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At the Google Education Sumit.


InOpenSimplifying and Strengthening Knowledge

Thoughtful Technology

Lets take a step back

Education Technology

Technology Education

Computer Science in Schools (1-12)

Understanding the Current Scenario (1/3)

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Understanding the Current Scenario (2/3) Exposureto technology - #smartphones #laptops, #embedded computers #digital-solutions #tabs have become a norm.

High proliferation of Education related material.#Overwhelming #Confused

Understanding the Current Scenario (3/3) Understanding the Current Scenario (3/3)

Computer Science in Schools has mostly been about acquiring skills


Questioning the Current Scenario ? (1/3)Communication using E-mailknows how to operate an email Is just the ability to type


n you will learn: Can somebody who only municate by using email. service write good emails? e email accounts.

email sufcient?

poster on Communication old and new. poster that they have in their

So you know about email. ails are like letters. ails are sent using computers. greeting cards and invitations do the same with emails? letters to us. So how is email

h for information? eb search engine. e some websites using which

Questioning the Current Scenario of different thinking . Thinking Cube: Do a paper folding activity to create a cube. Write namesskills on each facet. This cube is ready to be used as a dice in a play. Ask questions on the facet on the top. Prepare a list of questions on each of the thinking skills. For example: i. List the steps involved in gathering information systematically. ii. What is the difference between main steps and detailed steps? iii. Apply logical reasoning to solve a given problem. (refer: Thinking

Can somebody who only knows the skill of MS-PPT create effective presentations?

Logical Reasoning


Multiple Representation

Data Analysing

Stepwise Gathering Of Info

Questioning the Current Scenario Can somebody who only knows how to use the syntax of aprogramming language write efcient programs?

Correct Learning of Computer Science in Schools.

How ?

Computer Science Design and with thinking at Pedagogy every step


Thematic Integration

Spiral Curriculum

Guided Enquiry


!"$' !,

Patanjali Yoga Sutra

Ideology (Sutras) by Patanjali Maharishi to attain Pramana (right knowledge). It is related to constructivist method of teaching/learning

Computers with blend of 21st Century Skills

Thinking Process skills such asStepwise thinking, Gathering information systematically, Brain storming & Mind maps. Group activities & Project Based Learning. Modern communication tools & Cloud computing. Multi-media programing & Digital story telling.

Computers with HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills)

Computer Science with blend of Multiple Intelligence

Computer blended with healthy habits for next generation of technology users dynamics of technology and less of physical activity.


Familiarity with Computers







Introducing Computer Masti ? What is Computer Masti (CM) Computer Science for Schools. It is a collaborative product ofIIT Bombay and InOpen Technologies.

Content Service Solution. TextBook (or ebook) along with Teacher Training, Handholding and Assessments. curriculums

Available for different


Computer MastiThe inception of Computer Masti (CM) has come about at a critical juncture when there was a visible need for a standard Computer curriculum, trained teachers and quality instructional material. Fun and Engaging Content. CM uses Scaffolded learning. CM adopts a constructivist pedagogical approach. Learning is contextual and idiosyncratic. The content apart from teaching the computer literacy skills, also teaches concepts like stepwise thinking and logical reasoning.

Computer Masti: Applications CM is independent of any

operating system. We celebrate FOSS Applications can be installed from internet and used without any cost Visual programing methods Mind mapping tools Productivity tools Educational games

Computer Masti: Featured Application Computer Masti : Featured Application

Scratch - A visual programming language from MIT, USA. It helps establish correct programming skills in adolescent years

Continuous Evaluation through scaffolded problem-based learning




Deep Support


Implementation and Support

Google Docs in Core CS Curriculum #search

Tejas: Ok. Now I found the sites that I wanted. Moz: Here are few more tips to search the web.

Composing email

Google Docs in Core CS Curriculum #emailSending mail to multiple email addresses: Multiple email addresses can be entered in To eld with a , as a a seperator. If email addresses of the people to whom we are sending email are entered in: o Cc: Each recipient of the email can view the email addresses of other recipients of the email. o Cc stands for Courtesy copy also called as Carbon copy o Bcc: Each recipient of the email feels that the email has been sent to their account only. The other recipients email addresses are hidden. o Bcc stands for Blind courtesy copy also called as Blind carbon copy Attaching les: More than one le can be attached. The le can be of any type: text, audio, video, image, etc. Text in email: Spelling check and formatting of the text is also available in many email applications. In some applications, multiple languages can be used for the text of the email.



Moz: What will you do when you need to send mails in another language? Tejas: When our Hindi subject teacher asks us to send a notice, we have to use Hindi language. ere is an option where we can choose the language in which we want to compose the email. Look, I select Hindi, then I type Namaste Moz in English and this comes up in Hindi script. Let me enter Aapko janamdin ki shubhkamnaye. is is good. It also provides Hindi letters Moz: Whenever you see for us to edit the Hindi text. a search option, you should also look into the advanced search options.

ese help you to narrow down the search to your speci c requirements.

For example, in Gmail, by clicking Show search options next to the search box, an interface with various criteria is shown. By entering your criteria in the appropriate elds, the speci c

Google Docs in Core CS Curriculum #docsMoz: Now explore the site where you can create les. Let us look at one such website and see the features that are o ered on such websites. Tejas: Let us explore Google docs. We can create documents, spreadsheets, drawings and presentations on this site. Jyoti: All these applications are available online.

les? Can you organize les into folders? Jyoti: Uploading and downloading of les can be done anywhere, anytime, using Internet, even through mobiles. Files can be organized into folders. A limited space is provided to the users to save and share les. Unlimited space is provided usually on payment. Most of our personal requirements can be met without payment.

Moz: When you create a le using Google docs, where is the le stored? On your desktop or on a Google server? Jyoti: e le is saved on a Google server. We can retrieve it whenever we need it. Tejas: One more feature is that we can share the les by setting permissions. Jyoti: We can also allow other users to edit the le by setting the permissions. Tejas: e feature of editing by other users is very useful, especially when we are working as a group.

Google Docs in Core CS Curriculum #blogsCreation of blogs



Step 4: Start Blogging


Step 5: Publish and view Blog

Jyoti: This looks simple. I will explore all the tabs and see how I can edit my post, add pictures and videos, to my blog. Tejas: I cant wait to start my blog, share it with my friends and see their comments. Moz: In earlier days, users had to be familiar with HTML (Hypertext markup language) syntax in order to publish content on the Internet. But now it has been simplified, so you can just compose text and the

Google Docs in Core CS Curriculum #stats 300,00 students and 125+ schools using Google Docs in theirGovt. prescribed. 2000+ teachers introduced already. Saved 100,000 $ uptil now300000 225000 150000 75000 0 2009 2010 2011 2012

Computer Masti in Multilpe Langugaes











For us, Teaching Computers is just an excuse to: Develop clarity in step-wise execution of any task, right from planning to evaluation. Develop clarity in communication, right from critical thinking to creative presentations. Develop condence in solving complex problems using simple thinking.

In Other words, we choose Computer Science as a vehicle to mold next generation technology users.

Ideal Scenario: Concepts are important, Skills follow..

Direct from Classrooms


Computer Masti Lab

Camp Activities

Computer Masti Implementation for under-resourced

Computer Masti Teacher Training

Computer Masti - Principal Conference

Our Vision - Condent Thinkers

InOpen | Love

InOpen | Executive Summary InOpen started in 2009 by Rupesh and Prof. Sridhar. Incubated in IIT Bombay. Focus on developing high quality academic content through intense research. InOpen aims to touch the lives of 1,000,000 students by 2013. InOpen has also been mandated by Govt. agencies.




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