rural enterpreneurship in india

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Rural Entrepreneurship in India



Rural Entrepreneurship in IndiaTeam A

IntroductionLarge part of the country is below poverty line.Agriculture continues to be the main activity of rural society.70% of holdings are held by small and marginal farmers resulting in overcrowding on the agricultural land and diminishing farm value.The above leads to migration to Urban areasAgriculture work force is 70% in the total work force of the country. Out of this 32% of 70% is agriculture labour and 68% is owing farm land.In the above situation, rural entrepreneurship is the best option.

Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas

Entrepreneurship could take off the excess of labour from farms that causes disguised employment. These labour in actual term does not add any value to GDP.The basic Principals should be applied to RD.Better distribution of farm produceOccupation to rural youth to reduced disguised employmentFormation of Big Cooperatives like Amul for optimum utilisationOptimum utilisation of local resource in entrepreneurial ventures by rural youth.

Family ChallengesSocial ChallengesTechnological ChallengesFinancial ChallengesPolicy ChallengesPower failureMall CultureInfrastructure Sickness

Challenges faced by rural Entrepreneurship in IndiaOpportunities for Rural Entrepreneurs

Crashed Schemes for Rural DevelopmentFood for work programNational Rural Employment programRegional Rural Development CentresBank for TechnologyEntrepreneurship Development Institute of IndiaRural Innovation Funding.The above programs are available for future Rural EntsProblem of Rural Entrepreneurship

Financial ProblemsPaucity of FundsLack of Infrastructural facilitiesRisk ElementsMarketing ProblemsCompetitionMiddlemen

ContinueManagement ProblemsLack of Knowledge of ITLegal FormalitiesProcurement of Raw MaterialLack of Technical KnowledgePoor Quality of ProductsHR Related ProblemsLow skill level workersNegative Attitude

Barriers to Entrepreneurship

Need For Rural EntrepreneurshipEmployment Generation

Reduce disparities in income between rural and urban income

Promote balanced regional development

Protect and promote art and creativity

Economic development in rural areas

How To Develop Rural Entrepreneurship?Strengthen the raw material base in rural areas.

Funds should be available on time at soft terms and conditions.

Develop entrepreneurial competencies through trainings.

Dissimilate information about the available facilities.

Modern infrastructural facilities.

NGOs in rural areas.

Need For Sowing The Dream In The Minds Of Rural YouthYouths in the rural areas have little options, this is what they are given to believe.

This is the reason that many of them either work at farm or migrate to urban land.

Entrepreneurship could be the best option.

If planted and nurtured in the minds of rural women and youth, it could result in revolutionizing the Indian economy.

It should be emphasized that the projects undertaken by these entrepreneurs should not be constrained by its location in rural area.

Advantages of Rural Industrial Projects

Tax holidays and other tax advantages given to rural projects. Abundance of cheap labor. Advantage of local and regional resources in case the unit uses them as a raw material. Prestige and respect among the local communityLive example for local youth for taking up entrepreneurial projectSupport and motivation from local peopleEmployment generation for local people.

Training For Rural EntrepreneurshipThe training for development of rural entrepreneurship has to be different from the entrepreneurship development training in urban areas.

This is the reason that government initiated the integrated rural development programs.

The District Industrial Centre conducts these area potential surveys for usage of potential entrepreneurs.

ConclusionRural entrepreneurship cannot be developed without significant training. Therefore, instead of just schemes (financial and developmental) as the carrot for entrepreneurship development an intensive training needs to be provided to the youth in rural India. Whats required is to create a devoted team to take up rural entrepreneurship training as per integrated rural development program.The problem is that most of the rural youth do not think of entrepreneurship as the career option.Therefore, the rural youth need to be motivated to take up entrepreneurship as a career, with training and sustaining support systems providing all necessary assistance.