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MEET THE CAST of 'Rise of the Sufferfests', the first feature documentary about the obstacle race phenomenon. The film explores the history of the sport, psychology behind it, personalities that drive it, and most importantly, WTF it says about the world we’re living in. Specifically… WHY THE HELL IS EVERYONE SUDDENLY PAYING FOR PAIN?


  • " While the majority of mudders will do one event, post the epic profile pic and move on, a growing community of OCR apostles are crisscrossing the globe, braving as many sufferfests as they can squeeze into their schedule. " Rise of the Sufferfests follows a motley crew of kick-ass characters from all corners of the cultish OCR community: elites, weekend warriors, Wounded Warriors, entrepreneurs, event producers, etc. Each member of this Suffer Club reveals something different about the phenomenon, and speaks to a different motivation and hypothesis. " FEATURED STARS WILL INCLUDE
  • MR. MOUSE THE UNSUNG HERO Mr. Mouse is the wildly eccentric Godfather of Obstacle Racing. An ex-barber in the Grenadier Guards, he pioneered the industry way back in 1987 when he hosted Tough Guy on his horse farm in England. And while almost nobody knows who he is, his fingerprints are all over our FB newsfeeds. " Given the mans many philosophies, inventions, idiosyncrasies, and influence on modern fitness, Mr. Mouse is a folk hero waiting to happen. Hes not just a once-in-a-generation character, but once-in-a-wormhole. Hes the kind of figure you only ever see in great works of fiction or Daniel Day Lewis films. Mr. Mouse was featured in the 60 Minutes Sports segment I worked on. And stars in this short film.
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  • AMELIA BOONE QUEEN OF PAIN " I wrote a Rising Star profile of Amelia for Outside Magazine. " Amelia Boone doesnt just win; she CRUSHES. At the 2012 Worlds Toughest Mudder, for instance, she traversed 90 miles and 300 obstacles in 24 hours to place 2nd... overall. 8 minutes behind the winner, 10 miles ahead of the dude in third. She was so good Topps made a card. " Heres the kicker... the 30-year-old Alpha somehow finds time to trainand dominate while working 60+ hours a week as a corporate bankruptcy attorney for Skadden, Arps in Chicago.
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  • HUNTER McINTYRE Youd be hard pressed to find a more (comically) narcissistic person on the planet than a Malibu SoulCycle instructor named Hunter McIntyre. With the help of a sub-16 minute 5k that defies his linebacker stature, the hard-partying former male model is one of the most dominant athletes in the sport. The Reebok-sponsored athlete is OCRs answer to Patriots star Rob Gronkowski. Or like a young Schwarzenegger, if you swapped psychedelics for the steroids. OCRS UNBEATABLE EGO " " I wrote a wild profile of this self-proclaimed #machoman for the July cover of Mens Journal.
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  • THEPAINTEDWARRIOR MOST COLORFUL MAN IN OCR " " We created a time-lapse video to promote our crowdfunding campaign. Sure, Amelia and Hunter may be the most dominant athletes in the game, but The Painted Warrior is the most recognizable. Known for their imaginative body paint designs, husband/wife duo Stephen Sinek and Aeni Domme are fan favorites of the sufferfest scene. Theyre based out of Phoenix, but travel to 20+ races a year, bringing color to the mud. For more, check out their Media Kit.
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  • SEAN CORVELLE MASTER MOTIVATOR HOORAH!! Ever wondered what itd be like to EAT the people around you? No? Then you probably havent been in the Tough Mudder starting corral when emcee Sean Corvelle is at the mic. With a mix of moxie and motivational mojo, the former actor and comedian is famous for stirring up strangers into a tribal frenzy. If OCR had a yearbook, hed be Most Likely to Inspire Cannibalism. Or Most Popular. Either way, the dude is utterly unforgettable. " See for yourself in Tough Mudders heart-pumping promo.
  • JOE DESENA THE HARD-ASS F*CK UP! SPARTAN THE Youd be hard pressed to find anyone more obsessive or outspoken about the sport than Spartan Race Founder, Joe DeSena. The man eats, sleeps, breathes and bleeds Spartan red. And with Reebok as his title sponsor, hes hellbent on bringing OCR to the Olympics. Hes an accomplished endurance athlete who once ran two ultra marathons and an Ironman in one week, and finished the Iditarod on foot. A former Wall Street exec, the guy is a hyper- competitive badass who thinks weve all become a bunch of lazy animals. His new advice book, Spartan Up! recently debuted at #2 on The New York Times Best Seller List. WATCH his book trailer. *DeSena was a key character in my cover story for Outside, and featured in the ensuing 60M Sports segment.
  • WIM HOF THE ICEMAN Wim Hof is a world famous extremophile. The Dutch stuntman made global headlines when he tried summiting Mount Everest wearing nothing but shorts and hiking boots. Hes run barefoot marathons in the arctic circle and submerged his entire body beneath the ice for almost two hours. He believes hes stumbled upon hidden evolutionary potential that has been buried by the creature comforts of modern civilization. Hof designed The Iceman, a signature cold water obstacle for Europes Strong Viking Obstacle Run, and shared some of his techniques when we interviewed him in Amsterdam. #brrr *Check out this very clever Columbia Sportswear spot starring Wim Hof.
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  • While Ive somehow survived two winter Tough Guys, thanks to an essay I wrote for Outside about quitting a 3-mile Spartan, Im much better know for being a wimp. When people talk about The Death of the American Male, theyre talking about me. It may be funny, yes, but its also bit depressing. SO for the final six months of our production, Im going to finally let my health nut wife, Amber, a personal trainer, Spartan me up. " Though my pursuit of some semblance of actual fitness is not a Morgan Spurlock-style centerpiece of the film, as a narrative thread, it lets me explore some of the training techniques and technologies associated with this modern fitness revolution: CrossFit, fitness trackers, wearable tech, weighted vests, training masks, nutrition supplements, The 4-Hour Body, etc. " " " SCOTT KENEALLY (me) DEFINITELY NOT A TOUGH GUY
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  • "TALKING HEADS While the film mostly features the crazy SOBs who eat barbed wire for breakfast (or, according to Gawker shit!) Ive also recruited a bunch of TED Talkers, authors, sociologists, culture critics, psychologists and such. Each will help me make a little more sense of this sufferfest stuff. " Id ask Malcolm Gladwell (David & Goliath) to discuss the London Blitz and its unexpected effects on the psyche of the city. " Michael Norton, a Harvard behavioral scientist, discusses the idea that experiences are the new luxury good. " Christopher McDougall of Born to Run fame jokes that OCR is everything thats wrong with modern fitness. " AJ Jacobs, one of the funniest men to ever hold a pen, will share tales from the #QuantifiedSelf movement.
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  • " ThE ColD Is MerCIleSs, BUt RIgHteOuS.
  • *OUR CAST IS STILL evolving. WE hope IT evolves to the point where Louis C.K. talks mud & masochism
  • JUST DO IT, LOUIS! CONTACT Scott Keneally writer/dreamer email me Louis!