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The co relation chart between Selections & Brainwave


  • 1. SELECTIONS + BRAINWAIVE CLIL and 21st Century Learning

2. 3 21st. Century Pedagogy Selections + Brainwaive Constructivist Student- Centered Experiential Learning Cooperative Learning Differentiation Scaffolding Inquiry based Instruction 3. THE FOUR SKILLS Reflective Productive 4. Benefits from reading? Vocabulary Imagination Culture Language Information Writing skills Entertainment Spelling Awareness The FOUR-SKILL Clover 5. WHAT have you been reading lately? 6. IN PRACTICE Open your book to page 54 7. IN PRACTICE and the cherry at the top of the pie is 8. Reading for PLEASURE! 9. Only when necessary 10. Only when necessary 11. KEY SOURCES ILLUSTRATI ONS Titles or headings Text Text Text Familiar words Cognates SCHEMATA(Previous knowledge) 12. SCHEMATA 13. STAGES FOR READING . What do you already know? What do want to know? What did you just learn? ______________________ TITLE Titanic It was a big boat. It crashed into an iceberg. It sank and many people died. How many passangers died? Where was it coming from? How much was a ticket? It was its first trip. There were different sections. Musicians continued playing for a while! 14. STAGES FOR READING Before reading While reading After reading 15. Teachers Edition 16. LISTENING 17. Downloading SELECTIONS audios 18. Downloading SELECTIONS audios 19. Scanning. Reading for gist or Skimming. Reading for detail. READING SUBSKILLS 20. Scanning: Reading for specific information. READING SUBSKILLS 21. Reading for gist or skimming Reading quickly through a text to get a general idea of what it is about. READING SUBSKILLS 22. SKIMMING or READING FOR GIST 23. SKIMMING or READING FOR GIST 24. SKIMMING or READING FOR GIST _________________________ Title 25. Reading for detail Getting the meaning out of every word. READING SUBSKILLS 26. Reading for detail My parents daughter. (Noun) A place where we go to study. (Noun) A piece of furniture used for sleeping. 27. KINDS OF READING 28. KINDS OF READING 29. KINDS OF READING 30. KINDS OF READING