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2014 Wholesale Ordering Guide


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Traci Hassenfratz469-231-2341

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NEW ACCESSORY LINE worn by artists from American Idol, The Voice and many famous celebrities and musicians!

Suggested Store Starter PackageAs a 1st order, GPB suggests 24 pieces (2-3 each of our top eight or nine best sellers)

along with our exquisite hand crafted display frame and iron stand.

Total approx. $533 for Starter Package example[ 24 pieces ($458) and display stand ($75) plus shipping ]

Shipping charge is less for your follow-up orders since you will already have the display stand.

GPB will ship product 1 week after receipt of order. Allow 1 additional week for transportation. From order to receipt is 2 weeks. Periodically, we have inventory on-hand for rush orders.

Product Descriptions and Wholesale Pricing~ We have five (5) wholesale price points or Styles;

general notes below apply but deviations may occur to allow for creativity and uniqueness!~$15 Style- Simple Design

~ $16 Style- 16-18in Collegiate of your choice with two charms~ $17 Style – 16-18 shorter or thin layers, 1 or 2 picks, charm(s) and drop(s)

~ $18 Style – 18-30 inch silver or bronze color necklace, long layers, 1 or 2 picks, charm(s) and drop(s)~ $26 Style – 16-18 inch chunky glass beads with crystals, 1 pick, 1 charm

Recommended Store Pricing~ 2X - 3X (approx.)

Future Orders and CustomizationAfter a store’s first order, GPB will work personally with the individual stores on customizing to your specific needs.

Our pieces are often created with unique materials and truly vary to some degree from piece to piece. These variations set us apart and generate great appeal for our product.

Presentation~ The display stand with product is placed in a prominent location

~ Several mannequins are wearing the designs~ Upon request we can provide samples for sales to wear

Please let us know if you have any questions.We look forward to working with you.

All necklaces are unique and new pieces are designed every few weeks

We Would Truly Appreciate the Opportunity to Work With Your Boutique and Exceed Your High Expectations!

Sincerely,Traci Hassenfratz

Designer and Owner--Rock & Ramble469-231-2341

[email protected]