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Slide 2 Romance in Spring Yonaliza and Eduardo Wedding Slide 3 ROMANTIC PHOTO Slide 4 Slide 5 VENDOR CONTACTS Music Inc. - Oasis Live Music for an event to Remember Corporate parties, Family Affairs and Weddings Phone: (973) 772-7425 Website: http://www.oasisnj.com Disc Jockeys Elegant Sound Production Frank Spagnoletti Disk Jockey Entertainment Throughout New Jersey & New York Phone: (877) 774-2279 Precious Petals Too Nancy Mancini Fairfield, NJ 07004 Phone: (973) 808-4404 Photography Gabelli Studio Verona, NJ 07044 Phone: (973) 239-2420 David E. Starke Photography West Orange, NJ Phone: (973) 747-5098 Limousines Brian Socci NJ Phone: (201) 452-4013 Slide 6 GUEST LIST 1-Dr.Aritmedes Restituyo Esp. Dra. Cecilia 2-Dr.Luis Gabriel De Leon 3-Dr. serafin amancio- 484-769-2399 4-Dr. Humberto de la Cruz- 267- 975-2025 5-Dra. Belgica de la Cruz- 267-975- 2025 6-Dr. Pio Cedano 7-Dr. Cesar Taveraz 8-Dr. Dante Sanchez 9-Sra. Deyanira Litka 10-Dr. Matias Estevez- 267-779- 8707 11-Dra. Onilda Herran 12-Dra. Nurys Gomez 13-Lic. Albert belter 14-Dra. Ana reyes 15-Dra. Dafni Sanchez 16-Dra. Sandra C. Zorrilla 17-Dra. Sneahal Ukey 18-Dra.Amarilis Herrera 19-Dra.Yudelkis Aquino 26-Dr. Jose n Nunez, Esp. 27-Sra.Tania Natera 28-Dr. Luis Payan- 267-444-2457 29-Dr. Francisco Santana 30-Dra. Margarita Cotes- 215-426-9680 31-Dr. Yvan Marlin 32-Nelly Almanzar- 215-495-2442 33-Dra. Maria DeLeon- 215-426-9680 34-Dr. Pio Cedano- 201-892-6695 35-Dra. Amarilis Lafonten= 1 table 36-Dra. Fidelina Peguero- 215-815-4626 37-Sr. Migule angel nunez 38-Dra. Carmen Ramirez- 215-229-0956 39-Dr. Ramn Moralez 40-Dr. Maria Canela- 215-291-1251 41-Dra. Milagros Mejia 42-Dr Kachif Khan 43-Dr. Jorge Mena 44-Dr. Angel Rosado- 215-229- 0956 45-Dr. Lisandro Fabian- 215-291-1251 46-Dr. Rodrigo Adames215-229-0956 47-Dra. Kenia Ramirez 48-Jorge Villa 49-Licda. Soria Vazquez- 856-265-3022 50-Licda. Luz Vazquez 54-Elizabeth Gomez, PhD, M.D. 55-Dr. Max Mercado 56-Dr. Federico Peguero 57-Dr. Heriberto Pacheco 58-Ms. Viviana Zuluaga D.V.M. 59-Jocelyn Lluberes, M.D. 60-Dr. Rafael Ortega. 61-Maria Reynoso 62-Lic. Josefina Castillo 63-Marilyn Martnez 64-Claudia Romero 65-Doctor Diego Moral 66-Dra.Maria Teresa Feliciano 67-Sic. Josefa Aquilina Castillo rodriguez 68-Licdo. Wilson A. Diaz 69-Dra. Zunilda Lara- 856-200- 5700 70-Dr Israel Villafana 71-Javier Surez 72-Lus Victoria / Arturo Surez 73-Bianca Snchez 74-Fernando Surez 75-Mara Leonor Meja 76-Sandra Daz 77-Maria Reynoso 78-Lic. Josefina Castillo Slide 7 GUEST LIST 85-Dr.Aritmedes Restituyo Esp. Dra. Cecilia 86-Dr.Luis Gabriel De Leon 87-Dr. serafin amancio- 484-769-2399 88-Dr. Humberto de la Cruz- 267-975- 2025 89-Dra. Belgica de la Cruz- 267-975-2025 90-Dr. Pio Cedano 91-Dr. Cesar Taveraz 92-Dr. Dante Sanchez 93-Sra. Deyanira Litka 94-Dr. Matias Estevez- 267-779-8707 95-Dra. Onilda Herran 96-Dra. Nurys Gomez 97-Lic. Albert belter 98-Dra. Ana reyes 99-Dra. Dafni Sanchez 106-Sic. Josefa Aquilina Castillo rodriguez 107-Licdo. Wilson A. Diaz 108-Dra. Zunilda Lara- 856-200-5702 109-Dr. Castano mas 4 personas 110-Dr. Jose n Nunez, Esp. 111-Sra.Tania Natera 112-Dr. Luis Payan- 267-444-2457 113-Dr. Francisco Santana 114-Dra. Margarita Cotes- 215-426- 9680 115-Dr. Yvan Marlin 116-Nelly Almanzar- 215-495-2442 117-Dra. Maria DeLeon- 215-426- 9680 118-Dr. Pio Cedano- 201-892-6695 119-Dra. Amarilis Lafonten= 1 table 120-Dra. Fidelina