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Rideshare Program

Rideshare Program


Partnered with130+ schoolsIncluding The U, Morris, and UW MadisonWhat it includesA fully hosted, private solution with email or single-on authenticationExtensive branded marketing support from Rideshare Specialists Access key stats regarding activity, growth, and savingsZimride

Connect via FacebookCalculates savings of CO2 emissions, fuel savings, and financial savings.Limited to those with CSB/SJU email addressesOption to include other college/university networksZimride

Results (08/04/2011 to 01/13/2013)SavingsRides Posted1,443Ride Mileage Posted395,942User Cash Saved$47,908Miles Saved87,107Gallons of Gas Saved3,415Pounds of CO2 Emissions Saved66,269Grams of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Emissions Saved36,933Grams of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) Emissions Saved46,863Pounds of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Emissions Saved958Grams of Particulate Matter (PM) Emissions Saved18,989Grams of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Emissions Saved6,184

How its worked at Morris

MetricCountCumulative Users (since 08/04/2011)1006New Users (last 90 days)65Ride Postings Currently Active in the System42Cumulative Posts (since 08/04/2011)1501One-Time Posts1436Commute Posts65New Posts (last 90 days)268One-Time Posts259Commute Posts9Average Matches Per Post4

As of January 13th:

Year 1Set up Fee$2500Administration will payContract Fee$7500$1500 Administration (20%)$3000 St. Bens Senate (40%)$3000 St. Johns Senate (40%)Year 2Contract Fee$7500$1500 Administration (20%)$3000 St. Bens Senate (40%)$3000 St. Johns Senate (40%)Year 3Contract Fee$7500$1500 Administration (20%)$3000 St. Bens Senate (40%)$3000 St. Johns Senate (40%)

Cost Breakdown

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