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Scary Creatures Lizards. PowerPoint by Nolan Matthews Author: G erard Cheshire. 4 th 9 weeks. Summary. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Scary Creatures Lizards

Scary Creatures LizardsPowerPoint by Nolan Matthews Author: Gerard Cheshire

4th 9 weeksSummaryThis book is about lizards, and how they live and adapt in their environments. It talks about the past, and how lizards are related to dinosaurs. It tells me that some lizards are carnivores that eat larger animals, and some of them are herbivores that eat plants. But, most lizards eat other invertebrates like spiders, worms, and ants. It also describes different types of lizards and what each one of them do to survive.

My Favorite PartMy favorite part is when it said that komodo dragons will eat other lizards in order to survive. Also, it told me that there is a certain lizard that can glide from high distances. This lizard is called the Draco lizard that can be found in South-East Asia. But my most favorite part of this book is when I found out that the Basilisk lizard can actually run across the top of water because its feet move so fast it doesnt have time to sink.

What I LearnedI learned that lizards use their tail to glide themselves through water when swimming. A lizards tail also helps keep it balanced, and is used as a distraction to predators. I also learned that lizards do not move quickly until their bodies are warm. After they are warm, they are able to be active during the day. Lizards dont always lay eggs. Some lizards keep the eggs inside their bodies until the babies hatch.

ReccommendationThis book is good for 3rd-5th graders because it tells a lot about lizards and how they survive. I recommend this book for others who dont know very much about lizards, and want to learn more. It is also good to know about how the animals act, and it tells you about different types of lizards and where they live.