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6 month training file



    Submitted to the Department of Mechanical engineering of


    Providing the Details of Six Months Training



    Submitted To: Submitted By: Er. Gurmeet Singh Cheema Shubham Garg






    Jan-June (2014)

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    Page | 3


    I would like to thank the entire yerik international who has provided me this

    six months training. I am thankful to the HRD officer of training centre who

    organized my training schedule and also the DGMs and AGMs of various shop

    departments who have provided me the various knowledge about their respective


    I also thanks to the workers of their respective departments, who were always

    ready to clarify our doubts and helped us to increase our knowledge by illustrating us

    to the finer points.

    I wish to express my deep gratitude to all the concerned persons, whose co-

    operation and co-ordination have given me the success to complete my training in


    I hope that my report will reflect our technical knowledge and innovativeness

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    Industrial training is part and parcel of every technical course and gives a face or form

    to all the theoretical knowledge we gain in our classroom. We get to have a virtual

    experience of the processes, methods, objects and phenomenon which used to be just

    an imaginary picture in our minds. It also gives an exposure to the environment of the

    industries and workshops which are virtual components of our professional life. We

    too were provided with this opportunity this summer.

    We are thankful to our college administration that handed this invaluable

    chance to us and at the same time we pay our regards to the administration of HMT

    Pinjore (Machine Tools Division) that proved to be a great supporting force for the

    fulfillment of the purpose. The officials and the workers of the firm provided us with

    the best of their attention and share ample of knowledge of their concerned field with


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    Industrial Training plays very much significant role in the course of engineering. It

    provides the student during the engineering course a boost to enhance his technical

    skills, abilities and creativity. Industrial training backens up the theoretical knowledge

    by practical knowledge gained during the course. As is widely said, ounce of

    practical is better than the tons of theory. In fact, both these two things are

    incomplete without each other. In this report, I have tried my level best to present the

    work undertaken by me during my training period in liquid, concise and precise

    manner. Engineering means optimum utilization of resources for the achievement of

    the desired objectives. Projects and some suggestions given by me in this report under

    the guidance of my Industrial Tutor, Mr. Dinesh Rana MR. is a step forward towards

    the definition of engineering.

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    Chapters Contents Page No.

    1. Introduction 8

    2. Raw Material Procurement 14

    3. Manufacturing Infrastructure 16

    3.1. Bar Drawing Facility 17

    3.2. Forging Facility 19

    3.3. Heat Treatment 20

    3.4. Machine Shop (forged



    3.5. Machine Shop (Drawn



    3.6. Surface Treatment 24

    3.7. Tool Room 25

    4. Components Manufactured 26

    4.1. Spring Pin 29

    4.2. U-bolt 32

    4.3. Over running clutch 36

    4.4. Top link pipe 37

    4.5. Eye bolt 38

    4.6. Top link pin 39

    5. Hot Forging Shop 40

    6. Cold Forging Shop 42

    7. Heat Treatment 44

    7.1. Annealing 45

    7.2. Hardening 46

    7.3. Tempering 47

    7.4. Induction Hardening 51

    8. Non-Ferrous Bush Shop 54

    9. Surface Treatment

    10.1. Zinc-Plating Shop 59

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    Page | 7

    10.2. Phosphating Shop 60

    11. Projects

    11.1. Project 1 62

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    Page | 8




    The word, YERIK, is the synonym of Gods own creation. This is the feeling behind

    all the actions and activities undertaken at YERIK INTERNATIONAL.

    YERIK, which is a venture into Steel Industry, has its roots in the companies which

    are the trend setters, the pioneers, the leaders, catering to your needs of Agriculture

    Machinery, Steel Forgings and other allied Engineering Products for the last 18 years.

    The cultures of industrial giants, Resource International & Excell Exports (in which

    Mr. M.K. Chopra was a partner) and Preet Forgings Pvt. Ltd., have seeped into the

    paraphernalia of YERIK by virtue of the substantial involvement of its proprietor, Mr.

    M.K. Chopra into the working and trendsetting activities of these companies, with

    him being the mind and soul of the group.

    His experience of the world market and scrupulous and conscientious dealing with his

    customers since 1990 has finally materialized in the form of YERIK


    Tanav Chopra who is elder son of Mr. M.K. Chopra, after completing his Masters in

    Business Administration (from university of WALES) has joined Yerik. He is

    assisting his father in sales & management. Tanav is also a diploma holder in Tools &

    Die making.

    The group goes global with YERIK, taking care of the Agriculture machinery,

    Engineering goods & Hand tool markets of US, Europe, Australia, South Africa,

    Middle East & Asia Pacific.

    The overall working of the group is governed by Mr. Mohinder Chopra, with the help

    of the trust worthy and Mr. Yash Pal Trehan (Vice President-Technical) along with a

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    Page | 9

    vast team of over 800 dedicated Workers and Engineers (some have been trained in

    Italy), who give their 100% every second, to the company and its growth.

    Beside business activities YERIK group is involved in sports activities. Mr. M.K.

    Chopra is President of Ludhiana Badminton Academy which is providing free

    coaching to children from the age group of 6-13 years. Academy is also providing

    scholarship to needy & poor kids.


    1. Forged Top links & Parts


    Fig. no. 1.2 (a)

    2. Pto Adaptors

    Fig. no. 1.2 (b)

    3. Draw Bars & Stay Straps

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    Page | 10

    Fig. no. 1.2 (c)

    4. Weldons

    Fig. no. 1.2 (d)

    5. Forged Top Links & Parts 1.2(e)

    6. Stabilizers

    Fig. no.-1.2(f)

    7. Pins

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    Page | 11

    Fig. no.-1.2(g)

    8. Hitch balls

    Fig. no. -1.2(h)

    9. Tine bushes

    Fig. no. 1.2 (i)

    10. Weather caps

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    Page | 12

    Fig. no. 1.2 (j)

    11. Levelling boxes

    Fig. no. 1.2 (k)

    12. Small parts

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    Page | 13

    Fig. no. 1.2 (l)


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    Page | 14

    CHAPTER 2:


    The raw material is in form of long cylindrical rods. The raw material is different

    types of nuts & bolts. The colour codification for different for different materials are

    as follows:


    Colour Code

    Mild Steel /C-30 No colour

    6T/EN-8K White

    EN-8D Black

    CK-45 Brown

    SAE-1541 Yellow

    SAE-4140 Sky Blue

    SAE-8620 Pink

    EN-353 Green

    41 Cr 4 Navy Blue

    H.D.S. 9% W White, Red

    H.C.H. Cr Yellow, Red

    O.H.N.S. Yellow, Navy Blue

    H.S.S. 16:4:1 (TCV) White, Yellow

    H.S.S. 6:5:2 White, Navy Blue

    EN-24 Yellow, Green

    EN-31 Sky-Blue, Navy Blue

    EN-36 Yellow, Black

    H.D.S. 5% Cr Sky Blue, Red

    EN-45 White, Green

    42 Cr Mo2 Smoke Grey

    SAE 15B41 Orange

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    Page | 15


    As per the quality policy of every industry the raw material for a manufacturing must

    be of excellent quality as per the requirement. These materials are passed through a

    metallurgy laboratory for inspection and testing as per requirements. There are

    various Indian industries for fulfilling the raw material requirement of the industry.

    Some of the majors industries which supply the raw material to are listed as follow:-

    1. Garg Industries, Dhandari

    2. O.K. Industries Pvt. Ltd.Dhandari

    3. Prem Auto Ltd.

    4. Suri