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    Name of the Nominee: Dr. Atul Goel

    CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow


    Dr. Ram Vishwakarma FNASc


    CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, Sector 10, Jankipuram Extension, Sitapur Road,


  • Summary

    Nominee: Dr. Atul Goel Principal Scientist, Division of Medicinal and Process Chemistry

    CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute Lucknow-226031

    Date and Place of birth: March 13, 1970 (Lucknow, UP)

    Educational qualifications:

     B.Sc. (Physics, Chemistry & Maths), University of Lucknow, (1990)

     M.Sc. (Chemistry), University of Lucknow, (1992)

     Ph.D., CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow (1998)

    Academic Honours/Awards:

    1. National Institutes of Health (NIH) Fellowship, USA 1999

    2. Fast Track -Young Scientist Award 2004

    3. UP-CST Young Scientist Award 2005 by Honorable Mulayam Singh Yadav

    4. DST Ramanna Fellowship Award 2007

    5. Dr. Ghanshyam Srivastava Memorial Award 2007

    6. Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, Germany 2008

    7. Certificate of Appreciation: Thesis Advisor of 2009 Eli Lilly Asia Outstanding Thesis Awardee (Second

    Prize: Mr. Sumit Chaurasia)

    8. Certificate of Appreciation: Thesis Advisor of 2010 Eli Lilly Asia Outstanding Thesis Awardee (First Prize:

    Mr. Amit Kumar)

    9. Certificate of Appreciation: Thesis Advisor of 2012 Eli Lilly Asia Outstanding Thesis Awardee (First Prize:

    Mr. Vijay Kumar)

    10. CSIR-CDRI incentive awards for publications in high impact journals in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011,

    2013, 2014, 2015

    11. Raman Research Award 2014 by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Ministry of

    Science and Technology, New Delhi

    12. Honorary Diploma in Chemical Sciences 2015 by International Scientific Partnership Foundation, Russia

    for contribution to Science and International Scientific Collaboration

    Summary the most significant work of the nominee:

    Dr. Atul Goel has made notable and original contributions to challenging area of drug development and applied

    chemistry. His research group has not only discovered orally active fracture healing agents for improving bone

    health (International patent granted and ready for licensing), but also conceptually designed and synthesized

    fluorescent dyes for their applications as diagnostic tools in Cell biology and for developing energy saving

    Organic Light Emitting Devices (High impact publications). Very recently, they have discovered and reported „First‟ dual colorimetric-ratiometric fluorescent probe for selective and direct visualization of Labile Iron (III) pools

    in multicellular organaisms (Soil nematode C. elegans) (Goel et al. Chem. Commun. 2015, 51, 5001). These

    results have opened new avenues for detecting iron imbalance in blood samples.

  • Publication summary:

    Total Number of Publications : 87 Cumulative Impact Factor: 305.7 (Average: 3.51)

    Sum of Total Citation : 1125 (Scopus Search)

    SN Journal Name Number of Publications

    Impact Factor

    1 Chem. Rev. 1 45.66

    2 Chemical Communications 1 6.72

    3 J. Mat. Chem. 1 6.62

    4 Org. Lett. 4 6.32

    5 Cell Death Disease 1 6.04

    6 J. Nut. Biochem. 1 4.59

    7 Chem. Asian J. 1 3.94

    8 J. Org. Chem. 7 4.64

    9 Curr. Med. Chem. 1 3.75

    10 Osteoporosis Internal. 1 4.16

    11 Mol. Cell. Endocrinol. 1 4.24

    12 Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2 3.344

    13 Org. Biomol. Chem. 2 3.48

    14 Menopause 1 2.81

    15 J. Cell. Biochem. 1 3.36

    16 Bioorg. Med. Chem. 3 2.95

    17 Tet. Lett. 17 2.39

    18 Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 13 2.33

    19 Tetrahedron 5 2.82

    20 AIDS Res. Hum. Retrovir. 1 2.48

    21 Synlett 7 2.46

    22 Synthesis 3 2.44

    23 Med Chem Comm 1 2.72

    24 Chem. Lett. 1 1.30

    25 Biomed. Chromat. 1 1.66

    26 Med. Chem. Res. 1 1.612

    27 J. Mol. Str. 1 1.404

    28 J. Chem. Res. 2 0.596

    29 Acta Cryst. E 1 0.54

    30 Med. Chem. 1 1.38

    31 Acta Cryst. C 1 0.53

    Total Number of Patents: 11 (International: 6; Indian: 5)

    Important International Patents Granted:

    1. Goel, A., Kumar, A., Chaurasia, S., Singh, D., Gautam, A. K., Pandey, R., Trivedi, R., Singh, M. M., Chattopadhyay, N., Manickavasagam, L., Jain, G. K., Dwivedi, A. K. : Substituted benzofurochromenes and related compounds for the prevention and treatment of bone related disorders: Patent Pub No. WO/2010/052734 dated 14.05.2010; Granted: US-8686028 dated 01-04-2014.

