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DESCRIPTION , Self Portraits. Dramatic lighting. Rembrandt lighting. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



    Birth nameRembrandt Harmenszoon van RijnBornJuly 15, 1606) Leiden, NetherlandsDiedOctober 4, 1669 (aged63) Amsterdam, NetherlandsNationalityDutch

  • Self Portraits

  • Dramatic lighting, lighting

  • Etchings

  • Night Watch


  • Describe It:How would you describe this art work?What words would you use to describe this art work?Relate it:What does this artwork remind you of?What interests you most about this artwork (colors, subject, textures, objects, etc)?Analyze it:What do you think is the most important part of this picture?What questions would you ask the artist about this artwork?Interpret it:What title would you give this painting? What made you decide on that title?Why do you suppose the artist made this painting? What makes you think that?Evaluate it:What do you think is good about this artwork? What is not so good?What do you think is worth remembering about this artwork?