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  • 8/14/2019 Robs Very Cunning Plan


    Robs Very Cunning Plan

    Freeman Society - Canada


  • 8/14/2019 Robs Very Cunning Plan


    Executive Summary

    ThinkFREE is on the leading edge of positive change. We offer acomprehensive plan to promote and serve peace and abundance acrossthe entire world. Our goal is to create a global community of Stock holdingFreemen enjoying peace, unity, brotherhood and abundance. In short, weenvision the Kingdom of God, with dignity and goodness for all.

    We have identified the challenges and requirements to this and created astrategy that begins with the creation of the Freeman Society Canada. Bypromoting and upholding the proper execution of the Law, The Freeman

    Society will be able to do what many have tried and failed to do: holdpolice officers, government representatives and judges accountable whileempowering and freeing them to act lawfully for our benefit. Creating alegally nameable society is the first step to preserving and protecting ourfreedom.

    The Freeman Society will be established in three phases: foundation,national growth, and international expansion. Foundation members willcreate the Society by researching and developing various projects such as

    creating a team of educated Notary Publics, ensuring that Canada isprotected by peace officers acting upon their oath, and enabling full andcomplete access to impartial courts. By doing so we will secure the abilityto guard our essential rights, health care, post-secondary education,national sovereignty, and hold the stock we own.

    The Freeman Society Canada has the unique potential to improve livingconditions on planet earth. With interest in the Freeman Society spanningthe globe, there is no telling what we can accomplish when we worktogether. If you have a big heart and a bright mind we invite you to join us

    during this exciting time.

  • 8/14/2019 Robs Very Cunning Plan


    SOCIETY.A society is a number ofpersons united together by mutualconsent in order to deliberate,

    determine, and act jointly for somecommon purpose.Bouvier, John, A Law Dictionary, 1874

    SOCIETY.An association or company ofpersons (generally not incorporated)united together for any mutual orcommon purpose.Black, Henry Campbell, A Dictionary of Law, 1891

  • 8/14/2019 Robs Very Cunning Plan


    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction

    2. Phase One Foundation a. Strategic Outline

    b. Research and Development Teams

    c. Research and Development Topics

    3. Phase Two - National Growtha. Strategic Outline

    b. Research and Development Topics

    4. Phase Three - International Growtha. Strategic Outline

    b. Research and Development Topics

    5. Summary

  • 8/14/2019 Robs Very Cunning Plan


  • 8/14/2019 Robs Very Cunning Plan


    IntroductionRob Menard here with a short thank-you for your interest in finding and providing remedy tothe problems so many are starting to see. From CODEX, the War on Terror, corporatecontrol of government, inaccessible courts and justice system, police murdering unarmedand peaceful people, a growing degradation of human rights, expanding debt burden,collapsing economy and poisons in our air and water, many people across the world areseeking remedy to what is arguably a coming police state.

    Due to the power of the Internet people from all over the world can communicate concernsand co-ordinate their activities. Although it is true the people of the world are far behind thecorporations who seek to control our resources as their own, and even seek to have usviewed as exploitable resources, there is reason for hope and cause for celebration.

    Recognizing that no one can come up with the remedy all on their own, RVCP involvesinviting others to create a plan within certain very flexible parameters and with an eyetowards a clearly defined goal. After many years of study and analysis and efforts, I believeI see what is lacking and needed and how to establish and secure those things in a lawful,peaceful and positive manner. This inclusive and loving plan can change the direction theworld is headed and by providing hope and empowerment to individuals, curb corporatepower, and bring immediate government accountability and lasting stability.

    The Plan is very simple and involves the creation of an actual society with the associatedlawful courts and supporting peace officer force. Using fundamentals of law and existingand established rights, we will create a society called The Freeman Society Canada,establish The Canadian Common Corps of Peace Officers, and convene new lawful de jurecourts which will be accessible to all and not owned and operated by the law society.

    The Society will provide members with a nameable group and also all the basic things thatexisting de facto governments do such as identification cards, international traveldocuments and consular support, health care access, banking services, education andhousing support, a functioning and accessible justice system, and an accountable andrestrained force to keep the peace. With a goal of claiming and homesteading a valley andtherein building an environmentally low-impact, mostly self-sustaining, yet high-tech modernvillage we can demonstrate how easy it is to live in peace and abundance.

