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SECN – Transition Role Group Meeting. Desk Audits/Onsite Visits Report for SPP Indicator 13 May 6, 2010. The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE), Division of Exceptional Children Services (DECS) has recently conducted twenty-nine ( 29 ) district desk audits , and - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Desk Audits/Onsite Visits Report for SPP Indicator 13

    May 6, 2010

  • The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE), Division of Exceptional Children Services (DECS) has recently conducted

    twenty-nine (29) district desk audits, and

    eleven (11) district onsite visits

  • District Desk Audit/Onsite Visit


  • Eligibility and least restrictive environment (LRE) for students identified for special education and related services in moderate incidence categories and multiple disabilities, regardless of the underlying disabilitiesVerification of district-generated data used in the Annual Performance Report (APR) for Indicators 11, 12 and 13District compliance status for SPP Indicators 11, 12, 13 and 20

  • High percentage of districts student population identified for special education servicesPotential compliance concerns in one or more areasDistrict performance for students with disabilities on state assessmentsParental concernsDiversity in geographic representation from across the state Diversity in district student population

  • The Data

    328 student records

    24 districts

  • Indicator at a glance

    % in Compliance

    Record Review Item #49 (a i)

  • Chart1










    % in Compliance


    % in Compliance










  • Indicator at a glance

    % Out of Compliance

    Record Review Item #49 (a i)

  • Chart1










    % Out of Compliance


    % Out of Compliance










  • The IEP includes appropriate measurable postsecondary goals related to

    And when appropriate, independent living skills

  • n = 328# out of compliance=226% out of compliance = 68.9

    Language not measurableGoal as written did not contain required components

  • The IEP includes transition services that will reasonably enable the child to reach the postsecondary goals

    n = 328 # out of compliance=18% out of compliance = 5.5

  • For transition services likely to be provided or paid for by another agency, the other agency is invited to send a representative, if appropriate

    n = 328 # out of compliance=29% out of compliance = 8.8

    Agency at meeting but not on InvitationListed on IEP under agency responsible but not on Invitation

  • If an agency was invited to send a representative, signed Consent for Invitation is included

    n = 328 # out of compliance=83*% out of compliance = 25.3

    *forty-one (41) of eighty-three (83) files are from two (2) districts

    Still seeing some blanket Consent forms

  • As a transition service, the child has a multi-year course of study as outlined in the Individual Learning (Graduation) Plan

    n = 328 # out of compliance=12% out of compliance = 3.7

    Occasionally still seeing MYCS only through students current year

  • Annual goal(s) included in the IEP are related to the transition service needs

    n = 328 # out of compliance=43% out of compliance = 13.1

    Measurable Annual Goal the same as the Measurable Postsecondary Goal - with no other measurable annual goal linked to the postsecondary goal

  • Measurable postsecondary goals are based on age-appropriate transition assessment

    n = 328 # out of compliance=13% out of compliance = 3.9

    Section blank on IEP; no discussion under transition service needs in the Present Levels

  • The child is invited to the ARC meeting where transition services are discussed

    n = 328 # out of compliance=16% out of compliance = 4.9

    Student may have attended and even signed, but was not on Notice as invited

  • The measurable postsecondary goals are updated annually

    n = 328 # out of compliance=20% out of compliance = 6.1

    IEP out of timeline

  • Corrective Action Plan Requirements


  • Required corrective action for student-specific instances of noncompliance identified through the desk audit/onsite visit and described in the report

  • The district shall convene appropriately constituted Admission and Release Committees (ARC) to address the student-specific instances of noncompliance described in the report.

    The district shall submit documentation of the correction of all identified non-compliances to DECS as soon as possible, but documentation of all corrections must be received by DECS no later than November 15, 2010.

  • Required corrective action for systemic issues identified through the desk audit/ onsite visit and described in the report

  • 1. The district shall send the following individuals to training on the specific regulatory requirements for Indicator 13, and the development of Individual Education Programs (IEPs) that include the required transition content for each youth:Director of Special Education (DoSE)At least one (1) ARC Chairperson from each high school and middle school in the districtAt least one (1) Special Education Department Chair, team leader or other special education staff person from each high school and middle school in the districtThis training will be conducted by KDE at a time and place to be determined by KDE.

  • 2. Subsequent to the training described above, the following district staff shall be required to attend a webinar on Indicator 13 provided by KDE: All middle and high school special education teachers responsible for (or who may be responsible for) developing IEPs for students sixteen (16) and older (or younger if determined to be appropriate by the ARC) All high school and middle school ARC Chairpersons All related service personnel responsible for (or who may be responsible for) developing IEPs for students sixteen (16) and older (or younger if determined to be appropriate by the ARC)

  • 3. In addition to the quarterly reporting on the status of all other Corrective Action Plan (CAP) activities included in the report, the district shall submit with each quarterly report documentation of :All ARCs convened to discuss transition during that quarter

  • 3. (continued)

    Required documentation includes the following for each meeting:Invitation to ARC meeting where transition was discussedPermission to invite outside agency (as appropriate)IGP/ILP/ Multi-year course of studyMost current IEP and conference summary where secondary transition was discussed/updatedCopy of previous years IEP

  • The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) mandates the provision of transition services to address the needs of youth with disabilities moving from school to post-school environments.

    The intent is to improve post-school outcomes for youth with disabilities.

  • In an effort to assist school districts in providing effective transition services, the

    National Alliance for Secondary Education and Transition (NASET)

    identified national standards and quality indicators that would encourage positive student outcomes.

  • Career Cruising has created a document showing how the program can be used to address IDEAs recommended transition activities and NASETs standards.

    The document may be found under the Other Helpful Documents heading in the Helpful Documents section of the School ILP Administration Tool.