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Reynoldsburg City Schools. September 13, 2013 Presented by: Dr. Dan Hoffman, Jaclyn Angle and Dee Martindale. About Us. A first-ring suburb of Columbus, Reynoldsburg’s demographics are reflective of the state and the nation. Reynoldsburg has . . . 34,000 residents 6,000 students - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Reynoldsburg City SchoolsSeptember 13, 2013Presented by:Dr. Dan Hoffman, Jaclyn Angle and Dee Martindale1About UsA first-ring suburb of Columbus, Reynoldsburgs demographics are reflective of the state and the nation.

2Reynoldsburg has . . .34,000 residents6,000 students700 staffMedian income: $34,000Average teacher salary: $62,000Operating budget: $55 million3Why should you care?District Report Card: 26 out of 26 indicatorsRHS Performance Index: eSTEM Top 25HS2 Top 50STEM Elementary Top 15 Two of Ohios 11 platform STEM schools Primary site for Ohio STEM Learning Network activities statewideOhios first K-12 STEM campus systemLDC training site for OhioMore than $1 million in competitive grants

4External Forces: Ohios 3 Cs

Cost ModelsChoiceCollege and Career Ready 525 years of InnovationInspired and Guidedby the research ofTheodore Sizer1932 2009Coalition of Essential Schools

6Teds Big Ideas . . .Primary purpose of school is helping students to use their minds wellSchools must be highly personalizedCurriculum axiom of less is moreUse of the metaphor Student as-worker, Teacher as-coachThe school should be full of democratic practicesGoals of the school apply to all students

71st K-12 STEM Pathway


Imagine- Identify the problem, brainstorm possibilitiesPlan- Research what has already been done, identify constraints, select materialsDesign-implement plan, test it outImprove-redesign, test, redesignShare- communicate results to multiple audiences- work has a larger purpose. It isnt something kids do just for the teacher, but for their peers, parents, community members, possible business partners. 9

Integration of content and 21st Century Skills (Core Values) More time devoted to math and science Engineering, Design and TechnologyExpanded learning environmentExhibitions- Making our work publicProblem-Based Learning

ScienceSocial ScienceMathLanguage ArtsTechnologyEngineeringBehavior, Growth and Change:

Learned traits vs. Inherited

Plant and animal life cycles, adaptations based on natural environment

Human Systems, Geography & Heritage:

Communities change over time.

Daily life is influenced by environment (agriculture, industry, natural resources) Represent & interpret data

Properties of shapes- compare and classifyFables-

Informational Text features- key ideas and details

Write informative texts to examine a topic

Reliable sources


QR Codes

Integrated Problem-Based Units

STEM Middle @ Baldwin RoadTeachers as Designers.Integrated CurriculumMastery Teaching and LearningFlexibility8 x 1 ScheduleUtilization of ResourcesRigor and RelevancePartnerships

One School 4 Academies 2 Campuses13Partnership DevelopmentWhat do we have?What does each prospective partner need?What tools exist / are needed?How does the community fit in?Space = currencyBenefactors arent sustainable look for mutual benefitsFlex credit, dual enrollment Schools as value-added

So how do we make this happen?

We cant do it as an isolated K-12 school district. We must forge partnerships with higher education, career and technical programs and high education.

This is how we go about it. 14RSCD Partners-BalletMet-Mount Carmel Hospital-Columbus State Community College-Kiddie Academy-

Connecting to the Design Principals of the P20 Innovation LabPersonalized LearningComprehensive systems of learning supportsWorld-class knowledge and skillsPerformance-based learningAnytime, anywhere learningStudent voice/agency

Reynoldsburg City SchoolsDiscussion GroupsElementaryMiddle-High School/Central Office

18Reynoldsburg City SchoolsDesign Process