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Sage 300 ERP 2012 General Ledger User's Guide

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  • Sage 300 ERP2012General LedgerUser's Guide

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    Version 2012

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    Sage End User License:

  • Contents

    Introduction 1

    Chapter 1: Setting Up GeneralLedger 3About Setting Up General Ledger 3

    Step One: Activate General Ledger for Your Database 3

    Step Two: Select Configuration and Processing Options 3

    Step Three: Add Accounts 4

    Step Four: Add Historical Data 4

    About Designing Your General Ledger 4

    Designing a Chart of Accounts 4

    About Fiscal Years and Periods 5

    Current Fiscal Year 6

    Oldest Fiscal Year Starting Date 7

    General Ledger Setup Options 7

    About Provisional Posting 7

    General Ledger Setup Options 8

    About General Ledger Security 10

    Account Segments 15

    About Account Segments 15

    About Segment Codes 17

    Adding Segment Codes 18

    Deleting Segment Codes 19

    Account Structures 19

    About Account Structures 20

    Adding Structure Codes 21

    Deleting Account Structure Codes 22

    Source Codes 23

    About Source Codes 23

    Adding Source Codes 24

    User's Guide iii

  • Contents

    Deleting Source Codes 24

    Source Journal Profiles 25

    About Source Journals 25

    Adding Source Journal Profiles 26

    Account Groups 27

    About Account Groups 27

    Setting Up General Ledger to Use Account Groups 28

    Adding Account Groups 29

    Changing Sort Codes 30

    Revaluation Codes 30

    Adding Revaluation Codes 31

    Deleting Revaluation Codes 32

    Optional Fields 32

    About Optional Fields in General Ledger 33

    Value Set and Auto Insert Values 37

    Chapter 2: Adding and MaintainingAccounts 39Information Stored in General Ledger Accounts 39

    Adding Accounts 40

    Adding a New Account 40

    Specifying a Currency 43

    Assigning Optional Fields to an Account 44

    About Rollup Accounts 46

    Adding a Rollup Account 46

    About Entering Account Balances, Historical Data, and Quantities 49

    Adding Account Balances and Quantities to a New General Ledger 50

    Setting Account Permissions 53

    Creating Accounts Automatically 55

    Budgets 58

    About Fiscal Sets 58

    Types of Fiscal Sets 60

    About Budgets 61

    iv Sage 300 ERP General Ledger

  • Contents

    Budget Methods 63

    Editing Budget Data 65

    Maintaining Accounts 67

    Changing Account Information 67

    Closing Accounts to Specific Segments 69

    Defining Account Reallocations 70

    Deleting an Account 71

    Deleting Member Accounts from a Rollup Account 72

    Chapter 3: Entering and Posting General LedgerTransactions 73About Transaction Processing in General Ledger 73

    Posting Batches 73

    Batch Errors 73

    Posting Sequences and Entry Numbers 74

    Previous-Year Posting 74

    Provisional Posting 74

    Reversing Entries 74

    Intercompany Transactions (ICT) Batches 75

    Adding a New Batch 76

    Editing a Batch 77

    Deleting a Batch 78

    Adding a Journal Entry 79

    Posting Transaction Batches 81

    About Recurring Entries 83

    Setting Up Recurring Entries 83

    Reversing a Posted Batch or Journal Entry 85

    About Viewing Batch Information 87

    About Importing Batches 88

    Importing Batches from Another Location 88

    Importing Batches from Non-Sage 300 ERP Programs 89

    User's Guide v

  • Contents

    Chapter 4: Period-End Procedures 91Performing Period End Maintenance 91

    Performing Year End Processing 92

    About Consolidating Transactions 93

    About Source Journals and Consolidation 94

    Effects of Consolidation 94

    Consolidating during Posting 95

    Recovering Disk Space after Consolidation 95

    Consolidating Transactions 95

    Clearing General Ledger History 97

    Creating an Allocation Batch 97

    Creating a Batch of Recurring Entries 100

    Creating a New Year 101

    Multicurrency Periodic Processes 103

    About Converting to Euro 103

    Switching the Accounting Method for Foreign Currency Translation 104

    About Revaluation 108

    Creating a Revaluation Batch 110

    Chapter 5: Looking Up Information in General Ledger 115Viewing Chart of Accounts Information 115

