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reference Lutron Dimmers, Fan Controls & Accessories Catalog P/N 367-977 satin colors

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satin colors. reference Lutron Dimmers, Fan Controls & Accessories Catalog P/N 367-977. why sell satin colors?. gloss finish color palette. satin finish color palette. Diva ® (catalog page 20) Maestro ® (catalog page 16). new colors. Providing color solutions is easy. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • satincolorsreference Lutron Dimmers, Fan Controls & Accessories Catalog P/N 367-977

  • why sell satin colors?

  • gloss finish color palette

  • satin finish color palette

  • Diva (catalog page 20)

    Maestro (catalog page 16)

  • new colors

  • Providing color solutions is easyShips from Lutron is 3 daysSimple ordering Maximum success

    Script: Satin Colors knowledge builder

    Welcome to the Satin Colors knowledge builder workshop. Today we are going to learn about how color and the abundance of colors can present opportunity for you and your customers! Lets begin.

    To help you sell satin colors make sure your showroom has a satin color display. If you already have one, make sure color chip samples of all the colors and the satin color take home brochure, p/n 367-065, are available on the display. Why would colors matter? Why would Lutron offer so many different colors when white and brown already meet the needs of consumers? The answers couldnt be better news for you and your company. When you lead your sales pitch with satin colors, you greatly increase your chances of selling the entire room. Imagine how delighted your clients will be when the realize they can have controls, receptacles and virtually every other device on their space not only match, but make a significant contribution to the sparkle of their home.With Satin Colors you have the unique opportunity to not only meet your customers needs, but exceed them beyond their dreams, all while increasing the value of the sale to you and your showroom.And if 27 colors still dont fit your clients needs, dont miss the opportunity to suggest the new stainless steel plates to match the latest finishes in kitchen appliances and upscale furnishings.

    Many of your customers believe the only choices they have for electrical devices are white, brown, black and ivory. If you look at the most popular colors for interior designs and the brilliant colors and earth tones included in interior spaces that sizzle, having only these four selections causes designers and homeowners alike to contemplate how to hide electrical devices.Consumers told us they wanted more. More colors, more choice and the freedom to have devices either blend into surfaces or stand out in crisp contrast. What better way than with Lutron Satin Color lighting controls and devices?Think of the opportunities with earthy colors like sandstone, limestone, sea glass and ochre. Or brilliant colors like hot, kiwi or cobalt.And dimmers are just the start of the opportunity. Think of the sparkle you could add to a room by including a receptacles offered in stunning colors like terracotta, greenbriar, blue mist.Lighting controls and receptacles arent the only part. How about cable jacks, phone jacks and data ports? Only Lutron can offer you an exact match and high quality wallplates to complete the design. The possibilities are endless!Every kitchen and every bathroom needs a GFCI receptacle, how about one that matches the dcor? Or, how about including in your kitchen design a stainless steel faceplate for all the devices (which look great in black)? Receptacles and lighting controls are all designed to complement the appliances.

    The Diva and Maestro families feature Satin Colosr selections not only for the dimmers but for all the accessories too.

    At Lutron the innovation never stops. We have added some new colors fueled by today's popular colors in demand by the most exquisite designs merlot, greenbriar, bluestone, cobalt, sienna and now stainless steel. These are all great additions to the dynamic selection that already exists.Our list of color solutions is long, but the lead time to get these to you is short. From the time we receive your order, 3 days is the maximum amount of time it will take to ship it out to you. Another industry first!Ordering is just as simple. In you guide, the Maestro and Diva sections show how to simply construct the proper model number to order. Maestro ordering information appears on page 17. Diva ordering information appears on page 21. In both families it is as simple as inserting SC after the family prefix in the model number. For Maestro products the applicable code is MASC, and for Diva products it is DVSC. If you are not comfortable constructing the model numbers, be sure to take the Knowledge Builder module titles, Selecting the Proper Dimmer. Or, feel free to contact our technical assistance associates at 800.523.9466. To summarize, color is an extremely important attribute to todays homeowner. Lutron offers you the opportunity to maximize your success with lighting control by increasing product options and providing unique solutions to any application. Easy ordering, quick shipment, Lutron quality, and superb service create the perfect recipe for success. Good Selling!