    This plan will manifest in a three phases manner with the first being the creation of aworking plan created by foundational members. With much to be done, no one man can beexpected to do it all, let alone create all the structures needed to ensure success. Althoughthe needs have been identified and possible ways to implement them imagined, the realitywill require experts in various fields to step up and identify needs and strategies with greaterdetail and then implement the actions within an existing framework.

  • 8/14/2019 Robs Very Cunning Plan


  • 8/14/2019 Robs Very Cunning Plan


    Phase OneFoundation

    Foundation MembersFoundations members will create the Freeman Society. All foundation members will beexpected to participate in various aspects of the society. By working in skill-focused teamswe can create the best products and services.

    Hierarchical StructureA hierarchical structure based on an already existing and proven model will be modified for

    our purposes. Each team will consist of at least one team organizer and two or threesupport people. These teams will use their expertise and develop products, services, andstrategy. These requirements have been identified and simplified with the intent of flexibilityand ease of function. Almost all of them will require people with well-developedadministration and communication skills ideally suited for retired professionals or those whomay be disillusioned with the existing societal structures and wish to use their training andknowledge within a proper community. We seek those who are creative, competent andcapable of rising to these challenges. The following teams and projects will be required:

    Communications Finances Production Security Strategic Support

    Plan Well Build Well1. Financial Administration

    2. Notary Services3. Constitutional Group4. Membership Cards & Laissez Passer5. Communications & Public Relations6. Website7. Society Support Services8. Governmental Co-ordination9. Security Claimants10. Worker Support

  • 8/14/2019 Robs Very Cunning Plan


    Financial Administration This group will be tasked with finding the best way to run the financial structure of theFreeman Society for the proper disbursement of funds internally and for the purpose ofsecuring for our members access to banking services for personal reasons.

    This group can look at whether we want to monetize promissory notes by getting a bankloan, open a trust account at a financial institution or seek to find a better option for ourneeds. Potential sources of development include outreach with existing financial institutions,SSET, creation of Freeman Credit-Union or Bank, Credit Cards, and/or other financialservices. The operating budget of all the projects will also need to be researched anddeveloped further as our goals in each area are developed.

    Notary ServicesDue to the reluctance of existing Notary Publics to fulfill their mandates, we will be obligedto provide proper lawful Notary Publics to witness the process bywhich our members willestablish lawful excuse to disobey the existing defacto courts and convene our own properdejure justice system.

    Operating with complete impartiality and independence the Freeman Society Notary Publicswill exist separate from all other departments with access however to graphic designers andbasic financial services. Members of the Notary Public group will provide oversight. Disputeresolution services will be provided by our courts.

    Resources: People to act as Notary Publics Physical office space with filing cabinets, Computers, printers, software and

    phones, stamps and embossers.

    Constitutional Study GroupThis group will be dedicated to the creation of The Freeman Society Constitution, andtherefore the study and review of other examples of constitutions and charter documents.Based on established and accepted standards, ours will be simpler and less ambiguous andwill include a section on duties, for as Freemen we recognize that duties are the source ofany rights and freedoms.

    Resources: People with excellent research, reading, writing and comprehension skills and

    a background or interest in law and human rights.

  • 8/14/2019 Robs Very Cunning Plan


    Membership Cards & Laissez PasserThe ID / membership cards will be a lawful alternative to government issued identificationand will be used by members to identify themselves as a Freeman-on-the-Land.Incorporating all the latest security features, they will be suitable to identify oneself toexisting policy enforcement officers and to secure the services and benefits of The FreemanSociety.

    Resources: People knowledgeable in the rules and requirements of ID, with good

    administration and record keeping skills Graphic designers, writers, editors, and people with experience in printing,

    paper, and document production High volume digital ID card printer, laminator, embosser Professional digital camera Office space

    Computer and related software for inventory management, document tracking

    Communications & Public RelationsAn integral and vital part of the team will be this group responsible for all aspects of internaland external communications. The Freeman Society will require a web presence to provideinformation about its mandate, contact information and a forum for members to share andcommunicate together. Other projects will include newsletter publication, press releases andmedia conferences, multi media creation, graphic design, discussions and negotiations withexternal bodies, and establishing standards and protocols for all the above.

    This department will be a vitally important aspect of a successful implementation and willprovide those practiced or interested in these talents an amazing opportunity for personalgrowth and empowerment.

