saint bernard c-section

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Saint Bernard C-Section

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PowerPoint illustrating a Saint Bernard performed at Badger Veterinary Hospital in Janesville, Wisconsin on November 5, 2012


  • 1. Saint Bernard C-Section

2. Shaving and cleaning to prepare for the c-section. 3. Shes huge! 4. After surgical prep, Dotty is off to surgery. 5. At full term, Dotty weighed 170pounds. 6. They do take a second to pose for the camera! 7. But its right back to work!The babies are coming! 8. Preparing for the incision. 9. That tube looking thing is the uterus. 10. Look at Dr. Servantezs fingers, the dark color is a puppy! 11. Get ready team! Here they come! 12. Here it looks slow, but its every few secondsand a new puppy is handed off! 13. Hand Off! 14. Hand Off! 15. Hand Off! 16. No hand off on this one, there are multiples. 17. After all pups were delivered, Dotty was spayed.The DeRosiers love their dogs and want the best for them. Shes had two large litters and theywere hard for Dotty. 18. Denise, Technician Supervisor, is observing the team to make sure things are runningsmoothly! 19. With human babies, the medical teamsuctions the mouth to clear airways.With dogs, its a little different. 20. Connie (in the red) is clearing airways. Oncethe puppy makes noise, shell hand it off forcleaning and tying off of the umbilical cord. 21. Jo and Kelly are cleaning and loving on those pups! 22. Owner Jerry DeRosier (blue cap) isnt afraid to get the airways clean. Nona DeRosier (pink bandana) is inspecting the pups! 23. I think Jerry is telling him a story! 24. This is a pretty powerful example of teamwork! 25. Nona is being a great human mom! Shes watching every pup just like Dotty will be. 26. Knowing Nona, shes checking markings andthinking of names! 27. Carmen is tying off cords. 28. They have cute little pink noses when they are first born! 29. It wont be long and those cute pink noses will become LARGE black noses! 30. Rubbing the pups with a firm hand warms themand keeps them awake. 31. 14 puppies survived: 9 males and 5 females. 32. They will be 20 pounds in no time at all! 33. Jo absolutely loves her job! 34. Jerry is a proud papa! 35. Can you see the smirk on his face?I think hes a little proud! 36. Post delivery,Dotty weighed approximately 138 pounds. Thats a loss of more than 30 poundsLucky Dog!All puppies are doing well! We will be posting their growth on Facebook!Stay Tuned