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  1. 1. Films released in the UK and Republic ofIreland by genre, 2013As shown in the diagram,Thriller is not the mostpopular genre of film andtherefore does not earn themost in the gross box office.We have attempted to tryand adapt our film to fit into asub-genre. For example, aslightly comedic element hasbeen introduced, and asseen in the diagram, comedyis the third highest genre thatcreates the most money inbox office.
  2. 2. Age distribution of admissions, 2003 - 2013As seen in the diagram, 15 24year olds have the highestnumber of people watching filmin every year from 2003 to2013. Therefore, by havingactresses of a similar age, thiswill hopefully allow us to attractthe younger people in this agegroup.
  3. 3. Audience gender split of top released films in theUK and Republic of IrelandFrom this table we can see that in 2012,the male population preferred thriller filmscompared to females. In the femalecategory the top eight films did notcontain one thriller. Whereas, in themales, half of the eight films were allthrillers, or contained thriller sub-genres.Therefore, by using young actresses thisshould hopefully be more appealing to thepotential female audience.
  4. 4. Top 20 films at the UK box office, 1989-2012This table shows that four of the twenty films atthe UK box office between the years 1989 2012 were from the thriller genre or contained athriller sub-genre. This indicates that we couldmake our thriller film more appealing to a wideraudience by containing sub-genres of otherpopular genres such as comedy for example.