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Me & Caitlin :]


  • 1. Road Trip of a Lifetime! Created by: Kaitlyn & Caitlin

2. Table of Contents

  • San Francisco, California
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Miami, Florida
  • Mackinac Island, Michigan
  • New England, Massachusetts

3. San Francisco, California Our first stop was in one of the most active cities in California, San Francisco. We wanted to take some time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of San Francisco so we went down to the beach and were amazed by the one and only Golden Gate Bridge. After that we spent our time taking a thrill ride down the steepest and turning road in almost all of California,Lombard Street . 4. Dallas, Texas Our second stop on this joyful road trip was very different from the busy city San Francisco. We stopped in Dallas, Texas where everything seems to be calm and peaceful. We stayed in one of our family friends summer homes and we couldnt ask for anything better. We lived the life of a jockey on a race horse, and decided that it looks easier than it actually is. 5. Miami, Florida Our third stop was very different than Dallas Texas and San Francisco. Miami gave us a summer vibe with beaches and intense activities going on around us and at night the city lights up like a Christmas tree. We joined the cast of CSI Miami and solved some interesting investigations. We also looked at the stunning view of Miamis beaches and city. 6. Mackinac Island, Michigan 7. New England, Massachusetts 8. Kohl Mansion Resort