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Scientific Inquiry through scientific method (with activity)! powerpoint 97-2003 compatibility


  • 1. Mrs. Haywood

2. Explain the goal of science. Define hypothesis. Explain how a hypothesis is tested. List the steps of scientific inquiry. Identify terms associated with an experiment. Explain how a theory develops. 3. Science observation data inference hypothesis 4. It is organized It uses evidence to learn about nature 5. To investigate To understand To explain 6. Using a method called Scientific Inquiry 7. State the problem by posing a question. Make observations. Form hypothesis. Design an experiment. Collect, record, and analyze data. Draw conclusions. 8. Do heavierDo heavier objects fallobjects fall faster thanfaster than lighterlighter objects?objects? 9. With your shoulder buddy, look at the objects at your desk. Write down observations about your objects. 10. Which object do you think will hit the ground first? Why? With your shoulder buddy, write down your hypothesis (your prediction that will answer the scientific question) 11. Hold both of the objects at the same height. Release the objects at the same time. Let your shoulder buddy try. 12. With your shoulder buddy, write down data you collected from your experiement. Examine, or analyze, your data with your partner. 13. Was your hypothesis correct? Why or why not? Do heavier items fall faster than lighter items?