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“YOUR GALAXY IS IN YOUR HAND” Jessica Walsh & Rabia Hill

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Page 1: Samsung Galaxy Presentation


Jessica Walsh & Rabia Hill

Page 2: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Situation Analysis

Company History SWOT

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

Current users Creative Sales Competitive Media

Page 3: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Company History Samsung Galaxy i7500

4/27/2009 Galaxy S

June – November 2010Sales over 22 million

Galaxy S IISeptember – NovemberSales as of 2/23/2012 over 20 million

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Samsung Galaxy MarketVendors Q4 2011

Shipment Volumes

Q4 2011 Market Share

Q4 2010 Shipment Volumes

Q4 2010 Market Share

Year over Year change

Apple 37.0 23.5% 16.2 15.9% 128.4%

Samsung 36.0 22.8% 9.6 9.4% 275.0%

Nokia 19.6 12.4% 28.1 27.6% -30.6%

Research in Motion

13.0 8.2% 14.6 14.3% -11.0%

HTC 10.2 6.5% 8.7 8.5% 17.2%

Others 42.0 26.6% 24.8 24.3% 69.4%

Total 157.8 100.00% 102.0 100.0% 54.7%

Page 5: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Samsung Galaxy Market: Fiscal Year 2012Vender FY 2011

Shipment Volumes

FY 2011 Market Share

FY 2010 Shipment Volumes

FY 2010 Market Share

Year over Year change

Samsung 94.0 19.1% 22.9 7.5% 310.5%

Apple 93.2 19.0% 47.5 15.6% 96.2%

Nokia 77.3 15.7% 100.1 32.9% -22.8%

Research in Motion

51.1 10.4% 48.8 16.0% 4.7%

HTC 43.5 8.9% 21.7 7.1% 100.5%

Others 132.3 26.9% 63.7 20.9% 107.7%

Total 491.4 100.0% 304.7 100.0% 61.3%

Page 6: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Five Quarter Market Share Changes

Page 7: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Operating System Market Share




1.9 11.7



Android iOS RIM Windows Mobile

Symbian Others Bada










Page 8: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Manufacturer Market Share








Page 9: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Strengths: Physical Device Powerful

specifications Phones available at

different price points Different options of

phones Physical keyboard

on some models High battery life

Large screen 4g or 4g LTE data Fast processor

speed (1.3-1.5 ghz) Expandable storage Thin/Light Durable

Page 10: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Strengths: Android OS Widely Accepted Customizable Side-loading Apps Multitasking Flash Support Easier approval for

developers 400,000 applications

More free applications

Page 11: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Strengths: Samsung Customizable widgets Clean look Investment in technology,

product design, and human resources

Page 12: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Weaknesses: Physical Device Inconsistent from

mid-range phones to high-end phones

Lower internal storage

“Cheap” build quality Bulky, may be too

big for some users

Page 13: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Weaknesses: Android OS Less applications

than iTunes Less fluid

ecosystem More complicated

Many phones from low-end devices to high endCreates clutter and

confusionDifferent phones have

different Android versions

May be overpowered by phones’ user interfaces

Page 14: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Weaknesses: Samsung

Limited market share in ever growing segment

Chances of attracting developers who are working on iPhone are slim

Focuses on mass market instead of niche market

Bland looking interface and widgetsOverpowers Android OS

Page 15: Samsung Galaxy Presentation


Wide range of phones can address a large market

Accepted by masses as the number one Android manufacturer

Demand for cell phones driven by service providers or carriers

Page 16: Samsung Galaxy Presentation


Challenge by low cost mobile manufacturers on pricing front

Threat on design and build quality by higher end mobile manufacturers

Motorola dominates in the United States while Nokia dominates the European market. Dominates more than half of world market

Aggressive competitors such as Apple, HTC, LG are eating into shares

Page 17: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Creative Sales: TV Ads “Calling All…” “Tutting: Unleash

your Fingers” “Meet the Note” “

Elephant plays with Galaxy Note”Ad Agency: The Viral

Factory2,545,656 views as of


Page 18: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Creative Sales: TV Ads “The Next Big Thing”

“I believe in a thing called love”○ Super Bowl ad


Page 19: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Creative Sales: Print Ads

Page 20: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Creative Sales: Print Ads

Page 22: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Marketing Plan

Goals & Objectives Strategies

MessageTagline & Leverage Point

AudienceDemographics & Lifestyle

Geographic Emphasis Positioning

Page 23: Samsung Galaxy Presentation


Create lifestyle○ Users will use phone for many parts of life○ Become brand loyal and continuously upgrade

to new Galaxy phones○ Logo will be status symbol

Page 24: Samsung Galaxy Presentation


Become market leader Gain at least 1% in market share by end

of fiscal year 2013 Increase sales and profits by 10% by the

end of fiscal year 2013

Page 25: Samsung Galaxy Presentation


Show how phone can be incorporated into user’s lifeCognitive and affective appeals

CognitiveFeatures and value

AffectiveHow features connect phone to user’s life

and core values

Page 26: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Marketing Message

Designed to keep current users who appreciate powerful specificationsKeep from regretting purchaseEncourage to purchase newer version of

phone Modify message to also obtain new

users by focusing on how it fits into specific lifestyleMulti-attribute approach

Page 27: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Marketing Message

Focus on slice-of-life advertising Demonstration Informs of Samsung Galaxy

Page 28: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Tagline & Leverage Point “YOUR GALAXY IS

