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RHIC/AGS Users’ Executive Committee Activities 2015-16 Justin Frantz, 2015-16 RHIC/AGS UEC Chair RHIC S&T Review Practice Session 2 BNL 8/17/16 8/17/2016 Justin Frantz Ohio U - RHIC UEC 1

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  • RHIC/AGS Users’ Executive Committee Activities 2015-16

    Justin Frantz, 2015-16 RHIC/AGS UEC Chair RHIC S&T Review Practice Session 2

    BNL 8/17/16

    8/17/2016 Justin Frantz Ohio U - RHIC UEC 1

  • ∗ No formal registration to “User’s group” ∗ Elected User’s Executive Committee composed of 18-20 members (next

    slide) represent the interests of about 1500-2000 people ∗ About > 1000 RHIC Experimental Users (STAR/PHENIX/sPHENIX) ∗ Accelerator Scientists: RHIC AGS/ATF: 100 NSRL ~500 ∗ ~100 theorists in the field who have entered User’s DB by conference

    attendance or BNL Computing ∗ We also try to advocate for ~all theorists in our field (200 more?)

    ∗ Good lab support - BNL GUV Center provides dedicated staff: Kelly Guiffreda, Director Kathy Nasta, etc. assisting in all functions ∗ We could NOT function effectively without this substantial support!

    ∗ RHIC collaborations (e.g. STAR, (s)PHENIX) have some infrastructure to address some issues UEC advocates for, so our role is especially important to the other groups (accelerator scientists, theorists)

    RHIC/AGS Users UEC

    8/17/2016 Justin Frantz Ohio U - RHIC UEC 2

  • ∗ UEC has had 18-20 members (including 3 chairs) ∗ chair elect, current chair, outgoing chair ∗ UEC had four working groups until 2015 : 1) Meetings,

    Communications, Outreach 2) Quality of Life 3) Funding, Politics & Programmatics 4) Site Access & Science

    ∗ Previous Main functions: ∗ AUM and Open Forum mtg org ∗ Advocate for user issues as they arise

    ∗ Increase Lately in Responsibilities Membership Increase ∗ DC Nuclear Physics Outreach Day: Started in 2013 ∗ Formation of Diversity WG: July 2015 much work to be done! ∗ Much BNL infrastructure (Dorms, CDC, etc.) is hitting

    “critical endpoint”

    UEC Basics Increasing Activities

    8/17/2016 Justin Frantz Ohio U - RHIC UEC 3

  • 8/17/2016 Justin Frantz Ohio U - RHIC UEC 4

    Add membership

  • ∗ Number of Big QOL Issues/Activities 2014-16 ∗ Increasing budget pressures - Highlight a few on next slides

    ∗ Good Engagement by the lab -- will need to continue. Meetings

    with management have increased: Monthly meetings Facilities and Operations Assoc. Lab Director Amy Nunizata & Other Directors ∗ Other BNL UEC’s participate ∗ Regular visitors: Bob Lincoln, CHRO, updates us on Child Dev Center,

    Special Project Director Lanny Bates on Discovery Park Project ∗ Tighter feedback loop on Food Services recently UEC met with food

    vendor Metz representatives ∗ Former “quarterly” meetings with Deputy Director Bob Tribble still

    occasionally happen. Doon also visited our regular monthly UEC mtg

    Quality of Life & Lab Engagement

    8/17/2016 Justin Frantz Ohio U - RHIC UEC 5

  • ∗ Invaluable resource to many RHIC employees and users ∗ On-site regular childcare ∗ Drop-in service also available and by utilized by visitors ∗ Important to retain young talent (often especially women) at the lab and in our

    field! ∗ Steadily increasing costs, service reductions, dropping enrollment severe

    negative feedback loop ∗ CDC Vendor (Bright Horizons) must pay higher wages due federal on-site

    guidelines higher cost ∗ Self organized parent group + All BNL User Groups Campaign to save

    ∗ Lab has addressed need for better communication with these groups

    ∗ BNL recognized need to maintain and will subsidize up to $150K to run

    ∗ Long term sustainability may depend on further DOE subsidization funds being applied for Please highlight in review report!