    Resources: Diplomatic people with excellent creative communications skills who can write

    press releases, speak to the media and build positive working relationships Office space to house a communication hub: telephone, fax, paper,

    communication network Graphic designers, writers, and editors Web site designers and programmers Video production and other presentation skills

  • 8/14/2019 Robs Very Cunning Plan


    Support ServicesSupport services are focused on serving existing and potential members. As time andresources allow, various telephone departments will be diversified to provide specializedservice to those that require detailed attention.Requiring well-spoken and thoughtful people capable of thinking on their feet and acting

    strategically, candidates should have experience in public relations, communications,graphic design, and technical experience. This is an ideal place for highly creative andpassionate people who like to have fun while achieving challenging goals.

    Resources: Good People skills (vocabulary, pronunciation and attentiveness) Writers and editors: telephone script writing Phone team manager and liaison to the society head Phones and lines Office space to operate the phone centre from

    Government CoordinationThe successful development and peaceful co-existence of a Freeman society will dependgreatly on the co-ordination with existing corporations, governments, police groups, andculturally divided people. It is not our intent to harm or damage and we will use the rule oflaw and the tools of discussion andnegotiation to avoid conflict and subjugation.

    Resources: Detail oriented, diplomatic communicators with excellent verbal and written Communication skills. Team members looking to build solid, multicultural

    relationships A meeting and presentation space Some really enticing Power Point presentations

    Security ClaimantsThe intention of this group is to develop and implement the system by which societymembers can claim dividends based on their securities. Research and development willlead to the creation of a strategy document that includes: the steps involved, documentsrequired, people who need to be contacted, a way to approach financial institutions,government employees and the courts. This group may also initiate repeated group actionson behalf of the Freeman Society and its members.

  • 8/14/2019 Robs Very Cunning Plan


    Worker SupportThis team will offer support to members looking for work, to develop and share their skills,and/or promote their businesses.

  • 8/14/2019 Robs Very Cunning Plan


  • 8/14/2019 Robs Very Cunning Plan


    Phase Two National Growth

    Once an office/caf is open and services are being provided we will expand and offermembership to all people in Canada. Some of the members from Phase One may beginoffering products and services. Other members will need to continue in newly formedresearch and development groups for Phase Two. The focus in Phase two is on amembership campaign, marketing efforts, and the creation of a movie to raise awarenessand desire to join. In Phase One we set up the structures needed to provide the services,and in Phase Two we actually start providing them to interested parties.

    1. Caf/Office2.

    National Marketing and PR Campaign/Membership Drive3. Strategic Alliances4. Education and Research Initiatives5. Claiming and Homesteading Land6. Blue Plate Travelers and PACLIP7. Health Support Services8. C3PO9. Convening Courts

    Caf/OfficeAs soon as possible, the Freeman Society Canada will open and operate a simple and lowcost cafe and gathering spot that will serve as a National Headquarters until larger officesare justified. The caf will serve coffee, tea, simple breakfasts, soups, salads, sandwiches,and organic beer and wine. This cafe will operate lawfully without any license or permits andwill offer fine organic herb for those inclined to responsibly enjoy marijuana. This cafe willalso act as a set for a feature film currently in pre-production.

    National Marketing and PR Campaign/ Membership DriveOne of the key goals of the Communications Department will be to develop a NationalCampaign that may include TV, Print and Radio advertising, sponsorship, and a Canada-wide Tour. Using everything from advertising to guerrilla awareness campaigns, membersin this group will be responsible for ensuring that 2009 is known as The Year of TheFreeman.

  • 8/14/2019 Robs Very Cunning Plan


    Strategic AlliancesThis group will identify key existing groups such as those suffering with student loans, theeconomically disenfranchised, trade specific unions, native groups, health activists, anduniversity students to create strategic alliances promoting sovereignty and upholding thelaw.

    C3POThe goal here is to get peace officers to accept their oath and hold them to their duty torecognize a Freeman-on-the-land and protect the peace by paying them. This may involve aPR campaign and the creation of a document describing what peace is, what a Freeman is,and what oaths, acts, and regulations bind peace officers. This group may also take on thesecondary goal of creating additional peace officers.

    Convening CourtsThis group will create properde jure courts. This may involve seeking out members of thecurrent de facto court system who wish to uphold and practice the law in proper commonlaw courts. The intention of these courts is to successfully prosecute the unlawful actions ofofficers, government employees, and judges; therefore it must be recognized as lawful bysheriffs, peace officers and the prison system.

