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The presentation includes products and services offered by the company


  • 1. Industrial Ventilation & Air Pollution Control Roots Enviro Systems Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata, India Email: [email_address] Innovative Solutions To Clean Air
  • 2. C C Company Product Business Contacts Overview P B
  • 3. Company
  • 4. About Company
    • Roots Enviro Systems is an Environmental Engineering company focused on two growth markets.
    • The companys innovative product line for
    • Air Pollution Control Systems
    • Forced Draft Ventilation addresses the need for better transportation of air.
    • Technology Collaboration, engineering breakthrough, competitive total cost of ownership, quality and inventiveness drives Roots Enviro Systems on a leading position.
  • 5. Technology Collaboration Roots Enviro Systems has collaborated with a German Company Tholander Ablufttechnik GmbH for Scrubber and Biofilter Technology. Tholander Ablufttechnik GmbH has more than 20 years of experience and established more than 500 scrubber and Biofilter plants all over the world. The technology collaboration will eventually provide Indian customers a best product from Roots Enviro Systems.
  • 6. Overview
    • RES works on turn-key project for industrial ventilation system in Indian market
    • RES offers semi-automatic production of duct for direct & indirect suppliers of HVAC * systems
    • Air Pollution Control Systems ranging from Dust Collection, Scrubber & Biofilter.
    • The maintenance of the existing & new plants are taken by us.
    • Social and Environmental Reporting ( EIA - Environmental Impact Assessment ) for investors and other stake holders".
    • * HVAC: Heating Ventilation & Air Condition
  • 7. Products
  • 8. Technology Lineup
    • Products:
      • Natural Roof Turbine Ventilator
      • Scrubbers (Cross, Counter, Multistage)
      • Forced Draft Ventilation
      • Mist Elimination
      • Multicyclone & Pulsejet Filter
      • Bio-filter
    • Services:
      • Maintenance of existing ventilation plants
      • Erection & Installation of Ventilation systems
      • Industrial HVAC Duct Manufacturing
  • 9. Evaporative Air Cooler Did you ever wonder why you feel cooler by the ocean or a river ? It is because of natural evaporation Single and Double Skin(PUF Insulated) system vary from 10,000 CFM till 100,000 CFM are available. Saturation Efficiency is practically achievable till 95%.
  • 10.
    • Features & Functions
    • Operates with milder breeze which creates a stack effect
    • High precision steel bearing is used for low friction rotation
    • Runs with out any electricity and maintenance
    • Doesn't allow rain/snow to enter through wind turbine openings
    Product: Natural Ventilator Wind driven ventilator is installed on the roof top to provide effective and uniform ventilation for all kind of industrial buildings Size Summer Winter 610 42 24WTV 356 24 14WTV Diameter [mm] No. of Vanes Model
  • 11. Product: Cross Flow Scrubber Examples of applications Waste water treatment plants Sludge drying plants Rubber industry Collagen production In cross flow scrubbers the waste air streams passes horizontally through one or several packing bed(s) and gets into close contact with the washing liquid which is sprayed from above. By this method the contaminants in the waste air are being transferred into the washing water.
  • 12. Cross Flow Scrubber Source: Treatment of highly loaded waste waters from catering and sanitary facilities, workshops for maintenance of air planes just leads in hot climates, like Malaysia, to extremely high odor and pollutant concentrations. Method: A reliable cleaning of the resulting waste gases can be achieved by 3-stage cross flow scrubbers treating the waste air from waste water pre-cleaning and from biological reactor. The excellent properties of the packing material guaranty an effective mass transfer in the each stage, archiving more than 99% removal efficiency. Customers: NEW INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT KUALA LUMPUR (KLIA)
  • 13. Product: Counter Current Scrubber Examples of applications Waste water treatment plants Sludge drying plants Rubber industry Collagen production The waste air is led from the bottom to the top "counter-current" to the scrubbing liquid being rinsed from above through a packed bed. The outlet of the clean gases is at the top of the washing tower. Cleaning efficiencies of 95 to 99% can be achieved.