    2. Goel, A., Chaurasia, S., Kumar, V., Manoharan, S., Anand, R. S.: Novel Donor-acceptor fluorene scaffolds: A process and uses thereof. WO/2009/122445; Granted: Korean patent (No. 1006060, dated 09.05.2012).

    3. Inman, J.K., Goel, A., Appella, E., Turpin, J. A., Schito, M.: Acylthiol and Component Thiol Compositions as Anti-HIV and Anti-Retroviral Agents: United States (WO 2003/014062 dated 20.02.2003); Patent Application No.: 60/310,133, PCT/US02/23924; 03-08-01, Granted: EP 1425262 B1 dated 08-01-2014.

  • Council of Scientific & Industrial Research Human Resource Development Group

    CSIR Complex, Pusa, New Delhi -110 012



    1. Name of the nominee in Full: Dr. Atul Goel

    (Both in English and Hindi)

    2. (a) Date and place of birth: 13 March 1970, Lucknow (UP)

    (b) Nationality: Indian

    (c) Gender: Male

    (d) Age as on 31st Dec 2014: 44 Years 9 Months 18 Days

    3. Address with Telephone / Mobile / Fax / e-mail (Present designation, department, institute etc.):

    (a) Official Address: Principal Scientist Medicinal and Process Chemistry Division, CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute Sector 10, Jankipuram Extension, Lucknow, India Email : Phone: (M): 09935377134 URL:

    (b) Residential Address:

    C-169, Sector B, Aliganj, Lucknow-226020, India Email: Ph: +91-522-2325640 (M): 08005492900

    4. Discipline under which to be considered (only one to be marked/ encircled):

    (i) Biological (ii) Chemical (iii) Earth, Atmosphere, Ocean and Planetary (iv) Engineering

    (v) Mathematical (vi) Medical and (vii) Physical Sciences

  • 5. Nominee's field of specialization: Organic Chemistry

    6. Academic Qualifications [in a tabular form (Please strictly follow specimen-I)]

    S No

    Degree Subject Class

    CGP Marks

    Year University Additional particulars

    1 High School (10) Science, Biology Ist 72.5% 1985 CMS School, UP Board, Lucknow

    2 Intermediate (10+2)

    Science Ist 69% 1987 Lucknow Christian College

    3 B Sc (3 yrs) Physics, Chemistry


    IInd 55% 1990 Lucknow University

    Performance suffered due to Typhoid Fever

    4 M Sc (2 yrs) Chemistry Ist 64.5%

    1992 Lucknow


    5 Ph D # Medicinal

    chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds

    -- 1993- 1998

    Lucknow Thesis work was done at CSIR-CDRI with 11 international publications

    6 Post-Doc Research Work

    Design and synthesis of anti-histaminic agents

    -- 1998- 1999

    Lupin Laboratories Ltd., Mandideep, Bhopal

    7 Post-Doc Research Work (NIH Fellowship)

    Design and synthesis of anti-HIV agents

    -- 1999- 2001

    National Institutes of Health, Maryland, USA

    Advisor: Dr. Ettore Appella, Head, Chemical Immunology, NCI- NIH

    8 Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship (Experienced Researcher Category)

    Atropo-selective Synthesis of new Axially chiral biaryls

    -- 2008- 2009

    University of Wuerzburg, Germany

    Host Advisor: Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Gerhard Bringmann

    # Title of the Ph D thesis and name of the guide: Synthesis of Novel Heterocyclic compounds as Biodynamic

    Agents (Advisor: Professor VJ Ram, CSIR-CDRI, Lucknow)

    7. Date of joining the Institution (Designation & Scale): November 5, 2001

    Scientist C; Scale: 10,000-325-15200 with 3 increments

  • 8. Positions held earlier (in chronological order) [in a tabular form (Please strictly follow specimen-II)]:

    S No. Period Place of Employment Designation Scale of pay

    1 Nov 2001-Nov 2005 Central Drug Research

    Institute (CDRI), Lucknow

    Scientist C 10,000-325-15200

    2 Nov 2005-Nov 2009 Central Drug Research

    Institute (CDRI), Lucknow

    Scientist E-I 12,000-375-18000 &

    15600-39100 (PB-3)

    3 Nov. 2009- till date Central Drug Research

    Institute (CDRI), Lucknow

    Scientist E-II

    (Principal Scientist)

    37400-67000 (PB-4)

    Grade Pay: 8700

    9. Details of CSIR Fellowship/ Associateship held, if any or from other sources/ agencies.

    (Indicate dates of joining & leaving):

    S No Period Fellowship Agency Institute/Univ

    1 1993-1995 NET-Junior Researc


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