    Viewing G/L Account History 116

    Viewing Source-Currency Balances for a Multicurrency Account 117

    Looking Up Transactions Posted to General Ledger Accounts 118

    Drilling Down from Journal Entries to Source Transactions 119

    Comparing Two Fiscal Sets 119

    Chapter 6: Importing and Exporting General Ledger Data 121About Importing and Exporting General Ledger Data 121

    Importing Data to General Ledger 122

    Exporting General Ledger Data 123

    Creating a GIFI Export File 124

    vi Sage 300 ERP General Ledger

  • Contents

    Chapter 7: Printing General LedgerReports 127About General Ledger Reports 127

    About Reporting Currency 128

    Printing Tips 128

    Report Printing Options 128

    Selecting a Print Destination 129

    Selecting a Printer for Reports 130

    General Ledger Reports 131

    Printing the G/L Account Groups Report 131

    Printing the G/L Account Structures Report 132

    Printing the G/L Batch Listing Report 132

    Printing the G/L Batch Status Report 135

    Printing the G/L Chart of Accounts Report 138

    Printing the G/L Create Accounts Preview Report 140

    Printing the G/L Optional Fields Report 140

    Printing the G/L Options Report 141

    Printing the G/L Posting Journals Report 141

    Printing the G/L Recurring Entries Report 144

    Printing the G/L Revaluation Codes Report 144

    Printing the G/L Segment Codes Report 145

    Printing the G/L Source Codes Report 145

    Printing the G/L Source Journal Profiles Report 145

    Printing the G/L Source Journals Report 146

    Printing the G/L Transaction Details Optional Fields Report 148

    Printing the G/L Transactions Listing Report 150

    Printing the G/L Trial Balance Report 152

    Appendix A: General Ledger ScreenGuides 155Accounts Screens 155

    G/L Account History Inquiry Screen 155

    G/L Account Permissions Screen 156

    G/L Accounts Screen 158

    User's Guide vii

  • Contents

    G/L Budget Maintenance Screen 173

    G/L Chart of Accounts Screen 176

    G/L Create Accounts Screen 177

    G/L Fiscal Set Comparison Screen 181

    G/L Source Currency Inquiry Screen 182

    G/L Transaction History Screen 183

    Periodic Processing Screens 192

    G/L Clear History Screen 192

    G/L Consolidate Posted Transactions Screen 193

    G/L Create Allocation Batch Screen 193

    G/L Create New Year Screen 194

    G/L Create Recurring Entries Batch Screen 195

    G/L Create Revaluation Batch Screen 196

    G/L Period End Maintenance Screen 199

    Reports Screens 200

    G/L Account Groups Report 200

    G/L Account Structures Report 201

    G/L Batch Listing Report 201

    G/L Batch Status Report 204

    G/L Chart of Accounts Report 205

    G/L Optional Fields Report 207

    G/L Options Report 208

    G/L Posting Journals Report 208

    G/L Recurring Entries Report 210

    G/L Revaluation Codes Report 210

    G/L Segment Codes Report 211

    G/L Source Codes Report 212

    G/L Source Journal Profiles Report 213

    G/L Source Journals Report 213

    G/L Transaction Details Optional Fields Report 214

    G/L Transactions Listing Report 216

    G/L Trial Balance Report 218

    viii Sage 300 ERP General Ledger

  • Contents

    Setup Screens 220

    Account Groups 220

    G/L Account Structures Screen 220

    G/L Optional Fields Screen 222

    G/L Options Screen 222

    G/L Recurring Entries Screen 232

    G/L Revaluation Codes Screen 239

    G/L Segment Codes Screen 241

    G/L Source Codes Screen 243

    G/L Source Journal Profiles Screen 244

    Transactions Screens 245

    G/L Batch List Screen 245

    G/L Journal Entry Screen 248