    BNL Child Development Center

    8/17/2016 Justin Frantz Ohio U - RHIC UEC 6

  • ∗ Food vendor crisis/ change 2015-16

    ∗ Spring 2015 : old Vendor closes Brookhaven Center/asked to be released from contract

    ∗ The Center was only dinner/evening food option on site ∗ UEC User surveys , BNL Consultants - big issues: food quality/service, addressing

    more diverse customer base, availability at wider hours ∗ New vendor Metz Inc. ~Aug 2015 -- more responsive to customer base –

    innovations, but bringing back customers still work in progress Lab/Vendor in close consultation with UEC’s

    Food Services Issues

    Cafeteria insta-feedback installed New Metz 24 hr Micromarket

    8/17/2016 Justin Frantz Ohio U - RHIC UEC 7

  • ∗ Decaying Physical Infrastructure – 70-yr old Buildings @ End of Life

    ∗ Keenest Need: Dormitories ∗ Number of Dormitory spaces closed in last ~12 yrs ∗ Often not enough dormitory space : e.g. summers

    ∗ Discovery Park Project: Move Office Space Dorms Just Outside Main Gate Lab/Public Shared Use Model

    Dormitories & Future “Privatization”

    8/17/2016 Justin Frantz Ohio U - RHIC UEC 8

  • ∗ Most important traditional UEC function: Meetings/Outreach ∗ Annual User Meetings and other events (generally sponsored by BSA-RHIC)

    ∗ 2015-16 Several Important Forums for discussions on the future of RHIC

    Work in progress many scientifically valuable conversations/proposals

    Meeting/Communications WG

    2015 Open Forum @ DNP Conference 2016 Open Forum @ DNP Conference

    Special Addition RHIC Future Session @ Users’ Mtg ‘16

    8/17/2016 Justin Frantz Ohio U - RHIC UEC 9

  • ∗ ~Sole Financial Sponsor : BSA/RHIC Mtg continues to be important for RHIC program ∗ 2015 10 years of Perfect Liquid

    ∗ BNL Distinguished Lecture AAA CEO/Former Congressman Rush Holt drew audience from outside RHIC/outside public

    ∗ Science Highlights : First look at Run15 p↑+A results, Chiral Magnetic results, First looks at long AuAu Run 14 data: Heavy Flavor

    ∗ 2016 RHIC in Femtobarn-1 Era ∗ End of PHENIX Data taking and PHENIX 25th Anniversary ∗ Diversity Half-Day Workshop and post-plenary Panel Discussion (discuss later) ∗ New policies for harassment implemented ∗ Science Highlights:, Fast Run 16 dAu Energy Scan results, More Run 14 AuAu Heavy Flavor

    results ∗ 2 Days Workshops, 1.5-2 Days Plenary

    ∗ Workshops in Usual Areas: Hard/Heavy/Onia/Spin/Flow ∗ Special workshops focus on QGP in small/asymmetric collision systems; Global Data Analysis

    techniques; Beam Energy Scan; EIC; Thermal Photon Puzzle;

    2015/16 User Meetings The past two User’s meetings contained special components and were especially well attended

    Special Outreach: Poster Design by Pratt Institute of Design

    8/17/2016 Justin Frantz Ohio U - RHIC UEC 10

  • ∗ DC Nuclear Physics Outreach Days have been worthwhile

    ∗ > 60-70 volunteer scientists from across nation, 25 from RHIC, each year promoting nuclear physics

    ∗ Great interactions also with other groups in NP

    ∗ New RHIC Info sheet

    Meeting/Communications WG

    2016 75 Delegates , RHIC 27, FRIB 24, Jlab 24

    8/17/2016 Justin Frantz Ohio U - RHIC UEC 11

  • New Outreach Fact Sheet !