    Claiming Land & Freeman ValleyThis group will provide information and assistance for members claiming land. With thecoming recession and economic difficulties the time has never been better to claim andimprove land. There will be thousands of construction workers free to help build FreemanValleys in exchange for societal inclusion, land and housing. Instead of working many yearsto own their own home and land, in a few short years they could be a part of a thrivingcommunity and own their own home and land. They could accomplish this in the face of apotential economic meltdown.

    Relying on experienced and capable builders and engineers, our Valley will be free toexamine and utilize whatever energy creation and conservation technologies are availablewithout being tied or bound to the existing grid. Individual and unique cabins inhabited byartists, tradesmen, teachers and other various people needed for such a community wouldallow for a funky and unique living experience. We envision properties where alternativebuilding methods are explored and demonstrated alongside the highest quality modernamenities and technologies.

    With every property having a small cabin suitable to rent out, they would generate revenuefor the entire valley and could be advertised cheaply as a group. If all the properties arelinked by a path or walk way a world-class holiday and retreat experience would be realized.

  • 8/14/2019 Robs Very Cunning Plan


    Blue Plate Travelers and P.A.C.L.I.P.Knowing that the right to travel is fundamental to almost all other freedoms, and havingresearched the existence of that right and seeing how it is routinely abridged, The FreemanSociety sees a need for a means of exercising a long forgotten right. Identifying theconcerns of the existing policy enforcement officers, The Blue Plate Traveler Program along

    with PACLIP will remove any arguments that they might have concerning their monopolyover our roads.

    Private Automobile Collision Liability Insurance ProgramFreemen who travel in automobiles pool their money into a group account to offer insuranceagainst accidents to other drivers. Blue plates will identify the automobiles of Freemen whotravel and belong to the insurance program.

    HealthThis group will be looking at issues of food security, public healthcare, and contemporaryhealth research.

    FOOD SECURITY: What is nutrition and how do we get it: seed protection,organic food, oceans and aquaculture, local farming/agricultural support

    CORPORATE INITIATIVES/LOBBYING: eliminating toxins to thefood/industrial waste stream, GMOs, P3s, creating and/or evaluating

    legislation and government healthcare, potential court action

    HEALTH RESEARCH: 100-Mile Diet, Greenpeace, The Health ActionNetwork, The International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine

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  • 8/14/2019 Robs Very Cunning Plan


    Phase Three International Growth

    Beginning with other Commonwealth Countries the Freeman Society will co-ordinate withpeople from other lands who are interested in establishing their own local chapters of TheFreeman Society, upholding the law, and creating sustainable living communities.

    1. Creations and Acceptance of Laissez Passer 2. International Affairs and Co-ordination

    Creation and Acceptance of Laissez PasserLaissez Passer is French for Let Pass. While the Canadian government issued passport isthe commonly accepted travel document, it is within our right to create one as well.

    Resources: People knowledgeable in the regulations and procedures of border systems Graphic designers, writers, and editors for document creation Knowledgeable in print, paper and document production High volume digital printer Professional digital camera

    Physical space to house the printer, paper, ink and related material Computer and related software for inventory and tracking

    International Affairs and Co-ordinationThe Freeman Society Canada will need to co-ordinate with international chapters of TheFreeman Society. This topic will evolve with time as resources allow.

    Resources: People with good communication skills, multilingual, diplomatic and good at

    developing relationships such as experienced travelers and internationalbusiness people.

  • 8/14/2019 Robs Very Cunning Plan


  • 8/14/2019 Robs Very Cunning Plan


    SummaryThe Freeman Society of Canada is an opportunity for us to steer ourcountry towards peace, abundance, and fellowship. By promoting andupholding the proper execution of the Law, The Freeman Society will beable to do what many have tried and failed to do: hold police officers,government representatives and judges accountable for unlawful actionsand encourage them to operate peacefully and lawfully.

    If you are interested in joining this movement send an email [email protected] and express the following:

    1.Name and contact information.2.Your abilities and assets.

    Administration, Public Relations, Editing the Society News Letter,operating our Gazette, maintaining an online presence and forum, openingthe Freeman School, teaching, support, construction, raising awarenessand capital, operating our cafes, etc.

    3.What aspect of the plan you would like to be a part of.4.Whether you can bring funds or only a Promissory Note.5.If you want to be a part of the Valley.6. Whether you are willing to be a Peace Officer.7.Anything else you think is pertinent.

    Created and Presented by: P.O.Box 315, Unit 158-123 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver, BC [V7M-3K7]