IN YOUR HANDS”Gives access to not

just the world, but the universe

Personalize to individual lifestyle

Stay connected with people most important

Connects product to user’s core values by fitting into life

Page 29: Samsung Galaxy Presentation


Samsung = Quality and specifications Add graphic element to logo

Easier to remember and identify

Page 30: Samsung Galaxy Presentation


18-30 year old users Male and female Different lifestyles and values

Young & SocialSocial AddictCocooning/Health EmphasisValue Based

Page 31: Samsung Galaxy Presentation


Young & SocialLike to stay connectedTextSocial Media

○ Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, PinterestSocial Games

○ Words with Friends, Draw Something

Page 32: Samsung Galaxy Presentation


Social addictsConstant need to be connectedUse any idle time to connect with peopleStart up conversation frequentlyOn phone even while with others

Page 33: Samsung Galaxy Presentation


Cocooning/Health Emphasis21-30 age rangeHealthy lifestyleUse phone as media playerGet health tips and “virtual personal trainers”

Page 34: Samsung Galaxy Presentation


Value based consumerWants best phone for the priceDon’t spend money frivolouslyInvestment on high-involvement purchase

Page 35: Samsung Galaxy Presentation


Product attributes techniqueShow features of phone

Price/ValueWorth the costFuture-proof

ContrastDifferentiate from other brands Not focusing on any brand in particular

Page 36: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Geographic EmphasisVerizon• 4G LTE• 203 cities covering 2 million +• Future: 400 markets covering

2.6 million

AT&T• 4G LTE and HSPA+• 28 markets• Future: Complete by the

end of 2013

Page 37: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Geographic EmphasisSprint• WiMax• 4G LTE will be in 7 markets

by mid 2012

T-Mobile• HSPA+• 4G LTE will launch in 2013

Page 38: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Traditional Media

TelevisionTraditional advertisementsProduct PlacementOn-Demand

Radio Print Media


Page 39: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Television Traditional

Still powerful mediumUse entertaining


○ Mid-afternoon○ Prime-time○ Late-night

Product Integration Lead to more favorable

attitude Used in popular TV

shows with characters many identify with

Used seamlessly

On-Demand Offered by many cable

companies Cannot be fast


Page 40: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Television shows Super Bowl

Expensive but guaranteed to be watched by many

Comedies Reality TV Sports Games

The Colbert Report Modern Family South Park 30 Rock CSI Dexter SNL ESPN Sports Center True Blood The Voice Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

House Bones How I met your Mother Grey’s Anatomy American Idol The Voice Sponsorships

Page 41: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Radio Local focus Reach users on way

to or from work Types

Top 40CountryClassic RockAlternative RockRapR&B

Internet RadioEnsure ad is listened

to by free accountsConsumer uses

○ Homewoork○ Cooking○ Working out

Page 42: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Magazines Men’s Magazines

SportsHealthMen’s lifestyleMen’s healthProvocative images of

womenEsquire, GQ, Maxim,

Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, ESPN, Sport’s Illustrated, Golf Digest

Women’s MagazinesFashionMakeupHealthWomen’s lifestyleGossip magazinesAllure, Cooking Light,

Cosmo, Star, OK!, Vogue, Better Homes & Gardens, In Touch

Page 43: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Newspapers Can reach national

or local audience

USA Today, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Plain Dealer

Page 44: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Other IMC Tools Internet

Website, blog, social media, internet advertising, online communities

Alternative MarketingBuzz marketing, guerilla marketing,

sponsored consumers, viral marketing Trade Shows Databases In-Store Promotion & Packaging Rebates & Bonus Packs

Page 45: Samsung Galaxy Presentation


Home page Page to view all phones Individual phone pages Map of locations Online community Help & Support Reward Zone

Page 46: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Website: Home Page

Video advertisement with a featured phone model

Links to other pages

Page 47: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Website: All Galaxy Line Phones

Separates the Galaxy line from other Samsung mobile phones and other Samsung smartphones

Filters on page to organize phoneInternational/USCarriersPriceSpecific features

Page 48: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Website: Individual Phone Specifications and

features Virtual tour of phone News about phone Software updates Forums FAQ Reviews Accessories

PriceNo contract/unlocked

phoneRenewing 2 year

contract○ Main line○ Family line

New 2 year contract○ Main line○ Family line

Page 49: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Website: Store locator Show map with

different stores that carry phonesBest Buy, Radio

Shack, Carrier stores Places to repair

phones Price Current Stock

Page 50: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Reward Zone/Frequency Program Encourage users to

be brand loyal and keep purchasing Samsung products

Use databases to retrieve information


Page 51: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Online resources

BlogCan respond to questions or criticismPost updatesVoice opinions

Online communitiesAllow Consumers to interact with each other Give each other tips

Page 52: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Internet Advertising

BannersUsed on mobile review websites

○ Target those interested in phones or those thinking of buying

Video sharing sitesYouTube, Hulu, channel sites, etc.Commercials where consumers must watch

a certain amount of secondsConsumers must watch whole advertisementUsed for same TV shows

Page 53: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Social Networking

FacebookTarget people based on interestsDisplay adsFan pagesLiked pages

TwitterMonitor what consumers saySponsored trending topic#Hashtags

Page 54: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Alternative Media: Buzz Marketing Buzz marketing

Introduce phones at trade shows○ YouTube reviews

Start by using Twitter hash tags○ Consumer stories #MyGalaxy

Page 55: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Alternative Media

Viral MarketingEntertainingPersuasion not as obviousYouTube

Guerilla MarketingT-shirts with logosStickersStreet teams and reverse graffiti

Page 56: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Alternative Marketing

Sponsored ConsumersShare their storyShare how they use phoneReward them

Page 57: Samsung Galaxy Presentation

Trade Shows

Creates excitement for new phones Consumers at trade shows can try out

phones Allows for early reviews and speculation Mobile trade shows

CTIA The Wireless AssociationMobile World CongressConsumer Electronics Show (CES)