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Activation Proposal for ROBI Axiata Ltd. targeting Victory Day Instructed by: Tropa Majumdar, Course Teacher, Dept. of Mass Communication and Journalism, University of Dhaka Presented by: Md. Hamza Kamal Mostafa, Roll:1260 M.S.S. 2 nd semester, Dept. of Mass Communication and Journalism, University of Dhaka Course Title : Advertising Course Code : MCJ 510

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Activation Proposal for ROBI Axiata Ltd.

targeting Victory Day

Instructed by:Tropa Majumdar,Course Teacher, Dept. of Mass Communication and Journalism,University of Dhaka

Presented by:Md. Hamza Kamal Mostafa,

Roll:1260M.S.S. 2nd semester,

Dept. of Mass Communication and Journalism,

University of Dhaka

Course Title : AdvertisingCourse Code : MCJ 510

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List of ContentBrand Feature

Consumer Analysis

Competition Analysis

Activation Theme

Event Plan


SWOT Analysis

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Brand FeatureName: ROBIMeaning: SunColor: Bloody RedVision: To be the leader of telecommunication services in

BangladeshMission: Being number “one” not only in terms of market

share, but also by being an employer of choice with up-to-date knowledge and products geared to address the ever changing needs of the budding nation

Theme: Spreading its power to every individual and empowering them with their own strength.

Tagline: R¦‡j DVzb Avcb kw³‡ZImage: EmpowermentPersonality: Socially Devoted Brand (recognized by online

analyst Socialbakers)Promise: Empowering Thyself

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Consumer Analysis Secured third place among other telecom operators

according to the number of subscribers (ROBI 27m, GP 52m, BL 30m)

Amongst 125m mobile users 68% male and 32% female. From professional aspect, private jobholders 20%,

government jobholders 20%, businessmen 20%, homemakers10%, jobless 10% and students 10%.

Prepaid users 99.1%, postpaid users 0.9% (Ahmed, S.:2014).

In another reference,63% students, 32% service and 3% businessmen.

From the age group, 19-35 agers 95%, 36-50 agers 5%. From respondents’ education, users up to SSC 6.9%, those

up to Graduation 60.3%, post graduation 32%. From monthly income, up to 20k 75.9%, 20k-40k 15.5%,

40k-60k 6.9%, above 60k 1.7% (Hasan, K & others: 2013).

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SWOT Analysis Strength > Strong Capital base> Experienced management team> Diversified funding sources> Outstanding market share> Diversified business exposure Opportunity> Business expansion opportunities> Fund raising through new financial products> Capital market operation> Scope of product diversification Weakness > Not enough credentials for prevention of external issues> Developing advertising strategy with less output> Competitors are bigger threats> Lack of service production unit> Lack of customer support operations Threat> New entrants in to the market.> Inadequate input for successful budgeting and strategic business plan> Opportunities and risks are higher found through reviews of industry

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Competition Analysis From market share aspects, GP 44%, BL 27.8%, ROBI

18.8% From fiscal year revenue, GP 942.8mn USD, BL 101.95mn

USD, 287mn USD From network coverage GP 99.14%, BL 94%, ROBI 84% of

total population (Islam, I,: 2010). In terms of airing commercials, GP as highest ranker aired

31371 numbers and 16977 mins of TVC and 7042 RDC. BL aired 16720 numbers and 13754 mins of TVC, Robi aired 15688 numbers and 5568 mins of TVC.

From previous Activation records, ROBI initiated as partner of making the then largest National Flag. On another hand, in 2014 GP sponsored cleaning activation on the Pohela Boishak at DU and in 2009 they executed plantation activation. Besides BL in most of the cases executes Gaming activation in short extent around campus.

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Activation Theme Position Statement: Avgvi †MŠie,

Avgvi kw³, †eu‡P _vK‡e Avgvi nv‡Z Idea: To install 16 monuments

regarding the memory of those sacred souls sacrificed their lives for the sake of liberation war.

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Event PlanSegment: Three segment

• Design Competition• Fund Raising• Installation of monuments with the voluntary

participation of people from all spheres of society.

Collaboration: Ministry of Liberation War, Govt. of Peoples’ Republic Bangladesh

Duration: Three month long off October to December

Media Partner: Channel i, Daily Star, Prothom Alo, abc Radio

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Design Competition Details Inceptive Time: First week of November Publicity: Campaign and Commercials Each participant can’t submit more than three designs. Demographic details of the area monuments will be

installed will be hanged on robi official website and facebook page.

Budget must be limited that will be fixed for each monument. Participant must do accordingly.

Design Submission Date: Mid week of November. List of 16 Design Winners will be announced at the last

week of the month Three judges named Scuplture Shamim Shikder, Scupture

Mrinal Haque, Architect Kazi Khaled Ashraf will be there. Winners will be given certificates and gift hampers from

ROBI Winners will lead the making of monuments.

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Fund Raising Inceptive Time: First week of

December Publicity: Campaign and Commercials Special number will be given for the

fund raising. Each fund provider will be gifted a t-


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Monument Installation Event Day: December 16, 2015 Installation process by the joint team. Registration of the participants. Arrival of the participants on the event place. Installation process will be launch by 10 am. Snacks and lunch. Decoration and cultural performance including

reminiscence by the local freedom fighters Gift to the participants. Live telecast through TV, special space in radio

and special treatment to the newspapers.

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Impact Enhancing connectivity. Corporate social responsibility. Negotiation with Govt. Uplifting the image.

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