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  • 1. Richard E. Byrd By: Michael Maurtua

2. What did he do?

  • Byrd was one of the Navys famous polar explorers, aviators and Medal of Honor recipients in the history of the USN.
  • Byrd was a very brave man who still inspires many today.

3. Richard E. Byrd (1888-1957)

  • Born: October 25, 1888
  • Died: March 11, 1957
  • USN Rank: Rear Admiral
  • Awards:- Medal of Honor -Navy Cross -Navy Distinguished Service Medal -Distinguished Flying Cross -Legion of Merit

Drawing of Byrds birthplace,Winchester, Virginia 4. Some Awards Medal of Honor Navy Cross

  • Navy
  • Distinguished Service
  • Medal
  • Distinguished
  • Flying Cross

Legion of Merit 5. Medal of Honor

  • Most prestigious award in the military.
  • accomplished the act of testing a plane engine able to survive Antarctic conditions.

6. The Military

  • After all his schooling, Byrd served in WWI as a air commander in Nova Scotia.
  • He was promoted to Lieutenant Commander a little after the war.

7. Expeditions!

  • Richard Byrd made expeditions to Greenland, the North Pole, and the South Pole.

The South Pole Greenland The North Pole 8. Trans-Atlantic Flight

  • Byrd planed to be first, but he was beat by Lindbergh while his ship was being repaired.
  • He still did it. Taking off from NY to France although he crashlanded with no casualties.

9. First Antarctic Expedition

  • Byrd was sent to explore Antarctica .
  • Byrd had to sail back home.
  • He became the first to fly into the Arctic .

10. The Polar Expedition

  • Byrds claim to fame.
  • Flew there with Mechanic, Floyd Bennet.
  • Started major controversies over who was first to reach the north pole.

11. Second Antarctic Exploration - 1934

  • His second exploration was not pleasant. Byrd spent five months with carbon monoxide poisoning from a old stove. He narrowly escaped.

Byrds Autobiography 12. World War II

  • Byrd performed national defense during World War II as a consultant to high commanders.

13. Operation: Highjump

  • Byrd's most important mission. Much of the armed forces was used to explore the area where they found new mountain ranges.
  • However, the operation was brought to a close very fast

One of the Navys ship for The operation. 14. Death

  • After commanding operation deep freeze, Byrd died on March 11, 1957 in his sleep in Boston.
  • He became known as a national hero.

Bird Memorial 15. The End Hope you enjoyed the show!