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A2 Course Work


ContentsBackground and Investigation4An Introduction to the Organisation4A description of the current system (or existing situation) and its environment4Environment:4Problem Identification5A business case (reasons) for change5Identification of client and users6Evidence of the use of relevant investigation techniques8Requirements of the client19Analysis and Deliverables20Statement of scope20Description of the proposed system23Benefits and impacts on the organisation26Impact on the organisation26Documentation of processes27Input, Processes and OutPut27Process Flow Diagram31Entity Relational Diagram32Signoff Sheet33Description of the users of the proposed system34Evaluation Criteria40Agreed Deliverables41Design and Planning for implementation43Evidence of investigating alternative design solutions43Draft design work48Draft Design 1:48Draft Design 2:50Final design work51Homepage Final Design52Planner List Final Design153Planner List 2 Final Design54Planning Page55Plan for implementation, testing and instalment including proposed time and scales57Training requirements for the new system59Video Tutorial:59Frequently Asked Questions59Testing strategy60Test Plan62

Testing and documentation of the implementation71Evidence of testing71Evidence of client/user testing and Operational Testing100Evidence of Environment Testing102User Documentation104Preface104Content104Perquisites104Installation104Configuration106Usage of the System107Backup and Recovery111Testing Of The User Documentation113Evaluation of the implemented solution115Evaluation of the solution115Weaknesses118Strengths118Improvements118Evaluation of my performance119Appendix121Appendix 1:121Appendix 2:122

Background and InvestigationAn Introduction to the OrganisationCompany Name: Dubai British SchoolLocation: Dubai, UAEDubai British School (DBS) is a private British international school located in The Springs, Emirates Hills, Dubai. It is a primary and secondary school and is a member of the Taaleem group of schools.On the school website ( it states:Dubai British School is a prestigious National Curriculum (England) school designed to satisfy the demand for a first-class, traditional British education. This world-renowned curriculum covers a broad and balanced range of disciplines that enables each child to develop an advantageous skill-set to meet lifes challenges confidently.There are over 60 members of teaching staff in the secondary school and more than 30 teachers in the primary. Other than this there are more staff such as administrative, facilities and security staff.Dubai British School has been established for 6 years and in that time period it has seen facilities expand to accommodate more than 1000 students.Mr.Mark Wood is the Head of primary ICT and secondary ICT teacher; he will be my contact for this projectA description of the current system (or existing situation) and its environmentTeachers, before they teach a lesson are required to plan their lessons. This is achieved by using a physical hard copy of a planner which is issued by the school. The planner has different sections each for its own purpose. The sections are: Lesson Planning, lesson outcome, Lesson Notes, Reminders, student list, students achievements, and scheme of work. To plan a lesson teachers have to open up the page to the corresponding date of the lesson, write down their plan for the lesson and any important notes or key points, and reminders. On the lesson day, they flick to the page they have written the plan down and execute it in a chronological order whilst considering any reminders and/or notes etc. When the lesson is over, they write down their Outcome of the lessons and if any of the students work were graded, it is noted down in the students achievement section. The outcome is used for evaluation and to check alongside the planning process. This overall system is used to plan lesson for 15 26 students, 20 periods (20 hours) in a week. The planning is usually done in school, in the teachers office or at the teachers form room or the room which the lesson is going to take place. However, sometimes the teachers carry their planners home to do the planning. Whilst in school it is awkward for the teacher to carry the planner around due to it size of (210 x 297 x 50mm).The planner also has other uses such as they are submitted to the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) a government run organisation, to moderate the teaching styles in schools.The planner is showed to parent on parent teachers meeting to show to give an over view of the lessons taught to the parents children. Environment:Dubai British School main campus is a building divided into 3 floors. On each floor, it has about 24 teaching classrooms. It does also contain 8 utility rooms. On the second floor, one of the utility room is a server room with an area of approximately of 6x3 meters. This is the main server room which controls the LAN in the school such as active directory, internet proxy and web server. The internet from this room is distributed across the school using 1GBPS Cable to area such as class room and ICT labs. The school internet bandwidth is 24mbps which is shared across the school. The school has one public ip address.

Problem IdentificationThe current system can be difficult to use in terms of the identification and searching of archived data and grades. And at this moment in time, the teachers daily planners are prone to general wear and tear, and are vulnerable to liquids that can cause permanent damage. Teachers have to flip back and forth to keep track of lessons and of different year groups. They have to keep a log of all the grades students get and categorise them according to year group, group and tests. This can, over time, become a very tedious task which is prone to lot of errors and wastes valuable lesson time.A business case (reasons) for changeThe current system involves teachers having to go through their planner every time they want to cross check their planning. This leads to frustration according to some teachers (see appendix 1). Subject co-coordinator and key stage leaders would like to moderate uses of the planner. This is not efficient and feasible in the current system since to moderate, leaders will have to order in planners which are quite thick and heavy, cross referencing takes up a lot of time while flipping through the pages. I have proposed a website which will digitalize the teacher planner.

Due to the nature of dynamic content, organizing, creating, viewing will be done with ease. A website will allow access from almost any digital device which has access to the Internet with a web browser to remotely access to planners form anywhere. Since the system will be developed centralized, regular backups will be taken and therefore prevent loss of work in an disastrous event .After it has been developed, additional widgets and options can easily be added for enhanced collaboration within the school community such as integration with Google calendar to synchronize school events with the teachers planning.Other inherent benefits include: Environmental Friendly system Its a green solution since no paper is used. The use of toxic, bio hazardous material such as tonner from printers will be eliminated. A simple calculation shows that since there are 100 teaching staff in this school and each planner consists of 400 pages, this will eliminate the need to print 40000 pages each year. Becoming a more technology driven organization. Replacing traditional paper pencil by technology, this help the planning process become faster easier and more efficient. Planner Sharing can enable staff monitoring and evaluating. Helpful when inspectors from organisations such as the KHDA (Knowledge and Humanitarian Development authority) want to see teacher planning A read only access can be given to such organisation so that they can access the planners faster and more easily instead of having to collect 10 planners to moderate since this would not be feasible as it would be half a meter when stacked and heavy to carry around. This is also good for the school since the sharing of planner can be done internally also to moderate staff

Identification of client and usersClient: The Client for this project is Mr.Mark Wood, the Primary ICT Coordinator and Secondary ICT teacher. He has been working for DBS since 2010User: Users will be the system audience also. The users of this system are the teaching faculty of Dubai British School. They will be using the system to plan their lessons, take down notes and write reminders some of the users:Throughout this project, these users will be the ones I investigate. They will also be the one who will test my system during the user testing stage.Mr.Wright: Director of Sport and Activities and PE TeacherMr.Wrights background:Mick has spent the last nine years in the teaching profession, specialising in Physical Education. Upon graduating from Liverpool John Moores University in 2001, with a BA Hons in Secondary Physical Education with Qualified Teacher Status, Mick became Assistant Head of Department at Calderstone's School in Liverpool, where he worked for five years. Mick joined Dubai British School as a Physical Education teacher in August 2006. In August 2007 he was appointed Subject Leader for Physical Education and has gone on to become Head of Faculty.

Since Mr.Wright has P.E teachers working under him, he will be an audience in a sense that he will have read only access to their planners so he can moderate their work. Since he himself is also a P.E teacher he will be a user of the system since he will be able to plan lessons

Mr Gillett: Science Teacher and Year 9 TutorBackground:Gillett had several management positions before recently making the decision to move into teaching. Graduating from The University of Hull wit