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Proposal Brochure by Osay Williams

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Royalty Publishing's product brochure submission for the i2i 2013 competition.


  • Proposal Brochureby Osay Williams

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  • The OmegaComplexPrologue Excerpt You dont want to miss this. Those were the words that rang in his head as the man woke, arms folded in the corner of the cars backseat; body slanted in an awkward posi-tion. Sitting opposite him was Col. Nelson, looking at him as though patiently waiting for the man to wake. He held a single folder document in his hand.

    Youre up, good were almost there.

    And where exactly is there sir? the man asked.Right, they didnt tell you did they? Well heres everything you need to know he said as he handed the man the document. Needless to say this operation is top secret; we couldnt risk its validity by briefing you about it on the base. Who knows whose lis-tening. Now properly sitting up the man open the folder to read; He first noticed the mission title. Project Alma? The exploration mission? Wasnt it suspended pending further research?Thats its public status son, the government gave the green light to continue opera-tions incognito. Congratulation youve been chosen to lead the projects operation.He sat there, a puzzled expression now occupying his face as conflicting emotions rose. The general recognized this and asked Something wrong son? The man now recap-turing himself answered This is a great honor sir but, why would I be chosen? There were many more suitable and better prepared for this. Why am I the only one --?The colonel leans forward in turn cutting the man short. Now hunched over as though preparing to share a secret, Son, do you know the nature of this mission? he said in a lowered voice.For a slip second he was hesitant to answer, I believe so sir. The government wants us to explore the White Zone, right sir?And do you know what the White Zone is?Not totally sir. I know its the designated space for the cosmic occurrence known as The Kings Crossing, which takes place every seven or so years.And whats that son?No one knows sir, but some speculate it can be anything from a rift in space time to the colliding of atoms in space.Damn son, you really know your stuff. And now you know why we chose you, among... other things.