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Culture Code

What are we creating?Why does it matter?Our vision, company beliefs, practices and cultureWhy?We strive to be a place youre proud to call WORKYouve chosen to work hereWeve chosen you Part EMPLOYEE HANDBOOKPart MANIFESTOIts WHO WE ARE and WHO WE ASPIRE TO BE

The Essenceof what powers this organisation

The world and our customers are evolvingAnd so must we

Change will happenwe must be adaptable

If it feels like we are moving too fastits because we probably are

But thats the journey we want YOUto be part of86,480 hours The lifetime average that you WORK

Work shouldnt just pay the billsit should be something more meaningful

Salary always matters but the PURPOSEof why you are here should matter most

Its what excites you to get up in the morning

Choose a job you love,and you will never have to work a day in your lifeConfuciusWere building something specialand this is our PURPOSE

To inspire progress in procurement and create an amazing story doing it

Whats yours? we want to help you ACHIEVE IT

We know we have a big responsibilityto provide a rewarding environment where you can develop and succeedYou also have a responsibilityAlways strive to improve whats already in placetrust and value your colleagues add your own personal touch of excellence

We also want your help making this company to be aBETTER PLACE EVERY DAY

Working at Sigaria is a partnership, to achieve a VISIONVisionBe the worlds most valued procurement networkA unique and vital destination that connects, inspires and supports our customers to be more successfulTo do this we must

Remain memorable in our customers eyes for making great products and having great customer service 1

Whilst internally never compromising the unique things that are the essence of our business2

Hiring people who are talented, friendly, honest and respect each other... but are also unapologetically ambitious3

Coaching, mentoring and leading by example rather than managing. This encourages independence and stimulates initiative and results4

Creating a place where good judgement replaces pages of policy. Good judgement starts with the customer and company what would they expect? 5

Encouraging a positive, entrepreneurial and idea-creating working environment, that is not afraid of debate to find the right answer 6

Being somewhere that recognises and rewards incredible results, whilst always remembering that results matter more than the hours you work7

And asking for nothing more than a positive attitude and the belief that everything is possible8

We are as proud of this company, as we are the people, but this is just the start We hope you enjoy the journey

Thank You