salesforce platform: the fastest path to build connected apps

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Salesforce Platform: The Fastest Path to Building Connected Apps /scott.holden @scottiholden in/scottiholden Scott Holden VP, Platform Marketing

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From automating key business process to building cool mobile apps or social intranets, this gives you an overview of Salesforce Platform and how it can ignite your best business ideas. Salesforce Platform can help you turn your best ideas to connected apps in no time - for more details visit


  • 1. Salesforce Platform:The Fastest Path to Building Connected Apps/[email protected]/scottiholdenScott HoldenVP, Platform Marketing
  • 2. Apps are revolutionizing every industryMobile is driving adoption and engagementSocial is the new normal
  • 3. Become a Customer Company:Build Connected Apps with Salesforce Platform
  • 4. Most Companies Cant Execute on Ideas Fast EnoughIdeasTimeCurrent IT CapacityBusiness IdeasThe Growing$1 Trillion*IT Debt GapSource: Gartner DevOps Step One: Assessing Your IT Infrastructure and Operations Technical Debt,6.22.12
  • 5. It Takes Too Long to Build Apps on LegacyPlatformsIdeabuy &setuphardwareinstallcomplexsoftwaredefine useraccessbuild & testsecuritymake itmobile &socialsetupreporting &analyticsbuildappApp
  • 6. Salesforce Platform is the Fastest Path from Idea toAppAppIdeabuildappIdeabuy &setuphardwareinstallcomplexsoftwaredefine useraccessbuild & testsecuritymake itmobile &socialsetupreporting &analyticsbuildappApp
  • 7. The fastest path from idea to app
  • 8. Salesforce Platform: Loved by Developers AND Business UsersDevelop, package and instantly deployappsAccess rich APIs and frameworksCode in your favorite language:Ruby, Java, ApexAdd fields, design layouts, and manage users withclicks, not codePoint-and-click workflow & business logicDrag-and-drop reports and dashboardsBusiness AnalystsDevelopers
  • 9. The Worlds #1 Cloud Platform for Building AppsProven Leader Customer SuccessTrusted Platform#1 PaaS for Developers#1 PaaS for Business Experts#1 PaaS for ISVs40% Market ShareLeading Cloud Platform1 Million + Developers3 Million+ apps1.7 Million+ installs on AppExchangeAll Major Certifications1 Billion transactions/day50% of transactions via API
  • 10. Legacy Technologies Are Getting in the Way ofInnovationMissedOpportunitiesSilos ofDataDesktopOnly AppsStaticIntranetsManualProcessesStaleCustomerExperiences
  • 11. Top Five Ways to Innovate with Salesforce PlatformAutomate BusinessProcessMake Your IntranetSocialMake Every AppMobileUnlock Back OfficeDataLaunch EngagingMarketing Apps FastThe fastest path from idea to app
  • 12. Zimmer Engages Doctors with Product Catalog AppOrthopedic device reps show surgeons key surgical content in operating roomReps access customer information and demo how medical devices functionIntegrates with SAP to deliver real time, global order visibilityCompliance with strict legal and regulatory guidelines
  • 13. Virgin America Connects Every Employees With a SocialIntranetBranded social intranet accessible through mobile devicesKey business metrics customized for each teammateChatter collaboration for every departmentLine of business admins update content in real-time
  • 14. Shawna WolvertonSenior Director, Platform Product Management
  • 16. John HarleyNational Training Manager
  • 17. Q&A
  • 18. Shawna WolvertonSenior Director,Product ManagementScott HoldenVP, PlatformMarketingJohn HarleyNational TrainingManager
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