT India B SchoolInternational retail gurus and leaders from academia teach at ourcampuses. Great opportunity to gain insight from managementcoaches from across the globe.Modern infrastructure - wi-fi enabled campus and well stockedlibrary. Interactive teaching methods followed.Workshops, seminars and industry visits to aid learning.Campuses at Hyderabad & Lavasa (near Pune). Sprawlingcampuses, with hostel, cafeteria, gym, sports facilities (cricketpitch, tennis court, golf course, jogging track, etc)International FacultyLearning AidsCampus Locations 19. Indias First Retail B SchoolContact GREAT India B School?S-21/a, Gundlapochampally,Medchal MandalR R DistrictSecunderabadA

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