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Readomania Chuckling encounters in search of a suitable groom! NAVNIIT GANDHI VARUNA KHULLAR

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    Chuckling encounters in search of a suitable groom!

    NavNiit GaNdhivaruNa Khullar

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    7The Saga of the 3 am Guy

    Daysflew by and the dosage ofMom’s one-liners-aimed-at-emotional-blackmail was sustained at two-three times a day, or asdirectedbyPummyAunty.One lazy Sunday afternoon, the above dosage

    finally yielded results and I reluctantly agreed toonce again sift through the profiles shortlisted byMom,followingherlaboriousrummagingonshaadi-ka-laddoo.comHere was this one, given a four-star rating by

    Mom: 38-year-old handsome Punjabi boy, born inDelhi, settled inLondon, loves to readand seeks asimple,homelyPunjabigirl.

    Am I homely?Iwonderedforseveralminutesbutdidn’tfindananswer.SuneethadastrangeI-am-sorry-to-be-bornlook.He

    hadalight,creamycomplexion,broadforehead,andarotundabdomen.Hehadpostedabouteightprofilepicturesonhisaccount:onefullsize;oneseatedonabike;onewithanM&Sshoppingbag;anotherwithhisshades. . .IwasirritatedandyetIkeptscrollingandtherewasthis lastoneinhishigh-endgymgear.

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    ‘Mom,Idon’thaveaverygoodfeelingaboutthisguy,Suneet,’ I triedtowarnMom.Mom, with raised eyebrows, exclaimed, ‘Why,

    whatiswrongwithSuneet?Idon’tseeanyglaringdefault inhisphysicalappearanceor inhisprofile.HegoestothegymbutI thinkhemusthavetakensome package deal. Trainers don’t focus much onthosewho take some cheappackage. Perhaps, youcan help him work on his belly and recommendsome yogasanas.’She winked at me as she said the last line.



    that too without even meeting the guy in person.YogiSatyaShriGurusays:“Letyourfingersalwayspointatyourself.”Now,comeon. . .getgoing!’Iacceptedtherequest toconnect.Twohourslater,Ireceivedareplyanditwasthe

    beginningofanother laddoo’s saga.Suneet: ‘HeyLeena, thankyouforacceptingmy

    request toconnect.Howareyou?’Me: ‘Iamfine.Howaboutyou?’Suneet: ‘Iam good. . . Do youwant to take this

    chatonthecell? Itwillbeabitmoreconvenient.’

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    Me: ‘Hmm. . .whynot.’Theinstantweexchangedournumbers,therewas

    aWhatsAppflash.Suneet: ‘Hey, IamSuneet.Somuchnicerhere.’Me: ‘HeySuneet,Leenahere.Yes, Iknow.’Suneet: ‘Leena,guessbothofusareinsearchofa . . So, tellmeaboutyourself.’The next few messages we exchanged were a

    repetitionofthedrill:what do I do, where was I born, what do I like. . .and blah, blah, blah from the otherendtoo.

    Suneet: ‘CanIcallyou?Ifeeltalkingisthebest.’My tired fingers couldn’t agree more with his

    idea!Two minutes later, we were talking on the

    phone.‘HeyLeena, thankyoufor talkingwithme.’Thank you? Why is he thanking me? Hey, are you

    okay?—Iwanted to ask, instead I accepted thegratitude, ‘Ofcourse.’‘So,youliveinGurgaon?Myfamilyisalsosettled

    there.’‘Okay,so,doyouvisit Indiaoften?’‘Yes,onceeveryyear.Infact,thelastyearIcame


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    Apause followed.Hehademphasisedthewordtwice and thereafter seemed to have vanished inthoughtsfaraway. . . .‘HeySuneet,allwell?Youseemtobe lostsomewhere.’‘It may sound awkward but in this past one

    year, Ivisited two times only to be fooled by agirl.Hey,donotmindbutwant to askyou ifyouaresureyouwanttosettledownandnot justpasssome time—chatting with guys?’ He was almostwhisperingnow.

    Oh, no! A bruised case! I rubbed my foreheadvigorouslyandutteredadeep,longsigh!‘Ofcourse,Iknowwhat Iwant.’‘You know, these Delhi girls are just toomuch!

    Of course, Ido not mean you when Irefer to thegirls from Delhi. They are not sure of what theywantinlifeorIguess,theyaresometimestoosureof what they want but we fools—the guys, canneverunderstandwhattheyreallywant.CanIsharesomethingwithyou?’Ialmostopenedmymouthtovoicemyproteston

    whathehadtosayforthepetiteandinnocentgirlsfromDelhi, but then decided otherwise on secondthoughts.Why do I need to educate a man I don’t know, on the virtues and credibility of us girls from Delhi? Moreover, technically, wasn’t Gurgaon outside the boundaries of Delhi? Hence, no need to react, I toldmyself.

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    Navniit and Varuna