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  • RomanticOrientalism

  • RomanticOrientalism

  • RomanticOrientalism

  • RomanticOrientalism

  • Romanticism and OrientalismRomantic hero, libertyRise and fall of white male masculinityDecline of emperor Napoleondecline of heroismRise of the OrientDepicted as lazy, idleRepress fantasies onto the Orientforbidden passions are indulgedViolent, barbaric, male domination over female

  • Goya, Yard with Lunatics, 1793-1794Pre-Romanticism!InsanityIrrationalityImprisonment

  • Goya, Witches Sabbath, 1797-1798Pre-Romanticism!SuperstitionsOverwhelming Terror

  • Goya, The Family of Charles VI, 1800

  • Goya, The Third of May, 1808Christ-LikeFrench Troops a.k.a ruthless killers

  • Goya, Saturn Devouring One of His Children, 1819-1823

  • Gericault, The Raft of the Medusa, 1818-1819

  • Gericault, Portrait of a Young Man in an Artists Studio, 1818-1819

  • Ingres, Louis Bertin, 1832

  • Ingres, Odalisque with a Slave, 1839-1840

  • Ingres, The Turkish Bath, 1859-1863

  • Gerome, Moorish Bath, 1880-1885

  • Delacroix, Massacre at Chios, 1824

  • Delacroix, The Death of Sardanapalus, 1827

  • Delacroix, Turk Smoking on a Divan, 1832

  • Delacroix, Women of Algiers, 1834

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  • The Use of The Orient In Todays SocietyHow is The Orient depicted in this ad?

    What characteristicsof Orientalism are present?

  • The Use of the White Male HeroHow is the white male hero presented in this ad?

  • Romanticism LandscapeElevate status of landscape genre IrrationalImaginativeEmotionalNew world view

  • Constable, Golding Constables Flower Garden, 1815

  • Constable, The Haywain, 1821

  • Turner, Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons, 1834-1835

  • Turner, The Slave Ship, 1840

  • Friedrich, The Polar Sea, 1824

    Napoleon provided the idea of masculinity and heroism. Romanticism was a state of mind rather than a style. It was designed to convey an emotional experience. It was named after medieval tales of adventure, romances with the common goal of returning to nature. They believed that evil would disappear only if people would behave naturally and give their impulses free reign. The ideal of heroism was destroyed with the fall of the Napoleonic empire. White masculinity and the Romantic hero was replaced by the orient. What is meant by the orient? The Orient was the representation of people and culture from the east. They were depicted as lazy and idle beings, an inferior race. The males were often depicted as violent and barbaric, often expressing their domination over females. The females, on the other hand, were often portrayed as passive and sexual. Portraying the Orient was a way for white males to indulge in their fantasies that were seen as unacceptable in western culture. Goya often portrayed the darker side of colonialism, power and human desire. This image is pre-romanticism. It displays themes of insanity, irrationality and imprisonment. Pre-romanticism. Nocturnal world, witches sucking the life out of babies, representing superstitions and overwhelming terror. Goyas largest royal portrait. Shadowy canvases hang in the background and light pours in from the side. Goya is unmasking the royal family, not portraying them with traditional court portraiture rather like ghosts. The children look scared, the king looks fat and the queen is represented as unattractivedepicting honesty, what they actually looked like. The elaborate costumes masks the honest depiction of the family. (Examples of traditional portraiture will fly in after)Depicts the barbaric behaviour of Napoleons French troops. It displays the execution of a group of rioters that rebelled against the French. Goya focuses on the emotion of the executionthe faceless killers and the despair and desperation on the victims face. The French troops are portrayed as ruthless, dehumanized and machines of war. The victims are theatrical, emotional. The main figure is lit up and in a traditional Christ-like pose.Ask class: Why do you think Goya wanted the main figure to seem Christ-like? Goya depicts the fragmentation of the body, collapse of faith in freedom. He is representing the dark side of humans. Represents the fall of the white male hero, the captain destroyed the shipirresponsibility of authority and power. The ship Medusa was destroyed due to the incompetence of the captain in which he put the crew on a raft with no supplies. Only few survived (because of cannibalism). Gericault depicts the moment when the rescue ship is first sighted. The foreground illustrates the dead and dying. The composition is triangular the the heroic body at the top of the triangle. The heroic figure is the black figure, representing the fall of the white masculine hero. Represents an emotional statepsyche. The figure is withdrawn, introverted and unstable. Ingres was a history painter which became his lifelong goal. He pretended not to like portraits but it was his strongest gift and source of income. In this portrait, his sitter dominates the image. His pose is shifted to the left. The position of his powerful hands emphasizes his power and strength. Ingres uses light to emphasize certain features in the facelooks frightening with the shadows cast upon the side of his face. This portrait reinforces the white male hero. Odalisque is a Turkish word for slave girl. Poetic, rich colours and textures. The balanced composition with the three figures in a triangular shape, the balance of the red pillar and red drapery. The orient is present with the black figure in the background which has a dark and dominant atmosphere around him. He stands in the background watching or monitoring the odalisquemale dominating the female.Ingres depicts lesbians in this paintingsexual deviance being repressed onto the orient, fantasies that are deemed unacceptable by western standards being portrayed in the image. The circular composition makes it seem like we are peeping through a peep-hole. Hes representing a fantasy world in which we cannot take part in, theres a boundary that we cannot cross (the peephole). Gerome is depicting the orient through the white figure being washed by a black figure (slavewhite domination over the orient). The passive seated white figure is being represented as clean and beautiful, contrasting the orient figure. The black figure has bracelets around her ankles which indicates that she is a slave.Delacriox is depicting the romantic interest of fighting for freedom. This massacre is the fight for Greek independence over Turkey. In the foreground, Delacroix places suffering Greeks that are being taking into slavery. He is illustrating the brutal depictions of war with figures that are fragmented physically and emotionally. The orient is depicted with the large, strong Turkish man dominating the Greeksshown as barbaric.Represents the struggle for freedom, unleashed death and violence. Sardanapalus would rather be executed that surrender and give up his freedom (Romantic interest for freedom). Delacroix depicts this moment as nightmarish, grotesque, chaotic and irrational. There is significant amount of detail in the fabrics, flesh, and textures. The orient as being lazy and idle, unable to take care of themselves. Orientpassivity of the female, dreamlike, idleIngrescelebrating the Near East, rich intense coloursDelacroixseems more authenticthe costumes, poses, earthy coloursTextures, rich fabrics, domestic settingThe landscape genre was typically regarded as inferior to historical paintings. The Romantic Landscape painters wanted to elevate the status of landscape paintings to compete with historical paintings. Constable was interested in representing the harmonious relationship between land and labour. This was his fathers garden, it represents the refusal of his fathers inheritance. He removed himself from the landscape and projected no emotionsescape from authority and oppressive father. There is a distance which alienates Constable from the land.Unusually large.His goal was to elevate the landscape genre to become more respectable. He depicted plant life as luxurious yet naturalistic. You can see the movement of water through his brushwork, pulling the viewer in by the flow of the water. He is injecting emotional charge into nature. Theres an intimate connection, idealization of the rustic, pleasing roughness of the countryside. Turner was obsessed with these burning buildings, he create 4 finished works depicting burning buildings. He divided his canvases into sections depicting temperature red fire zone, blue cool zone. This was a specific historical eventplague on a ship, people are being thrown over because they were diseased. Swirling vortex of colours, water, air. Friedrich was inspired by a tragic momentWilliam Perry took a ship to the arctic but returned it safely. The ship represents the future of human in nature while the ice mountains represent the defeat in human endeavor and human failure.