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How to configure Selfloops with MindBody On how to get all your MindBody classes and clients synchronized with the Selfloops platform

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Page 1: Selfloops Mindbody integration

How to configure Selfloops with MindBodyOn how to get all your MindBody classes and clients synchronized with the Selfloops platform

Page 2: Selfloops Mindbody integration

What the integration means in practiceAll your MindBody classes and clients will be synchronized with the Selfloops platform with our seamless and effortless integration.

What it means:

- Your clients are automatically imported in Selfloops

- Your classes are automatically imported in Selfloops

- MindBody class reservations are automatically reflected on Selfloops (in real-time)

You run the Group Fitness classes

- We will take care of your clients, their associations with the sensors, bike reservations, and their workouts during and after the session.

Page 3: Selfloops Mindbody integration

General rules

1. SELFLOOPS use the email address to uniquely identify a user. This means that MINDBODY users must have an email address set to be imported in Selfloops.

2. Your MINDBODY Location is associated to one team in Selfloops. The team in Selfloops must be named like the name of the location in MindBody

Page 4: Selfloops Mindbody integration

Getting StartedSign Up or Login at

Page 5: Selfloops Mindbody integration

Setting up the pluginMake sure you are on the coach user interface (Blue stripe), otherwise switch to coach by clicking on “switch to coach” on the top right corner of the screen.

From the Teams menu choose one team from the list or create a new one. The team you choose will be used to synchronize MINDBODY users and classes. IMPORTANT: the team name should match the MINDBODY location name.

On the Team page, click the “Info & Settings” icon from the left toolbar.

Enable the MINDBODY settings with the ON/OFF switch.

Page 6: Selfloops Mindbody integration

Setting up the pluginEnter your StudioID (also called SiteID) on the input field and click the confirm button.

Click the Authorization URL and enter your MINDBODY credentials to authorize Selfloops.

When done in the MINDBODY website, Go back to the Selfloops website team page, and from the “Info & Settings” section, choose a MINDBODY Location for the team. and click the confirm button.

You have successfully completed the configuration!

Page 7: Selfloops Mindbody integration

Manually importing clientsSEARCH SELECT & IMPORT

Page 8: Selfloops Mindbody integration

Automatically importing clientsClients can be imported manually, as seen in the previous slide.

But they can also be imported automatically when they signup for classes in Mindbody.

At sign up to the class with MindBody the client’s data are imported in Selfloops (in real-time). However, you will still need to add their parameters (weight, resting HR, max HR, gender) and associate them a sensor in Selfloops.

All sensors must be added on the Equipment section of the Selfloops website.

Use the Equipment section to manage permanent static associations between clients and sensors.

If you have loaners, they should be added on the Class, in the “Available Sensors” field.Loaners are dynamically assigned at class signup.

For more info, please refer to the Selfloops Class Management documentation.

Page 9: Selfloops Mindbody integration

Configure user data

Select the client and add his/her data

Page 10: Selfloops Mindbody integration

Create the static associations

In the Equipment section you will create the static permanent associations between sensors and clients

Page 11: Selfloops Mindbody integration

Create the dynamic associations Inside the class, in the Classes section, in the Available sensors field,you will add your loaners, bikes, rowers.

They will dynamically be associated to clients at signup.

Page 12: Selfloops Mindbody integration


Your classes are all in Selfloops, synchronized in real-time from MindBody

Click on “signed in” to visualize the list of clients and their associated sensors. You can also change the associations for loaners, bikes, rowers. For permanent associations, use the Equipment section.

Page 13: Selfloops Mindbody integration

Managers can also signup clientsThe manager can also signup clients to classes and manually assign them loaners. Sensors that are permanently assigned to clients must be assigned in the Equipment section.

Page 14: Selfloops Mindbody integration

Synchronize the data on the tabletIn the tablet (Android or iPad), go to the Classes section. Sync the classes and download the info.

You should download the class before you start the session on the tablet (before pressing “start”).

If you use the Classes management system you should not synchronize users in the “Manage Users” section of the application.

Sync Download

Page 15: Selfloops Mindbody integration

User Accounts

Users imported from Mindbody can access the Selfloops website using their email address.

The first time they access the website they need to set/reset their password:

They can change their Selfloops password anytime from the Settings section of the website.

Login at:

Page 16: Selfloops Mindbody integration

The scope of the service is to make people aware of their fitness performance and to train more effectively when real-time intensity feedback is given.

With this service coaches can monitor their class and train people according to their fitness intensity zones.

Committed, controlled - take your classes to the next level!