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RE/MAX 1st Choice 980 Reservoir Ave Cranston, RI 02910 Phone: 401.419.6838 Fax: 401.943.6191 Presented By: Gina and Tom Howarth THE HOME SELLING PROCESS

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The Home Selling Process


  • 1. THE HOME SELLING PROCESS Presented By: Gina and Tom Howarth RE/MAX 1st Choice 980 Reservoir Ave Cranston, RI 02910 Phone: 401.419.6838 Fax: 401.943.6191
  • 2. Selling your home is no simple matter. It involves complex financial and personal decisions. That's why you deserve top caliber service from the team of real estate professional who will listen to your needs and produce outstanding results. We provide the expertise and personalized attention you expect, even after the transaction is completed. We know your home is most likely is your greatest asset, marked with your lifestyle, values and memories. We will work diligently and effectively to ensure your complete satisfaction. Tom and Gina Howarth Members of the National Association of Realtors Rhode Island Association of Realtors Kent Washington Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service (MLS) ABR, CDPE, SRES & e-PRO! ! RI Salesperson License S32821 & S30053 RE/ MAX 1st Choice 401-419-6838 [email protected]
  • 3. Table of Contents Reasons to use a RE/MAX 2 Preparing your Home for 3 Showing 4 Seller 5 Pricing your 6 Its all in the 7 Notespg. 8 1
  • 4. Reasons to use a RE/MAX Sales Associate An Agent you can Count On your home may be your biggest personal investment. One of the most important decisions youll make when selling your home is who you will trust to assist you. You should put the sale of your home in the hands of an experienced agent who will put their experience to work for you to improve your odds of getting your home sold for the best possible price in the shortest time. Marketing for Maximum Exposure Looking for more potential buyers to find your property? A RE/MAX sales associate can help your home stand out in a very competitive marketplace through trust-generating yard signs, local and national advertising, the internet and compelling marketing materials. Involved Community Citizens RE/MAX Sales Associates are well known locally and nationally for their involvement in many community programs. When you use a RE/MAX Sales Associate to sell your home, you contribute to the well being of your community. RE/MAX is a national sponsor of Childrens Miracle Network, which aids sick children, and Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer. 2
  • 5. Seller Action Checklist To make the most of our time, together please review the following questions What!are!your!favorite!features!of!your!home?! !!!! What!are!your!favorite!features!of!your!neighborhood?!! !!!! List!any!energy!efficient!features!your!home!has.! !!!! List!any!recent!improvements!you!have!made!to!your!home.! !!! While getting ready to put your home on the market please gather the following items. o Mortgage!Information! ! o Second!Mortgage/!Line!of!Credit!information.! ! o Tax!Bill! ! o Most!recent!utility!bills! ! o Spare!Keys! ! o Home!Owners/!Condo!Association!byGlaws!(if!applicable)! ! o List!of!any!special!assessments!(sewer!tie!in,!condo!maintenance,!etc.)!
  • 6. Preparing your Home for Sale With a little effort on your part, your home can be sold more quickly and at a better price. The following tips have proved invaluable to owners and are worth your special attention. CURB APPEAL is the first impression! Keep the lawn trimmed and edged, and the yard free of debris. Reseed, fertilize, weed the gardens and add mulch. Deep green grass makes a lasting impression. In winter, be sure snow and ice is removed from walks and steps! First impressions are lasting. The front door greets the potential buyer. Make sure it appears fresh and clean; paint the trim and the door if necessary. Maybe even a new mailbox! An investment in neutral paint and wallpaper can pay dividends. Faded walls and worn woodwork reduce appeal. Let the sun shine! Open draperies and curtains; dark rooms do not appeal to potential buyers. Windows should have window screens, work well and look good. Have the windows spotless so that bright light can come on through. Are the appliances sparkling clean and working properly? Fix the faucet! Dripping water discolors sinks and suggests faulty plumbing. Loose knobs, sticking doors and windows, warped cabinet drawers and other minor flaws detract from home value. Have them fixed. Safety First! Keep stairways clear; avoid cluttered appearances and possible injuries. From top to bottom, display full value of all your storage spaces including: attic, basement, linen and clothing closets. Bathrooms sell homes. Check and repair grout in bathtubs and showers. Make this room sparkle! Dont let the Handy Man add globs of caulking when grout is what you really need. Arrange bedrooms neatly. Remove excess furniture; use attractive bedspreads and fresh looking window coverings. Disclose any and all defects (structural, lead and mold). See Sellers Disclosures. 3
