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  • Scallop Discover the delicate fibers of the Bret- on scallop (47.5%), finely cooked with butter and parsley. A generous and delicate recipe.

    FISCARIL Scallop Rillettes 100gr $7.50/EA

    Lobster Rillettes with Kari Goose Considered as the most refined shellfish, discover the soft and sophisticated flesh of the Blue Lobster (30.5%) combined with a blend of several spices.

    FILOBRIL Lobster Rillettes w/ Kari Goose 100gr $7.50/EA

    White Tuna Rillettes Rich in fillet of fresh tuna, the rillettes will surprise you by its delicacy and its match- less taste.

    FIWHTUNARIL White Tuna Rillettes 100gr $5.95/EA

    Mackerel with Sechuan Pepper Rich in fillets of mackerels (56.5%), this new recipe is characterized by its fra- grant berries which give a spicy and woody touch to the rillettes.

    FIMACRIL Mackerel Rillettes w/ Sechuan Pepper 100gr $8.95/EA

    Groix & Nature is a French canning factory on the island of Groix in the region of Brittany, upholding the island’s culinary knowhow by manufacturing its very

    own gourmet canned foods. For 15 years, Groix & Nature commits itself to a real sustainable development by offering high-quality products, mainly from local fishing. Their recipes are

    all cooked in Groix without additives, by people from the island. Their recipes sublimate the authentic taste of any type of fish with highly tasty,

    delicious rillettes. To be served chilled with an aperitif, or as a starter.

  • FILOBOIL100 Lobster Oil 100mL $13.50/EA

    Lobster Oil 100mL

    Made using Breton Lobster, the 100% natural Lobster Oil is an outstanding product that will add that perfect touch to

    your dishes. Add a drizzle of Lobster oil to season and enhance the fla- vour of your Scallops, fish dishes, seafood risottos, seafood tagliatelli and more, enjoy good living you can taste and


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