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Learn how to request, write and respond to reviews – so you can build your reputation on TeachStreet.


  • 1. REVIEWS 101 How to build your reputation on

2. Learning Objectives After reviewing this presentation you will be able to: 1. Request a review 2. Write a review 3. Respond to a review 4. Build your reputation2 3. What are TeachStreet Reviews? Reviews are ratings and feedback from your students, and fellow instructors. Benefits: Showcase yourself as a great instructor Instructors with good reviews rank higher in search results Reviews are a requirement to be a Featured Teacher 3 4. How to request a review TeachStreet makes iteasy for you to requestreviews from students Instructors are able torequest reviews from: Profile page Class pages Hint: If you use therequest reviews button,students do not haveto register forTeachStreet 4 5. Request Review Process1.Instructor requests reviews from students 2.Student receives an e-mail invite to leave areview on TeachStreet 3.Student visits TeachStreet and writes a review forInstructor 4.Review is posted on TeachStreet and Instructor is e-mailed a notification 5.Instructor is able to comment and respond backto all reviews 5 6. How to write a review Click the Write aReview button on aninstructors profile orclass pages Diagram of a TeachStreetReview Form Completed This is an example of Reviewwhat students see6 7. How to respond to reviews Review without a response Review with a response Write responses to your reviews in order to: Provide your side of the story Provide clarification to topics mentioned in the review Thank the student who left a review7 8. Build your reputation Once you have great reviews, youll be able to showcase yourself as a possible featured teacher, higher in search, and syndicated ads. SyndicateHigher in throughFeatured SearchCraigslist andTeachers Results Widgets8 9. HAVE QUESTIONS? NEED HELP?Call us toll-free: (877) TEACH-70 (that's 877-832-2470)Email us: help@teachstreet.comTeam TeachStreet www.teachstreet.comPage 9