secondary economic activities as systems

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Activities as Systems (Chapter 55)

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Case study: PC Pro, Togher, Cork, Ireland


  • 1. Secondary Economic Activities as Systems (Chapter 55)

2. Secondary Economic Activity Just like farming, any secondary economic activity can be seen as a system: Inputs Outputs Processes 3. Inputs Processes Outputs 4. In a bakery, which of the following is not an input? Electricity Bags of flour Sliced bread Baking trays Plastic gloves 5. Manufacturing Industry Any business that transforms raw materials into finished or semi-finished goods, using machines, tools and labour. 6. Case Study PC Pro Inputs, Processes and Outputs in an Irish Computer Factory 7. PC Pro Irish owned computer assembly plant. Located in Southside Industrial Estate, Togher, Cork City. PC Pro, like all factories, works as a system. 8. Inputs: Factory building 20 employees Imported components Case Motherboard CPU Hard disk Video card Monitor Keyboard Mouse 9. Processes Tagging and shelving components in factory warehouse Selecting components to suit customers orders Assembling computer Quality control Burn-in (testing) Packaging and delivering computer 10. Outputs Assembles computers Software packages Individual computer parts 11. Question Secondary Industry (a) Name one manufacturing industry that you have studied. (b)Describe this industry referring to its inputs, processes and outputs.