    8/17/2016 Justin Frantz Ohio U - RHIC UEC 12

  • ∗ Officially Formed July 2015

    ∗ Partially reaction to 2015/2010 STAR/PHENIX/BNL “Site visits” by APS Committee on the Status of Women in Physics Critical mass of interested people

    ∗ Sexual Harassment: UEC members know it’s a problem in some sectors of our field outside of RHIC – vigilancy e.g. for conferences held at the lab

    ∗ Sexual orientation: UEC members have had anecdotal indications of possible field-wide skewed representation

    ∗ These examples and others: formation was overdue…

    NEW: Diversity WG

    8/17/2016 Justin Frantz Ohio U - RHIC UEC 13

  • Harassment warning

    8/17/2016 Justin Frantz Ohio U - RHIC UEC 14

  • ∗ Site Visits: Summer 2015. Reports ~Nov 2015 ∗ Details of reports left to collab reports

    ∗ We made the reports from both collaborations available to the entire UEC and Diversity WG

    ∗ We had some initial reaction discussions in ~February ∗ However, detailed processing of the reports to find key

    areas where UEC can help is still yet to be done ∗ Reports were fairly positive: equally high priority for BNL 2010

    Site Visit Followup ∗ Several of our members are on sPHENIX and have been happy

    to see that the reports have influenced the formation of sPHENIX by-laws and Executive Board formation, through juniors inclusion etc…

    2015 APS CSWP Site Visits

    8/17/2016 Justin Frantz Ohio U - RHIC UEC 15

  • ∗ Lots of Activities and Many Fronts already: ∗ Working in consultation with BNL Diversity Office !!! ∗ Data Gathering / Publishing Plan Part 1 near completion

    ∗ Diversity breakdown for Different User communities including Theorists ∗ Part 2, 3, more ! (More Detailed Publications Collaborations Data?)

    ∗ Lactation Room(s) : Our actions started a process that has led to a new Lactation Room to appear in the Physics Building soon ∗ Funding of small renovation of this room needs resolved: critical need ∗ Identified good lead for another new one on RHIC Ring (1005)

    ∗ Sexual Harassment : ∗ More prominent warnings at all BNL/RHIC events! (already discussed) ∗ User Agreement Info / Registration Changes (appearing soon)

    ∗ There is some work here to finish up in each of these areas

    Status of Diversity WG Work

    8/17/2016 Justin Frantz Ohio U - RHIC UEC 16

  • ∗ More detailed follow-up of Site Visit reports ∗ New lab activities in the direction of diversity sound promising—

    we will participate ∗ Unique Role to help with collaboration reports

    ∗ New Ideas from User’s Mtg Diversity Workshop/Panels ∗ AUM Diversity Events Highlighted: ∗ Implicit biases Links to areas to be put up on our website? ∗ Sexual Harassment: problems better understoodContinue

    developing policies ∗ Proof of Representation for Women Problem: AUM Sessions

    Provided body of convincing arguments that there is a problem with representation of Women in Physics Provide summary?

    Diversity : Lots Left TODO!!!

    8/17/2016 Justin Frantz Ohio U - RHIC UEC 17

  • ∗ RHIC/AGS UEC Activities have been increasing – new needs that impact the science mission of RHIC ∗ Outreach, User infrastructure at Lab, Diversity

    ∗ BNL / RHIC Support of these activities has been great ∗ Communication between UEC/Lab management on many issues

    has also been increasing and good – this needs to continue ∗ Further BNL and DOE support for specific Quality of Life and

    Diversity Issues themselves will be needed: ∗ CDC Needs Continued Subsidies to Stay Open ∗ Lactation Room ∗ Diversity


    8/17/2016 Justin Frantz Ohio U - RHIC UEC 18

    RHIC/AGS Users’ Executive Committee Activities 2015-16RHIC/AGS Users UECUEC Basics Increasing ActivitiesAdd membershipQuality of Life & Lab EngagementBNL Child Development CenterFood Services IssuesDormitories & Future “Privatization”Meeting/Communications WG2015/16 User MeetingsMeeting/Communications WGNew Outreach Fact Sheet !NEW: Diversity WGSlide Number 142015 APS CSWP Site VisitsStatus of Diversity WG WorkDiversity : Lots Left TODO!!!Outlook