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Off-KeyQuiztastic Round 3The Audio RoundTen Questions (+10 for each direct/pass)Pounce (+10/-10)Some questions are tricky so make sure you know A LOT about it before you pounce.Audio clips will not be repeated.Lets BeginQuestion 1.

Very famous TV series. Went on for ten seasons. One of the best sitcoms ever made. Identify.The lazy slideAnswer.

Question 2.

Called the tunnel song, throughout the movie. Name the song or the movie. Recent, critically acclaimed movie.The lazy slideAnswer: Heroes by David Bowie

Question 3. Tricky One.

The movie is an adaptation of which Jane Austen novel?Answer.

Question 4. ID the voice

The lazy slideAnswer

Question 5. Tricky but work-outable. Listen carefully.

The original version was about Marilyn Monroe. This is a 1997 version sung at ______s funeral by Sir Elton John. FITB.The lazy slideAnswer

Question 6. Tricky.

What is a pungi basically? Give me a Hindi/English word(s)The lazy slideAnswer: The been or the snake charmers flute.

Question 7.

ID the TV series or the writer of the novel series. Both are EXTREMELY famous.The lazy slideAnswer: George R. R. Martins Song of Fire and Ice series of novels

Question 8. The song is called O children and is by a group called Nick cave and the bad seeds. ID the movie. Only a part of the song was used, in a small dance sequence.

The lazy slideAnswer:

Question 9. ID the movie.

The lazy slideAnswer: The Godfather.

Question 10. Easiest of the lot I suppose. Id the voice

The lazy slideAnswer

Thats all.. More coming up.Friends Theme Song I'll Be There For You, track 10Other188484.05HeroesDavid Bowie50 Biggest Rock Songs of History, track 121990Classic Rock218449.42eng - Suno Aisha - www.Songs.PKAmit Trivediy, Aditt, Nakash Aziz, Ash KingAisha, track 12010Bollywood Music259988.17 - Muskurahat.Comeng - Muskurahat.ComDetailsRobert Downey, JrThe Futurist, track 8/10, disc 1/12005Pop240002.55Candle In The Wind 1997Elton JohnIn Loving Memory Of Diana, Princess Of Wales, track 2/2, disc 1/11997Pop251184.05eng - iTunPGAP0eng - iTunNORM 00000A6A 0000098B 00005C96 00007C24 0001FE1A 000392CB 00007FD0 00007F87 0001CD05 0002B282eng - iTunSMPB 00000000 00000210 00000864 0000000000A8F90C 00000000 004C961F 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000eng - iTunes_CDDB_IDs2+D2E8C5020744F9A40A63FD643D8A81AC+15524Pungi - www.Songs.PKMika Singh, Amitabh Bhattacharya, Nakash, PritamAgent Vinod, track 2/11, disc 1/12012Bollywood Music250374.17eng - www.Songs.PKGame of Thrones Theme SongGame of Thrones (HBO)2011Other100416.68O ChildrenNick Cave and the Bad SeedsThe Lyre of Orpheus, track 082004Alternative409579.9Love Theme From The GodfatherTheme SongTheme SongTheme Song161418.55Pani Da Rang (Male) (RoyalJatt.Com)Ayushmann Khurrana (RoyalJatt.Com) (RoyalJatt.Com), track (RoyalJatt.Com)240995.3eng - Downloaded From RoyalJatt.Com