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1. Scaffold Wrapping : Training Overview 2. Why shrink wrap? SHRINKS DRUM TIGHT = less site visits to repair wind damage WELDED JOINS BETWEEN SHEETS = better containment & weather protection IMPROVED APPEARANCE = happier customers & more repeat work 3. MEETTHETRAINERS Steve Irlam Steve has been shrink wrapping scaffolding since 2009. He started out on the tools and has helped customers worldwide get the results they want from their scaffold shrink wrap projects. @rhinoshrinkwrap [email protected] T. +44 (0)1477 532222 Kris Martin Kris has been shrink wrapping scaffolding since 2010. He supervises one of the Rhino installation teams and spends the majority of his time on site carrying out scaffold shrink wrapping. 4. Where? We can provide training on a temporary structure at your yard / premises or on a live job. No classroom is required as the course is based mainly on assessment of practical skills. How many? We find a ratio of 4 trainees to one trainer is ideal but up to 6 is possible. What equipment will I need? We can provide a start up kit consisting of heat gun(s), shrink wrap film, patch tape and clips which can then be used going forward on your first shrink wrap project. How long? An initial training session on a small scaffolding structure at your site for a team of 4 will typically last 4-6 hours. Live job training generally lasts longer and may be 2-3 days depending on your requirements. Is a certificate issued? Certification is based on a practical assessment of shrink wrapping skills by our trainer and a short multiple choice test. This practical assessment and scoring is the same system we use for training our own installation teams. We provide copies of these records and certificates so that you can provide evidence of the competencies of your team to your customers. Essential information 5. Scaffold Wrap Training Topics covered Theory Equipment (Heat gun) familiarisation Pre start checks. Connecting and disconnecting the gun, hose and regulator. Safe use of propane gas and handling of gas cylinders. Materials familiarisation shrink wrap, patch tape, clips etc. Personal safety PPE, safe use of heat gun and fire prevention. Shrink wrapping scaffold structures weather conditions, setting up the scaffold structure for best results, wrapping side elevations, wrapping temporary roofs. Practical Skills Welding & shrinking scaffolding wrap. Repairing holes by patching / welding. In the practical session our trainer demonstrates each skill and then each trainee practices. The training structure is wrapped and then stripped. Finally, working in two teams, the operatives are assessed as they shrink wrap the training structure. 6. Thank you. To book your training session or discuss requirements call 01477 532222 or email [email protected] For more information visit