Peguero- 128-Dr. Angel Rosado- 215-229- 0956 129-Dr. Lisandro Fabian- 215- 291-1251 130-Dr. Rodrigo Adames215- 229-0956 131-Dra. Kenia Ramirez 132-Jorge Villa 133-Licda. Soria Vazquez- 856- 265-3022 134-Licda. Luz Vazquez 135-Dra. Modesta Molina- 215- 291-2399 136-Dr. Juan Medina 137-Dr. Bolivar 138-Elizabeth Gomez, PhD, M.D. 139-Dr. Max Mercado 140-Dr. Federico Peguer 145-Maria Reynoso Slide 8 WEDDING INVITATION Slide 9 WEDDING DRESS AND BOUQUET Slide 10 WEDDING BRIDESMAIDS Slide 11 LIMOUSINE Slide 12 WEDDING GUESS BOOK Slide 13 GUEST SEATING CHART Slide 14 CEREMONY Slide 15 IL TULIPANO CATERING AND EVENTS Slide 16 DETAIL DCORATION Slide 17 TABLE SETTING Slide 18 CENTERPIECES Slide 19 TABLE NAPKIN Slide 20 DANCE Slide 21 Slide 22 Slide 23 FLOOR PLANS Slide 24 WEDDING PROGRAM AND DAY OF THE EVENT TIME LINE Slide 25 FRUIT COCKTAIL TO GUESS ARRIVE Slide 26 HORS DOEUVRES MENU Slide 27 BUFEET MENU SURF AND TURF FILLET MIGNON AND LOBSTER CAJUN SALMON IN SPICY CAJUN CREAM SAUCE JUMBO SHRIMP OREGANATA SERVED WITH RICE AND VEGETABLE SEAFOOD RAVIOLI TILAPIA PICATA OR FRANCESE SEAFOOD SALAD CALAMARI & SHRIMP IN SAUCE ROASTED POTATO AND VEGETABLE Slide 28 RECEPTION DINNER BUFFET Slide 29 Slide 30 Slide 31 Slide 32 PEOPLE IN TABLE BUFFET Slide 33 DRINK MENU OPEN BAR FOR TWO HOURS Champagne and Fresh Berries Cocktail when the Guests Arrive Italian and California White Wine Italian and California Red Wine Orange and Cranberry Juice Soda and Mineral Water Slide 34 CALIFORNIA CHAMPAGNE Slide 35 WHITE AND RED CALIFORNIA WINE Slide 36 WEDDING CAKE (DESSERT) Slide 37 CLIENT AGREEMENT CLIENT ARGREEMENT This agreement is between Right Touch Event Planning Inc. ( hereafter referred to as PLANNER) and Mr. John Doe(hereafter referred to as CLIENT). PLANNER agrees to provide: Research, design, organization, coordination, and evaluation of the CLIENTs Silver Wedding Anniversary. A social event to begin at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 23,2013, at the CLIENTs residence and to end by 2:00 a.m. the following day Comprehensive general liability insurance to cover damage caused by any action, or inaction, of the PLANNER or of any individuals contracted by the PLANNER Vendors as agreed upon with the CLIENT(see attachment) Additional staffing for the event. CLIENT agrees to provide: The CLIENTs residence as site for the event The CLIENTs kitchen and equipment therein for use by the caterers and bar staff One individual to serve as decision maker for the PLANNER Decisions in a timely manner Homeowners insurance to cover damage caused by an act of God or by any action, of the CLIENT or of the CLIENTs guests FEES The PLANNER will receive a commission amounting to 15 percent of the total event cost. The total event cost is not to exceed $10.000. TERMS The CLIENT agree to provide payment for the services described. This payment shall be remitted to the PLANNER according to the following schedule: Upon signing of this document: 50 percent of total event cost 25 percent of commission, based on estimated event cost May 24, 2013 Remainder of final event cost Remainder of commission, based on final event cost Slide 38 WEDDING RECEPTION AND EVENT CONTRACT Slide 39 WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY CONTRACT Slide 40 WEDDING FLORIST CONTRACT Slide 41 THANK YOU CARD Slide 42 HONEY MOON PARADISUS-PALMA-REAL-GOLF-SPA-RESORT Slide 43 EVENT PLANNING BUDGET Slide 44 Slide 45