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SESSION ONE. PHOTOGRAPHY 101. MARK WOODWARD PHOTOGRAPHY Slide 2 WHO AM I? Mark Woodward Photography, freelance commercial and event photographer. Work for whoever wants me or I want to work for. The University, York St. John, visityork, several clients at London Fashion Week and many more. Professional for a year and a bit now, studied last year, now full time photography. Slide 3 WORKSHOP PLAN! Improve knowledge and understanding. Teach what Id consider the most important aspects of photography. Movement by James College and PhotoSoc to promote Photography in the University. More sessions planned for the new year! IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY. Have fun (maybe). Slide 4 FIRSTLY Join the James College Photography Tutorial Group on facebook! Platform to share photos weekly, post your homework, receive feedback on your images. My contact details are: [email protected], on facebook at and @markw_photo on [email protected]/markwphoto Next week, 5 minute photo competition! Slide 5 UPCOMING 1 st workshop today. Basic introduction to photography, camera modes, equipment and techniques, a little about post production and sharing and homework. 2 nd workshop same time next week! Composition, rules of composing pictures, cropping, changing your viewpoint and perspective and homework again! 3 rd workshop exposure and colour. Moving beyond automatic mode to take control of your photos. Maybe more if youre lucky. Slide 6 PHOTOGRAPHY IS HUGE. In 2011, 2.5 billion people had some form of a digital camera. In 2012, 70 billion photos were uploaded to facebook alone, making it the worlds largest photo library. An old photography saying: The best camera is the one you always have with you. Flickr has insightful statistics on popular cameras. 83 million photos from iPhone 4. Accessibility to digital photography has made photography more popular. Slide 7 CAMERAS Slide 8 WHAT MAKES CAMERAS BETTER? VS Olympus C300 eBay price 11.19 Nikon D4 eBay price 3,750 Slide 9 WHAT MAKES CAMERAS BETTER? Olympus C300Nikon D4 3 million pixels 2.8x zoom range 1.9 photos per second 1.8 screen 1/2.5 sensor size 80 shot battery life 240g weight Built in flash 15.9 million pixels 152 lenses, ~ 100x zoom range 11 photos per second 3.2 screen 35mm sensor size (5.5x bigger) 4200 shot battery life 1337g weight No built in flash! Slide 10 LENSES Between Nikon, Canon and Sigma (three main lens manufacturers), there are around 300 lenses. Several main categories of lenses. Two main difference: Prime and Zoom. Focal length is measured in mm. 50mm is approximately standard human view. Slide 11 LENSES Fisheye (ultra wide angle) 4-10mm Slide 12 LENSES Wide angle (10-20mm) Slide 13 LENSES Standard Zoom ( 20-100mm) Slide 14 LENSES Telephoto (70-200mm) Slide 15 LENSES Ultra telephoto (300mm+) Slide 16 LENSES Fast lenses (most ranges) Slide 17 LENSES Macro lenses (50-200mm) Slide 18 LENSES Tilt shift lenses (often wide angle) Slide 19 LENSES Standardized focal length. Measured relative to 35mm film how pictures used to be taken. Smaller sensors = bigger crop factors = lenses appear longer iPhone 5 lens spec: 4.1mm. However, it uses a very small sensor, so with its crop factor it works out about 33mm equivalent. Slide 20 FULLY AUTO MODE Is great, in some situations, even for professionals. Cameras are much smarter than humans unfortunately. Controls ISO, White Balance, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Focus. When you want more creative control over when you shoot, other more manual modes come in. Slide 21 PHOTO SHARING As we said before, facebook is a huge platform for photo sharing. Sadly, it doesnt always do good photos justice. Theres a number of really good sharing sites other than facebook. Flickr 500px Tumblr Deviantart Slide 22 IMAGE SELECTION The difference between professionals and normal photographers professionals dont show you all the bad ones. Good photos are about quality, not quantity. Theres very much a scale, between years as a photographer and images taken per situation. Pick photos that you like. Cut down, if you took 6,235,832,526,245 photos, that doesnt mean people will want to see them. Slide 23 USEFUL STUFF The internet is a beautiful place! Go explore. Google images for stuff you like. 500px is fantastic. Photobox. Slide 24 THANKS FOR LISTENING. Homework! Go find 3 images you like on google images, a particular style, viewpoint, subject, go out this week and take similar shots. Post your results on the facebook along with the original, well have a look next week and Ill pick a few I like the most (and potentially there might be a chocolate based reward). Next week: bring your phone and make sure its charged and hooked up to the internet, were going to have a 10 minute competition half way through the session! Any questions?