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BUS 612: Market Research CLA Report : Case Study of Santa Fe Grill Mexican Restaurant PRESENTED BY VEENNEE SHAKYA PROF. : DR. CHANDRA P.RIJAL

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BUS 612: Market ResearchCLA Report : Case Study of Santa Fe Grill

Mexican Restaurant



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Brief summary of case

Research Objective


1 Self administered questionnaire

2. Repetitive Questionnaire

3. Out of track questionnaire

4. sequenced questionnaire

5. demographic questionnaire

6. uncomfortable questionnaire

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Steps in questionnaire designing

Question model comparison

Remington Steak House Case

Solution of Remington Steak House Case

Lessons Learnt




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Brief Summary of case

Family oriented Mexican Restaurant

Operated by 2 entrepreneurs

Low revenues, traffic and sales

They are conducting survey for such reason

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Research Objective

Customer’s choice factors for dining restaurant

Perception of customers about the restaurants

Development of Demographic profile of customer

Influencing Advertising pattern

Customer willingness to be repetitive customer

Degree of satisfaction of customer

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The clear research question and purpose directs the entire research project. (Boeije, 2009)

Self-administered QuestionnaireRepetitive QuestionnaireOut-of-Track QuestionnaireSequenced QuestionnaireDemographic QuestionnaireUncomfortable QuestionnaireScreener Questionnaire

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Self Administered questionnaire

Pros:Easy to understandCheaper form of interviewCan be attempted any timeNot influenced by interviewerCons:Response rates are lowMisunderstandings Low supervision

Questionnaire that can be completed by the respondent without any intervention of the researchers while collecting the data is known as self-administered question. (Lavrakas,


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Repetitive Questionnaire

“The secret of having a personal life is not answering too many questions about it”, Joan Collins

1.1 People come to me more often than i go to them for information about products

1.6 Friends and neighbors often come to me for advice about products and brands

1.9 When i see a new product in stores, i often buy it

1.11 I often try new brands before my friends and neighbors do.

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Out-of-Track Questionnaire

1.7 I am self-confident about myself and my future

Reason for such question

To understand the lifestyle of person

To have assumption of their food consuming habit

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Sequenced Questionnaire

• Personal Detail1st

• Perception Measures2nd

• Relationship Measures3rd

• Selection Factors4th

• Classified Questions5th

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Demographic Questionnaire

Content :




Martial status

Profession line of engagement

Caste ethnicity (if applicable)


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Uncomfortable Questionnaire

“Is your gross annual household income $20000 or more?”

Personal Details

Question can be modified to: Range : $1000 - $10000

$20000-$30000 $30000- $40000$40000 or more.

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Screener Questionnaire

Narrow Screener Question

Comparison with Jose’s Southern Café only

Target Respondent are customers of 2 restaurants

Exhibit 8.7At which of the following Mexican Restaurant have you eaten most recently?a) First response is Santa Fe Grill - Yes Continueb) First Response is Jose's Southwestern Cafe- Yes Continuec) First response is other restaurant - Thank them and terminate interview

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Steps in Questionnaire Design

1. Confirm research objectives

2. Select appropriate data collection method

3. Develop questions and scaling

4. Determine layout and evaluate questionnaire

5. Obtain initial client approval, pretest, revise and finalize questionnaire

6. Implement the survey

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Questionnaire Model Comparison with Other’s Survey

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Remington Steak House



Interactions of employees

Slow Service

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Solution for Remington Steak House


Hospitality management

Fast service

Recruitment of staffs

Offers (Discounts/ Happy Hours)

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Lessons Learnt

Preparing Scheduled Questionnaire

Importance of Sequence in interview

Importance of Screener questions

Market strategies of a service oriented company

Analytical way of judging the situation

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Lessons Learnt

Importance of doing research

Problem solving Ability

Sorting down the questionnaire in managed way

Staying focused on subject matter

Survey should be simple and understandable

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Open ended question to get the detail view of customer

Screener Questions can be prepared

Being consistent

Diversifying the menu

Delivery and good food service

Technology friendly

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As providing satisfying buying experience is vital in increasing sales and improving marketing strategy to build customer base and improve their loyalty (Winston, 1995).

Physical layout is also an important factor to entertain customer.

Social media marketing can collect the huge data and sample size does matter.

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