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Retailing Scenario in India Digin George

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Retailing Scenarioin India

Digin George

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What is India?

India Provides one of the last, largely un tapped consumer market in the world

A trillion Dollar economy growing at 8-9%

60% of population is below 30 years Consumption opportunity is $445 Billion Its More than a country… 28 states,8 Major Religions,6000

Casts,72 Major festivals 16 cities contribute to over 75% of

FMCG sale in modern trade

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Do you know? Our population

growth is slowing Literacy is growing Growth in

consuming class Poverty is declining Productivity is rising Per capita is

doubling 2nd rank in consumer


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Retail Vs India Largest and fastest growing sector in India.

Modern retailing forms one point stop for all shopping.

Consumer gets a large product variety of brands to choose from one roof.

First it was a sellers market and now its changing to buyers market.

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Some of the Key Players in Organised Retail

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International Retail: At a Glance




8%3% 2% 9%

USA EU Japan China

India Russia Others

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Retail Sector in India


Organized 3%

Unorganized 97 %

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Share of Organized Retail

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SWOT Analysis

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Strength Increasing demand driven by the country’s

young working population

Increase in per capita income which in turn increases the household consumption

Create win-win situation for all links in value chain ( suppliers, producers, retailers and customers).

Improvement in the standard of living.

Technology intensive industry

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Weakness Lack of expertise in Supply Chain Management

Inadequate Infrastructure

Stringent Labour Laws

Lack of specialized professionals in Industry

Lack of industry status.

Government Restrictions on FDI

Non-Availability of Government Land.

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Opportunities Change in consumer behavior pattern and

increase in disposable income.

Indian rural markets offer a sea of an opportunity for the retail sector.

Upcoming international Players

Healthy prospect for the fashion industry.

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Indian taxation system favors small retail business.

Competition from unorganized Sector to the organized Sector.

Middle class Psychology.

Increasing Real Estate prices

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Huge Scope for Development

Competitive Market

Organized retail is fast growing at a rate of 30% YOY

Greater opportunity for employment

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