  • 7. Showing your Home Procedures Whenever possible, leave your house for showings and follow these tips. 1. We will try and give you 24 hours notice prior to showings so you can get the house ready for the showing (tips and ideas) 2. Pets underfoot? Keep them out of the way- preferably out of the house. Please clean up after your pets for best possible showing experience- clean cat litter box, remove dog droppings from the yard and remove fur buildup from furniture and window treatments. 3. REMOVE VALUABLES from your home, especially for open houses. Rent a safe deposit box at your local bank if necessary- better safe than sorry! 4. Do not leave prescription drugs in plain sight. Hide or lock them away if you can. 5. A bright illuminated house shows the best. Please make sure to turn on all of the lights prior to leaving the house. The showing agent will make sure to turn them off after the showing. 6. If your house is alarmed, please make sure the agent has the code for the alarm or turn it off before leaving your home. 4
  • 8. Important Seller Considerations FACTORS THAT DO NOT AFFECT THE VALUE OF YOUR PROPERTY WHAT YOU PAID WHAT YOU NEED WHAT YOU WANT WHAT YOUR NEIGHBOR SAYS WHAT COST TO REBUILD IS The value of your property is determined by what a BUYER is willing to pay in todays market based on comparing your property to others SOLD in your area. As a seller, you do not control: - Competition - Buyers or Sellers Market - Interest Rates - When the Perfect Buyer Walks through the door However, as a seller you can control: - Condition of property - Availability for showing - Selling Price Timing is extremely important in the real estate market. A property attracts the most activity from the real estate community and potential buyers when it is first listed. It has the greatest opportunity to sell when it is new on the market. This is why it is extremely important to make sure your home is priced right, when it is newly listed! 5
  • 9. Pricing Your Home to Sell Reasons for Overpricing your Home OVER IMPROVEMENT: improvements should be made for enjoyment, not just resale. You cant add an item to a home, based on personal taste and use, and then expect a buyer to pay the original cost Need: An owners need for money does not increase the value of a home Buying in a higher price area: Values are location specific. High values in the destination do not increase the value of the existing home. Original Purchase Price HIGH: Chances are you paid market value. Its not a price that was too high, but a market that was thriving Lack of Factual Data: Base your opinion of value on recent documented sale prices Bargaining Room: Buyers may offer low, but they will do that at ANY price. It is easier to negotiate up to fair market value than to an inflated price. Move isnt necessary: Even if the move isnt urgent, it is important to price correctly to preserve your marketing opportunities when the move becomes urgent. 6
  • 10. Sample of Sellers Estimated Closing Costs Expected Sale Price: What is owed? (Mortgage Payoff Balance, Home Equity Loan Balances etc.) $ What else is owed? Payoff of any liens currently on the property $ Account for all expenses of the sale? Commission $ Tax Stamps ($4.00/ thousand) $ Attorney Fees ($350.00= average) $ Misc Charges (payoff, wire fees, dis tracking) $ Discharges ($49.00 each) $ Sewer Assessments $ Water/ Sewage Usage $ Real Estate Taxes $ Smoke and Carbon Certificate ($30.00) $ Motor Vehicle Taxes $ Home Owners Association Dues $ Fire District Taxes $ Closing Cost Credits $ NET (Sales Price- Mortgages- Expenses) $ !
  • 11. Its all in the Details! Pricing, staging and marketing are the first steps in successfully selling your home, but closing the deal requires in-depth knowledge and experience. Once youve accepted an offer, a lot of details remain before you get to the closing table. A RE/MAX Sales Associate will help you understand the process, navigate the details and keep the transaction on track. You accepted an offer! Whats next? After all parties have agreed upon an acceptable purchase price and terms, you will sign a purchase and sales agreement. Your agent will help you with signing the agreement and answer any questions at that time. Your file will then be turned over to your personal transaction coordinator. Your transaction coordinator will - Provide you a copy of your file. - Give you tasks that must be completed by the required times. - Make sure no important dates are missed. - Stay in contact with the selling agent, closing attorneys and loan officers. - Email you tips and advice for making the transition into your new home an easy, stress free and happy one! 7
  • 12. ! Notes:! ! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________! ! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________! ! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________! ! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________! ! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________! ! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________! ! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________! ! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________! ! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________! ! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________! ! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________! ! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________! ! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________! ! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________! ! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________! ! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________! ! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________! ! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________! ! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________! ! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________! ! 8