rightscale webinar: best-in-class hybrid cloud solutions from equinix and rightscale

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Bursting With Potential: May 3, 2012 Hybrid Cloud by Equinix and RightScale Watch the video of this webinar

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  1. 1. Bursting With Potential:Hybrid Cloud by Equinix and RightScale May 3, 2012 Watch the video of this webinar
  2. 2. 2#Your Panel Today Presenting Ephraim Baron, Equinix Dir. Enterprise Cloud Solutions Robert Shroll, RightScale Sr. Mgr. Business Development Ryan Geyer, RightScale Sales Engineer @rjgeyer Q&A Matthew Small, RightScale Strategic Account ExecutivePlease use the Questions window to ask questions any time!
  3. 3. 3#Agenda Introductions Brief Overview of RightScale-Equinix Partnership Live Hybrid Cloud Demo Open Forum / Q&A Please use the Questions window to ask questions any time!
  4. 4. Enabling Cloud Growth
  5. 5. Safeguard Assets, Power Growth Colocation Market Challenge Industry-leading power densities Redundant infrastructureScaling data center operations while preserving capital; Ample capacity for growth eliminating barriers to expansion Equinix Advantage Interconnection 6 million sq. ft. of capacity Global, network-neutral provider 690+ global networks a cross- Most densely interconnected sites connect away Specialized exchanges State-of-the-art on-site maintenance and support Support 99.999% global uptime Smart hands High customer satisfaction 5
  6. 6. Equinixs Expanding Global FootprintWe pursue a Customer Demand led strategyWhat Markets would you like to be in over thenext 2-5 years?
  7. 7. Application Performance MattersMARKETBUSINESS CRITICALITYCHALLENGEDelivering applicationperformance to meetcustomer expectationsIMPACTRight performance for eachapplicationHigher user satisfaction Best Effort Priority Real-Time Proximity>100ms 2000km < 2000km < 500km < 50km customer loyalty, andrevenue LATENCY SENSITIVITY Performance matters for end user experience
  8. 8. Market Direct Enables Performance & Revenue Growth A comprehensive solution set for performance & market access to Cloud offerings Direct ConnectCarrier Ethernet ExchangeOptimized Internet Access Layer 1 connectivity Layer 2 connectivity Layer 3 connectivity Direct access to 4,000+ customers Extend reach to millions of lit buildings 690+ networks globally Dynamic interconnection Secure, QoS-enabled solutions Cost effective Lowest latency, highest throughput Ultra cost effective & secure+ Less complex, lower cost networks End-to-end SLA enablement + High throughput peering & exchange Low latency, direct to broadband Three connectivity options One Platform for growth in 38 global markets The Power of Choice - More service access capabilities for customers Higher QoE, Lower customer risk Reference configurationsMarket Connect Higher degree of integration & functionality with customers/partners Broadest range of network service providers & partners New & broader revenue streams through Equinix Marketplace
  9. 9. Platform Equinix is a Multi-Billion Dollar MarketplaceConnect to New Revenue OpportunitiesEnterprises Financial Services (600+)Networks (690+)Content, Gaming, Cloud & IT Services (700+)& Consumer (450+)
  10. 10. Accelerate Adoption byManaging ComplexityWith Equinix You CanSimplify cloud adoptionEquinix Network MarketplaceCloud Provide more integration Providers Providersand functionality TrafficBusinessReduce complexity and risk Exchanges Ecosystems sDevelop high-value industrysolutionsEnsure a high-quality end-user experienceDeliver faster
  11. 11. We Enable High Performance CloudsIMPACTEnabling new levels of cloudperformance in network-dense Equinix IBXsDirect proximity tocustomers to improve theend-user experience800+ cloud services deployments690+ network providers50+ Ethernet exchange networksMarket Direct Enables GrowthMulti-Tier Architectures Enable Performance & Economies of Scale