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We guarantee fast communication. RUAG ARANEA Communication Expert

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„With the RUAG ARANEA Communication Solution, you benefit from a single compact device. It simply and quickly connects technologies from yesterday, today and tomorrow.“


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We guarantee fast communication.

RUAG ARANEA Communication Expert

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Michael Bigler Senior Manager Communication Technology RUAG Defence

“RUAG ARANEA Communication Expert guarantees you maximum interoperability in critical situations and links wide-ranging organisations, systems and devices quickly and securely.”

Customised and efficientYou choose which solution you want to implement – cost-effective, modular and independent of technology and manufacturer standards and geographical requirements. RUAG ARANEA Communication Expert optimally connects a diverse range of armed forces and organisations securely in a user friendly way.

Rapid integrationRUAG ARANEA Communication Expert guarantees a quick and secure communication infra- structure with a self-sufficient power supply. By seamlessly integrating a wide-range of techno- logies and features, precise communication and data networks can be established across a highly localised area.

Leading expertiseOur full-IP-based communications solutions reflect the expertise we have acquired over many years in system integration and maintenance. We also provide training sessions on-site to quickly familiarise our partners, customers and users with the solution.

Military operations or emergency situations require immediate coordination between organisations and units. Rapid integration of various communication applications is critical to success.

Cross-system, cross-border communication. Thanks to seamless integration.

RUAG ARANEA ensures a size-optimised, tailor-made and effective communication solution. The open and scalable vehicle communication platform meets the latest system requirements in availability, network throughput and con- figurability, allowing you to perform any cross-unit or cross- troop mission professionally and safely.

– Reduction in time and costs associated withsystem integration

– Simplified subsystem integration

– High modularity and scalability

– IP-based vehicle intercom system (Voice-over-IP, broadband video, etc.)

– Secure, cross-troop communication thanks to IP encryption standard

RUAG ARANEA offers you high-availability, intuitive and secure text message and chat communication in real time. The advan-tage for you: the current availability of your communication partner is always displayed. With its simple operation, RUAG ARANEA can be quickly and easily adapted to changing require-ments and situations. Chatrooms ensure team-oriented and context-specific communication within your unit.

– Message priority

– Presence information (buddy list)

– Effective communication via chatrooms

– Messaging client based on web technology

– Telephone user directory

– Seamless integration of the tactical network in an external e-mail system

– Participant connection via narrowband radio link

– All stored text messages and data can be deleted by the user in an emergency

RUAG ARANEA allows you to integrate a broad range of radio systems independent of technology, manufacturer and location into a tactical all-IP network. The connected radio devices are remotely controlled via the radio operator console, allowing you to quickly and easily manage radio access.

– Primary management tool

– Manufacturer-independent

– Flexible should users’ needs change

– Integration of various radio technologies

– Integration of telephone connections

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Communication –fast, interoperable, guaranteed.

Situation: Unexpected operating conditions, stable network is essential

RUAG ARANEA provides tacticalcommunication in rapid time

Situation: Multinational mission, various communication systems

RUAG ARANEA provides a quick,secure and stable connection

Situation: Interaction between armed forces and civil organisations

RUAG ARANEA guarantees stable data connections and communication

Situation: Tactical reconnaissance, secure and reliable data connection

RUAG ARANEA ensures stable, sustained and secure integration

Situation: Rapid task force, interoperability between analogue and digital terminals

RUAG ARANEA rapidly integrates devices of varying technology generations

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At RUAG Defence, we do everything we can to ensure the success of your mission. As an effective and independent partner, we focus persistently on addressing your future security challenges. We offer precise technology solutions for defence and communication, and empower your teams through training and simulations. And thanks to our many years of experience, we know what’s important – in every situation.

RUAG Defence – your ideal partner.

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