  • 14. Counter Current Scrubber Customers: MAIN PUMPING STATIONS SALALAH, OMAN Source: Waste air (airflow rate1.55 m/s) from Main Pumping Stations 1 / 2 / 3 Method : Using a co-current downward irrigation system the washing liquid streams from top down to the integrated scrubber liquid sump. The gases to be cleaned are led upward, countercurrent to the washing liquid. Occurring contaminants H2S and Mercaptanes the scrubbers are equipped with dosing stations for dosing of NaOH and NaOCl in the washing water.
  • 15. Product: MultiVenturi Scrubber Examples of Applications Drying processes Composting plants Solid waste treatment Chemical industry Food processing Tobacco processing The air pollution control plant, assembled in advance, can be installed within short time with a minimum of space demand and foundation requirements . Ammonia emissions from the burley line will be reduced by more than 99%.
  • 16. MultiVenturi Scrubber( in container) Source: Main plant producing polluted exhaust at rate of 24,000m 3 /hr Method : A combination of the dust removing Multi Venturi Scrubber with a packed bed Cross Flow Scrubber for gas absorption built in one scrubber housing designed to be placed in a 40' containment. The standardized design offers high flexibility and mobility in case of plant extension or site movement. All auxiliaries like control panel, frequency controlled exhaust fan, water softener, chemical storage and dosing etc. will also be placed within the containment. Customers: Many Clients in Europe, UAE, China
  • 17. Product: BioFilter In the humid biofilter absorption bed contaminants are decomposed into non toxic substances - like water and carbon dioxide - by adapted micro-organisms. Modern biofilter are filled with organic filter material which keeps its porosity and structure for a long period. Examples of applications: Waste treatment plants Composting plants Food processing Tanneries VOC removal Tobacco processing Breweries
  • 18. BioFilter : Tobacco Plant Source: Moist and hot air carry a lot of odorous particles still noticed in long distances from the point of emission. Method: A multi-stage system consisting of a pre-scrubber system for dust removal by a Multi Venturi Scrubber followed by a Cooling Scrubber to reduce the temperature to below 40C. These preconditioning units are followed by a highly efficient biofilter . With this plant configuration it is possible to reduce the odors with efficiencies up to 99%. Customers: 21Area Pumping Station, Salah, Oman
  • 19. Product: Duct Production Automatic production of spirally-wound tubes. Semiautomatic production of rectangular duct. Accessories for ventilation and air conditioning industry
    • Machines used:
    • Tubeformer
    • Gorelocker
    • Plasma cutter
    • Stitchwelder
    • Roll former
  • 20. Product: Multicyclones Examples of Applications Cement Industry Steel industry Battery Production Welding Shops Used for collection of coarse dust particles. Remove dust with an emission level of 200 mg/m 3 . Pressure drop across the cyclones around 50-100 mm WG. It does not require any maintenance. Multicyclones are offered to handle larger volumes Rotary air cut valves or Double flap valves are used as discharge devices to these cyclones.
  • 21. Product: Pulsejet Filters
    • Examples of Applications Cement Industry Steel industry Wood Cutting
    • Asphalt Plant
    Bag filters offer high efficiency, less maintenance and longer life. The bags are sealed by snap rings to ensure easy removal of the bags and cages. Automatic cleaning is by pulse jet of compressed Air through venturi nozzles. Our Bag filters can handle high dust loads, moist dusts, flue gases at high temperature by using the most suitable selection of filter fabric and filter area.
  • 22. Contacts
  • 23. Roots Enviro Systems Pvt. Ltd. 26/2 Snuff Mill Street Kolkata, India Thank you for your Interest and Attention Please contact us for Products and Service Enquiries Harsh N Shah Managing Director Email: [email_address] Phone:+91(0)9330871531